While Appreciating The First Lady’s Call For Peace In The Republic Of South Sudan

By Kutei Jnr,

South Sudan First Lady Mary Ayen Mayardit (left) and President Kiir Mayardit (right) in a state tour(Photo/Radiotamazuj).
South Sudan First Lady Mary Ayen Mayardit (left) and President Kiir Mayardit (right) in a state tour (Photo/Radiotamazuj).

April 02, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- With utmost respect to the first lady of the very country we all call home, a country I thought we all would have been its keepers, a country I thought was so fragile for us to be careless with and a country I believed we would hold dearly with love and all at our disposal, all these aspirations would only have been observed under the leadership of South Sudan which happened to be the most active in setting it ablaze.

Dear H.E, Mary Ayen Mayardit, the First Lady of this beautiful country, I have just seen a replay of your video clip on South Sudan TV, where you were calling for peace to be embraced and given a chance and at the same time, trying to urge our leaders to be patient and wait for elections to acquire leadership.

That to me is an excellent intervention by a mother of the nation but a million dollar questions are: where have you been since destruction of our country was undoubtedly conceived in the very bed you normally sleep in? In case, you might have asked your husband, who happens to be our president by default, regarding conscription of his private army from your home areas of Warrap and Northern Bahr el gazel, what answers had he given you?

Mama Rebecca Nyandeng, the first Mother of our nation fearlessly decried the killing of Nuer ethnicity, carried out by forces under direct command of your own husband (Gen. Salva Kiir), why was your voice not heard by the time? It is until last month that our people in Equatoria region have indiscriminately been ransacked and killed by your husband’s forces, why did you let that happen and where have you been so far?. Silence largely means agreeing to the situation at hand hence that is what South Sudanese have taken you for since December 15th 2013.

As the saying goes, “behind a successful man lies a woman”, I therefore do not wish to put it in that perspective but many attribute your husband’s tremendous failure as a failure to everyone around him including the first lady (Mary Ayen Mayardit). I am certainly sure, it is everyone’s wish that your call should have been made as early as 2013 before things actually felt apart.

In respect to your categorical call for our leaders to be patient and wait for elections to acquire leadership of the country, that call is well misplaced as it draws no attention rather than being read as a pure blame on unmentioned leaders.

The whole world knows that the killing of Nuer people in Juba was a result of failure of President Salva Kiir’s conspired plan to assassinate Dr. Riek Machar. Thinking that he (Kiir) is too cunning to mislead the world that there was a failed attempt to dethrone him forcefully, the Juba faction sadly failed to sell their coup d’état version and was largely ensued by mass ostracism of our nation by our international friends except those who participated in such a conspiracy.

However, it is my pleasure to remind you that, the ball lies squarely at your end as to whether or not to repair your husband’s completely destroyed reputation and to show us whether your son (Mayar) can be trusted to lead our nation in the future or show us that you are in agreement with your husband’s ill intentions for this country so that we (South Sudanese) mark the Mayardit family for all sorts of bad things forever.

God bless the Federal Democratic Republic of Sudan.

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