Contributor's David de Chand Opinion


By Professor Amb. David de Chand Ruai,

Khartoum, Sudan.

Professor, Ambassador David de Chan (right) with colleagues during a past meeting(Photo: file)
Professor, Ambassador David de Chan (right) with colleagues during a past meeting(Photo: file)

Sept 23, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——– “The 2015 Peace Agreement signed on 17 August 2015 by Dr. Riek Machar in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa and signed a fortnight later on 27 August 2015 by Salva Kiir in the South Sudanese Capital of Juba, respectively, remains the “core” and the “crux” of any future Peace Agreement for peaceful and conflict resolution in South Sudan.” Ambassador/Professor David de Chand [Memoir].

“There are political vultures and hyenas lurking around attempting to hijack I-O leadership assuming that it’s headless. I say to them to keep off because I am in charge here.  The power invested in me by the people, I will fight for them like hell and so help me God.”  Ambassador/Professor David de Chand [Memoirs].

“I-O leaders could not sit down with Salva Kiir under any circumstances on the so-called National Dialogue for what? Nevertheless, we would be committed to any peace negotiations under the good offices of the UN organization or a “neutral” nation-state agreeable to the warring parties, but not under the good auspices of IGAD mediators’ countries because of their egoistic converging and diverging interests that made them involved in the war and assuredly made them failed in the peace process. They could neither become peace-makers nor peace advocates and warriors at the same time. They have already made their choices to become the dogs of war fighting for Salva Kiir against the armed Opposition throughout South Sudan.” Ambassador/Professor David de Chand [Memoirs].

“This is now the time for the name SPLM/A-I-O to be changed because it does not exist any longer because it has been destroyed by Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohammad  Hassan El-Hagg Siddig) on Friday, 8 July 2016. Dr. Riek Machar has been overthrown or deposed by his in-law and could not any longer claim the Nuer nation leadership that he had already placed under the rug or the mud and under his feet for his own egoistic self-interests and his “Yes-men” that are all consumers vs. producers.” Ambassador/Professor David de Chand [Memoirs]


Constitutionally and legally, Dr. Riek Machar’s could not proclaim to become I-O leader because such a leadership had been injured or terminated by his brother-in-law Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohammad Hassan El-Hagg Siddig) in an aborted coup d’état. Because of the said incident on Friday, 8 July 20016 Dr. Machar could not under any circumstances consider himself as a de jure, but rather as a de facto Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of I-O or like a walking naked emperor. Although Dr. Riek Machar’s has been in castrated or detained in South Africa for unknown legal reasons as a leader of a courageous, determined, motivated, and zealous people with guts and gusto, has failed to lead them by not telling them the truth, the whole truth, nothing , but  the truth and so us help God.

We are all glad that he [Machar] is still alive and well. We should also legally be prepared and compelled to investigate by any means necessary the raison d’êtres for his arbitrary and illegal in castration or detention in South Africa. If it was done by whoever did it in favor of Salva Kiir’s wicked, failed, de facto, illegitimate, genocidal or democide, and criminal regime in Juba, we should find under any politico-legal research under any circumstances to help him by utilizing all legal avenues, efforts, and means available on the planet-Earth for his defense for immediate and unconditional release without any preconditions or quid-proquos as sine-qua-non to peace in South Sudan. We would like the whole world and the international community to know and to underscore that

“Peace would not ever return to South Sudan without Dr. Riek Machar’s physical presence, representation, and participation in the process under the good auspices of the United Nations organization, but never neither under the IGAD mediators nor the African Union (AU) that has been involved in the war because of converging and diverging national strategic interests and the conflict of interests in the area in question.”  

Rest assuredly, the economically poor and the most corrupt East African countries are not relaxed or at ease for South Sudan endowed with many enormous natural resources to takeoff that could become a disaster and disadvantageous for their weak economies. Therefore, they have been united to ensure that South Sudan does not have political and military stability to takeoff economically. These countries do not deserve to be invited to participate or granted observers status in any peace process less Ethiopia, Sudan, and Djibouti because they have neither meddled and remained neutral nor involved in any capacity nor had taken sides in the war in South Sudan. We do know African countries that have been directly involved in the war, namely, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, sponsored Uganda-Rwanda-M-23 rebels in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Tanzania, and Sudan rebel forces otherwise rebels without a course or mercenaries (SRF, JEM, and SPLA-N), including the US Black Water and the Israelis Mossad that made several attempts to assassinate Dr. Machar’s during the 48-Day ordeal or trekked from Juba, South Sudan, to the D.R. Congo under well coordinated heavy firepower. They failed in their punitive pursuit, unfortunately.

Dr. Riek Machar’s has been in castration or detention that placed him on the levels of being M.K. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Ahmed Ben Bella, Sheikh Mohammad Muktar of Libya vs. the ruthless and brutal Italian colonial rule in North Africa in the 20th century, and Sheikh Ahmed Gran of Somalia against the Anglo-Franco-Italian colonial rule in Somalia in the 19th through the 20th centuries. General Charles Gordon otherwise known as the Chinese Gordon met his fate in Khartoum on 27 January 1865 under the Mahdi’s forces compared to the British Colonial Army Officer Captain Dr. Ferguson, MD, that also met his fate in the Anglo-Nuer War in Bentiu, west of the Nile in 1924 as well as other South Africans anti-Apartheid patriots, and African nationalists of like-minds would adorn Dr. Machar’s to become a Saint-like in the real world of geo-politics and geo-strategic politics among his people. We shall overcome this ordeal and shall also prevail in the war in South Sudan. If there is anyone that is not ready to live under a Nuer leadership, we would tell them in advance to pack and to get the hell out. We would no longer accept minority rule or he so called G-10 leadership in South Sudan. It was always majority rule and minority rights. We do know the perpetrators of this war and they shall be pursued until the end and there would neither be retreat, nor forgiveness, but nor to forget the past.


Well, well, and well, let’s say that to be or not to be, that’s the question. Dr. Machar did not start the war in South Sudan, but it was squarely on Salva Kiir’s neck and his external friends and allies and the so-called Garang’s Boys or Orphans and now renamed them as G-10. They fueled and ignited the war and hibernated. The Dinka Bor leaders have been responsible for the ongoing war in South Sudan. The war was not also about Dr. Machar’s dismissal as the FVP and from the SPLM Party. It was about the gross and systematic genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity committed by Salva Kiir and his generals. Professor Henry Kissinger said recently to the people of the world that “If you do not hear the drums of war, you are deaf.” He refers to the concurrent brewing war situation or the Armageddon and the military standoff between the regional powers in the Middle East. In the same vein, I would like to say unto you all folks of Europe, Afro-Asia, and South Sudan in particular, that “If you do not hear the drums of war, you are deaf.” For the detractors of Dr. Machar’s within, he could not solidly remain to be the “Captain” or the “Skipper” of the boat or the ship of the revolution even though the boat or the ship remains drifting against the current waves or until we have made a breakthrough crossing the river. We urge and appeal to all I-O patriots, soldiers, and commanders alike that we should pledge ourselves for radical changes to rescue the Nuer nation and the revolution that the man called Dr. Riek Machar’s placed under his feet for his personal gains and self-interests. We could support Dr. Machar’s in despite of internal problems that we should resolve once and for all when the revolution has been won and Dr. Machar has been released from in castration or detention whenever that is and would be. It could take a pretty long time so be ready for the worst to come. We could neither surrender to Salva Kiir because he has been already defeated. The Nuer that have just joined the war on what is supposedly called Talban’s I-O in the government have been responsible for the prolongation of the War. They should be taught proper tougher lessons like what they have already experienced in Maiwut and Pagak I-O Garrison towns in the last few weeks. We should highly commend the gallant, courageous, and skillful commanders, men, and women on the job well done against the so-called Taban Deng Gai’s I-O in government.


I-O leadership should become beware of lurking vultures and hyenas in and around I-O circles. We should be prepared not to help them infiltrate into our camps like many have done so thus far in the Shilluk’s [Chollo] Warrol Refugee Camp in the White Nile State. The renegade, egoist, and selfish Dr. Lam Akol has intensified contacts with Dak Doup Bichop, former I-O Representative in Khartoum, Office, in recent months or weeks prior to Maiwut and Pagak incidents. Is he (Dr. Akol) ready for another kills in the Nuer Community? Would he (Akol) be ready again for another conspiracy and assault against the Nuer leaders like he killed General Gabriel Tang? Dr. Lam Akol made a statement that would surely haunt him and to make him fully responsible for Gabriel Tang’s death that “He did it because he (Gabriel Tang) killed the Shilluk years ago.” Therefore, it was a revenge killing that could have daring serious consequences either from the Nuer Community or from the family of Gabriel Tang. If I were Dr. Lam Akol, I should keep off from the Nuer Community because he had already become a vulnerable target. We do not know for sure whether Gajak leaders have or have not been involved in Juba’s conspiracy against I-O. Of course, I would do figure pointing on Lul Gatkouth and Par Kuol Wang who have been buddies and protégé of Taban Deng Gai for years, secretly and sarcastically proclaimed members of G-10 and  Dr. Lam Akol, respectively. Although Lul Gatkouth and Par Kuol Wang were with Machar, I knew them well from Nebraska, USA, in which their bloody coattails were anti-Machar elements that gave out every negative sentiment to the lobbyists, the NGOs, and the intelligence community. They have been the molds and parasites from within the I-O skin and body. Without the shadow of a doubt, that the captured Officers’ of Gajak origin, could tell us more in both short and the long terms.

This is a warning to all lurking around political vultures and hyenas with the ambition of replacing Dr. Machar’s from I-O leadership. I would be obliged to say to them that we are not strongly stupid to holding on to the port, the fortress, and that I am now in charge until Dr. Machar’s returns from in castration or detention in South Africa. We would pursue the war because we have now pretty sharp teeth to bite with than ever before in the war. We would neither permit nor repeat what Dak Duop Bichok did to the late Governor/ General Gatluak Deng Garang of Upper Nile State and what Dr. Lam Akol did to 37 Nuer Officers in Hamara and General Kohl Chara Nyang, his Deputy, and 40 others of el-Sawar of South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA) led by General Gai Yoach. I needed not to go into details because I knew them all firsthand, but time and space alone would tell. I-O is not “headless” as many have proclaimed that there is part of I-O in government or what has been sarcastically termed as Taban Deng Gai’s I-O in government because of Taban Deng Gai’s cheap shot propaganda in Juba. It has to be stated straightforwardly and affront that there is no iota I-O in government in Juba. Anything that Taban Gai’s does and says is all big black and white lies of the third kind. A new name is now emerging to replace the so-called SPLA- I-O that has become obsolete and soured in the mouths of so many folks. We have got to make urgent and necessary changes for the better. For those who have opted to remain out, it would be better to join either I-O or I-G because there would be no third army in South Sudan referring to the 2015 Peace Agreement signed on 17 August 2015 by Dr. Riek Machar in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa and signed on 27 August 2015 in the South Sudanese Capital of Juba by Salva Kiir, respectively.  

Thusly, Taban Deng, the Great Lucifer’s of the time, has lied again to the international community like Salva Kiir did about the alleged coup d’état attempt allegedly masterminded, engineered or manufactured by the former FVP  Dr. Machar without any shredded evidence or precedence to corroborate and to substantiate such an allegedly attempted coup d’état against the Dinka dictator in Juba. We could wait keeping the port and the fortress for Dr. Machar until his save returns whenever that is and would be. I-O would not be the first and the last that would do this national duty, honor, and leadership responsibility. The South African did it for Mandela so; too, we could do it for Dr. Riek Machar. We should remain united, patience, and perseverance and no matter how tougher things may be tougher, we would remain patience until our leader returns from his ordeal. Meanwhile, the war would continue and the commanders under the Joint Chiefs of the General Staff Command should continue going ahead sucking it to Salva Kiir and Taban Deng Gai in Juba. They would need a temporary political leader that would articulate their reasons for fighting the war and how to generate peace to return in South Sudan. The devastation of Juba forces by I-O in Maiwut and Pagak has made both Salva Kiir and Taban Deng Gai to have dung their own graves in the graveyard grounds. For instance, Salva Kiir’s deceives the international community about conducting National Dialogue and to declare a ceasefire, whilst at the same time waging war like what happened in Maiwut and Pagak with so many losses of lives and equipment in that Eastern Front alone with so many soldiers have surrendered to Ethiopian military forces, already disarmed, and would be turned over to the UN to be shipped to the UN Camps located at saint elsewhere, but not South Sudan for the duration of the war.  

On humanitarian grounds, we would call on the International Red Cross (IRC) and the US Center for Disease Control (USCDC) and other bodies specialization in these specialized operations to move expeditiously to Maiwut and Pagak towns to provide health care services for the large numbers of the wounded SPLA soldiers, to help dispose of the corpses or the cadavers, to prevent any outbreak of serious contagious diseases, and to fumigate the entire areas for safe air breathing such that displaced civilians’ population that crossed into Nuer-Ethiopia could return to their villages. This is now the first harvesting season throughout the Nuerland and the crops cultivated in April and May to be harvested. The next cultivating seasons would start again in October-November along the Sobat River banks until the next rainy season occurs in April–May 2018.

The African National Congress (ANC) did it for Nelson Mandela for 27- year behind bars because of his anti-Apartheid demised and defeated it in 1994 and brought peace and democracy to all South Africans. However, the international community and South Sudanese alike should kiss goodbye to peace-making in South Sudan as along as Dr. Riek Machar’s remains in castration or detention in South Africa. We would intensify the armed struggle to its maximum against Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime and at the same time, we would be committed to peace-making process and the I-O military forces would be freed to do as they would please doing so in the field and to hold on to what we have gained, thus, far on the ground. It would be up to them to accept or to reject any ceasefire real or cosmetics. In despite of brining in foreign troops to be fighting for Salva Kiir, Sudan rebels, OLF, Egyptians, Juba would not defeat I-O rebel fighters, but they would eventually defeat Salva Kiir’s forces. We have defeated Salva Kiir, but the so-called Nuer wew or Nuer yiuni of Taban Deng Gai’s have been the one responsible for prolonging the war. We would ask the Ethiopian Government to return to I-O all captured Nuer Officers and soldiers amongst Juba’s surrendered forces.


As regard to the so-called National Dialogue, it would neither materialize nor takeoff and nor would it be convened, and Kiir’s could only be soliloquizing to the JEC in Juba. What is really to be Dialogue with Salva Kiir?  Salva Kiir wanted a repeat of Sudan’s National Dialogue to sucking in Sudan rebel forces into the National Dialogue.  South Sudan concurrent situation has been different from that of Sudan- the mother country- of South Sudan. They should go ahead with their preconceived so-called National Dialogue that’s the mirror of Sudan National Dialogue to deal with its internal problems. I-O under any circumstances could not become a party to the so-called National Dialogue. Nevertheless, we would be committed to peace process under the good auspices of the UN system, but not IGAD that has failed peace-making in South Sudan because of converging and diverging vested interests and conflict of interests. Nevertheless, we do acknowledge that peace could only be achieved through strength, but not in weakness. If, that means war, so be it, and so be it written. Dr. Machar’s still remains the boss or the head of I-O until this war ends within the foreseeable future. All his flocks shall and will unite around him as long as the war continues. We do know and underscore that he has committed serious errors in the leadership, but this is not the time to respond to such things until the war would be over. We should say in authentic Nuer language translation “Lipne” (wait, sober, be patience, or no rush). We still have a cloudy atmosphere, so let’s not rock the boat or the ship in the wrong direction of the current winds. We should all remain calm, united, patience, and this is a good quality leadership and decision-making. “To lead you have to follow.”


We have got be imperatively practical, realistic, and straightforward in our own little cocoons or political visions and circles to give chance to the Nuer Community worldwide and the Nuer nation and its resilient people, that has been hypnotized with idée fixe by Dr. Riek Machar, his brother-in-law Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohammad Hassan El-Hagg Siddig). Nevertheless, we could keep the seat for him by having an Acting Chairman and Commander-in-Chief that would not do like Lucifer’s Taban did to his brother-in-law on Friday, 8 July 20016. I unilaterally undertook this decision to preserve  Dr. Machar’s interests until he returns to reclaim his seat and to dispel any claims by Taban Deng that he is I-O in the GOSS when there’s,  in fact, no I-O in the government in Juba. There is no logic that one person could serve two masters at a go because he could not have both either to make it a clear decision to hate one and love the other.

In other words, Taban Deng Gai already opted and decided to hate or to discard I-O leadership, opted, and already made a preferential choice to be in government (I-G) in Juba. Thusly, what makes him to have any claims on something that he had already left and had been dismissed or disassociated with it a long time ago? Without the shadow of a doubt, that Taban relation with I-O has become political history and he could not return to this institution ever that he had already betrayed, determined, and motivated to destroy not only Dr. Machar, but the Nuer people as a whole. What kind of a man is called Taban Deng Gai? He’s now living like an outcast’s kid or prodigal’s son that could not ever be welcomed in any parts or sectors of the Nuer nation. The shame that he had placed on the Nuer nation could not be forgiven or forgotten. The entire I-O holds Taban Deng’s responsible for all the events that have transferred during the peace negotiations in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, that Taban was not part of I-O’s Action-Team (A-Team), but he had some of the renegades within I-O that were either members of G-10 (representing former detainees) and the Garang’s Boy or the Socialite Nyandeng Garang’s Orphans and the SPLA- Juba. Though we forewarned Dr. Machar’s to remove his in-law or colleagues from the negotiations team in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, but he declined to do so for reasons beyond his control, unfortunately.

Given, my experience in international negotiations, including a decade old participation in the IGAD peace process on the North-South Peace process, I was blocked by Dr. Machar, Madam Machar’s and Taban Deng of fear of the unknown and preconceived idée fixe that peace would come through them to shine in the I-O, Africa and the world. Taban Deng Gai’s has turned out to become a problem because he had a pre-conceived and miscalculated plans to murder his in-law to assume power. I would like to reiterate that Taban and his protégés to know in full that I am in charge, thusly, any further claims that there is I-O in government has been absolute rubbish, non-sense, and science of stupid, including any idiots that could further utter any words that there is I-O in government in Juba could become the biggest vagabonds, fools, and dummies ever lived on the planet-Earth. Even if we were to keep the seat for Dr. Machar, could it be about time for him to call it quit because he could become exhausted, ferial, tired, and probably senile.

Out rightly, Taban is no longer I-O and already desisted, died, and gone with the wind. He’s a now a Jieng and the virtual enemy of the Nath (Nuer) (people of the people) and a wanted man dead or alive that could not make any different to the Nuer nation and its resilient people if anything should happen to him. We would like to give stern warnings to all those sent with money by Lucifer’s Taban, renegade Dr. Lam Akol, the lunatic and a big liar Riek Gai Kok that if anyone is caught in the existing premises of the IDPs camps along the North-South border and in Nuer-Ethiopia-South Sudan border, they should be able to face the consequences of their actions because there would be no forgiveness this time around. We should not sacrifice so many lives because of a handful few with money interests. If anyone knows the presence of Taban, Dr. Lam Akol’s spies and informants in the camps, we should recommend that they should  be evicted with their blood money and they should be reported to the closest authorities or they exit before they are caught and they would severely punished with impunity by any means necessary.


“All spies, molds, and informants beware because you could fall into the traps.” We have no mercies for anyone caught as a spy, mold, and an informant of Juba, Taban Deng Gai, and Dr. Lam Akol Ajawien that have been recruited to their death wish those useless individuals in all refugee camps and military areas. All spies have violated and compromised their human rights protection for the sake of money. They do deserve to die like dogs, and they should not be buried, but to be left for the vultures and hyenas and the crocodiles to feast on for dinner. There must and ought to be changes in the managements of the camps to produce peace and tranquility for the IDPs and the refugees in Sudan and Ethiopia, respectively. What happened in Warhol Refugee Camp should not be repeated. Dr. Lam Akol recruited with Taban Deng Gai about 3,000 young Shilluk [Chollo] SPLA youth and soldiers to go disrupt life in the camp of 54,000 Shilluks (Chollo), Nuers (Nath) and other ethnicities. He (Dr. Akol) should become a good material witness and a premiere suspect in the case that occurred in Warhol Refugee Camp in the White Nile State recently. For the Nuers any Nuers that are caught as spies, molds and informants, there should be no mercy for those individuals because they have betrayed the Nuer nation. Hence, keeping any spies alive would be a waste of time and energy because they have become traitors that should not make any contributions any longer to the Nuer society no more. Henceforth, it should be healthy to eliminate or to waste those individuals instead of disrupting so many lives in and around any refugee camps in the designated areas. Therefore, all spies within the vicinities or premises of the refugee camps in Sudan and Ethiopia beware of what could happen to you if you were caught red handed as spies, molds, and informants for Juba. The military should have a free firsthand in dealing with such characters without delays upon investigations, trials and sentencing them before their peers.


This is the authentic and legitimate and de jure leadership. Whether any of Dr. Machar’s worshippers, diehards, henchmen, devotees, and protégés likes it or not, they should have to be disciplined and to ride along fine in the back seat with the temporary new leadership. Dr. Machar was legally and constitutionally deposed by his brother-in-law who almost put him to the brink on Friday, 8 July 20016. He should in principle no longer have any claims that he continues to become the Chairman of I-O because in the language of the constitution and bylaws of I-O he had already been deposed and done with by his in-law Taban Deng Gai that jumped the boat to join Juba and could not also claims that he is I-O in government in Juba. Such claims have been flawed, falsehood premises, hypocritical and double standards, and unacceptable to say the least.

Therefore, for the believers or devotees and diehards of Dr. Machar’s that adored him as the King of the Nuers’ compared to Jesus Christ of Nazareth that proclaimed himself to be the King of the Jews and later on betrayed with only 30 pieces of silvers by one of his disciples Judas Escargot and a fellow Jew with a kiss on the cheek for his tormentors from the High Priest Caiaphas in the Garden of Gethsemane and took Jesus to Pontius Pilate. This act was similar to what Taban the Lucifer’s did by betraying against his in-law with only with a few millions of dollars from the corrupt, genocidal, and wicked Kiir’s regime in Juba to lured him to go to the JI Building to be caught and slaughter like a ram by the Dinka tormentors that dared to assassinate Dr. Machar’s by any means necessary. They have failed and Dr. Machar’s as smarter and intelligent with a big stomach to store the good, the bad, and the ugly, should get them all one-by-one. God is great to protect the righteous from his archenemies. Dr. Machar would prevail over the empty headed genocidal Dinka President Salva Kiir [the Adolph Hitler of South Sudan).

Realistically, anybody could claim anything that he/she believes in. What has the Nuer learned from Dr. Machar poor quality leadership? For those Nuer folks who believe and adore Dr. Riek Machar as the Nuers’ Jesus that should be their spiritual and temporal supreme power, they should think over it again. Without the shadow of a doubt, that Dr. Machar’s and his brother-in-law and Madam Angelina Machar have a deliberate mission that’s to destroy the Nuer nation and its resilient people for the sake of money. For instance, Dr. Riek Machar’s sits on US$300m from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) purposefully to weaken I-O by not supplying it with the necessary military equipment to fight the war, money, war materiel and that money is being used to pay off Dr. Machar’s supporters not to speak out against him and to punish with impunity anyone that speaks out or negatively criticizing against Dr. Machar’s pretty poor quality leadership. The beneficiaries of this huge sum of money have been his family and closed relatives from Adok and Leer that live pretty luxurious lifestyles in Khartoum, Nairobi, Kampala, and have forgotten about the war. What kind of leadership is this- partiachocracy, patronage, or oligarchy?

I would be obliged to let everyone in the Nuer Community knows that I, Professor de Chand, I have neither political and personal vendetta or animosities nor political rivalry against Dr. Riek Machar’s nor had any desires to seek any positions from Dr. Machar’s in any would be future administration led by him in South Sudan (if that would become possible) given the deep and precarious political and legal circumstances that he (Dr. Machar) passes through now in castration or detention in the Republic of  South Africa (RSA) that he does not want to tell the truth about it and what really happened that led to his in castration or detention to his own faithful followers, his beloved community elders,  Paramount Chiefs, and its leaders to search for ways and means of redeeming him through legal defense and human rights representations.

Most importantly, everyone in the community is anxious to know the reasons for in castration of Dr. Machar’s, for what, how, why, and by whom in the world? We could not launch a good legal defense unless we do have firsthand evidence that warranted of this towering personality called Dr. Machar’s in castration or detention. He needs to be opened and straight forward about all his ordeals and circumstances of his arbitrary in castration or detention such that we could effectively and diligently mobilize the international community and localities to stand up behind him to wage war of peaceful and political campaign as its leader detained due to hatred, discrimination, racism and racialism, and xenophobia by the US President Barak Hussein Obama, foreign Secretary John Kerry, Dr. Susan Rice, Donald Booth, and Lanier. Dr. Machar’s in castration or detention lays in the former US President Obama Administration and the lobbyists on the Hill.  President Obama invitation of Salva Kiir to the White House following the genocide committed in Juba that targeted the innocent Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part was un-American and travesty to the ideals of American democracy. We shall overcome the genocide, but the perpetrators would have a tougher life in South Sudan and the legacy of Salva Kiir would always haunt them.

We point all our fingers toward the lobbyists and the two former leading US officials, vis-à-vis, Donald Booth of the US Peace Institute(USPI) and former US Special Envoy to both Sudan and South Sudan and the former US Charge d’Affaires, Lanier, (Esq.), in Khartoum. Those two individuals who had been known in many circles to be pro-Salva Kiir’s genocidal and criminal regime in Juba should become the premiere suspects and material witnesses in this circumstantial detention or in castration of the former FVP and turned rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar’s affair or odyssey, unfortunately. There could be others suspects and material witnesses lurking in the dark or behind the curtain that have been determined like the US Black Water and the Israeli Mossad that tried to assassinate or to get rid of Dr. Machar’s neck, but with God, that hasn’t signed Dr. Machar’s death warrant during his 47-Day ordeal trekked from Juba to the Congo under heavy, well arranged and coordinated heavy air and ground military attacks against the guy called Dr. Machar and his soldiers to get rid of or to eliminate them, but through God’s Will and Grace in despite of the heavy sophisticated deployed military hardware and materiel on both land and air, they all failed, unfortunately.  

This was a good lesson for all the would-be murderers, killers, genocide or democide because Jesus says that “If you are with me who would be against you?” He also reiterated that “I am the way and the light and by me no one enters into the kingdom of heaven and in my father mansion there are so many mansions for everyone who enters there.”  We could not be more thankful and to be most grateful to God that Dr. Machar’s is alive and well. Our concerns have been that he is not out of the woods yet, because of the same archenemies could mobilize and conspire against Dr. Machar’s with Juba, Kampala and the South African hateful Vice President Ramaphosa to assassinate the man called Dr. Riek Machar. Assuredly, they would not also succeed because the international community and the government of President Jacob Zuma would be completely and fully held accountable should anything happen to Dr. Riek Machar’s in his duration of in castration or detention in the Republic of South Africa have got the raisons d’êtres that generated anti- Machar’s sentiments. It has to be stated at the outset or at the affront that the anti-Dr. Machar’s blatant campaign was started by Dr. Lam Akol that is seeking to become I-O chairman that he could not and would never get in his lifetime, the detractors by some individuals personalities, renegades, and that the ongoing 4-year old war was not started by Dr. Machar, but by solely Salva Kiir that has been protected as being the good guy vs. the bad guys by his international protectors, protégés, public defenders, public relations firms and individuals, lawyers, and friends that he hired with the state money to get rid off or to dispose off or to waste Dr. Riek Machar’s and any other members of the Opposition in exile.

However, the military ties on the ground have turned soared against Salva Kiir’s genocidal and criminal regime in Juba on the ground and that we do have every reason to believe that it’s only a matter of time Juba would collapse and that would mark the end of the Dinka dynasty and chauvinism dreamed  about by the late John Garang, Abel Alier, Bona Malwal, and the so-called Jieng Elder Council (JEC), which stated it outlandishly that they [Jieng] would rule South Sudan for 200-year and neither would they permit the Nuers nor non-Dinka to rule. Would this illogical reasoning be possible without a fight? Of course, the ongoing war has been all about the leadership issue and the reasons behind the genocide and democide.  Who is on the planet-Earth would accept this arrogant, incredulous, impropriety, inappropriate, and science of stupid plan of the Jieng (Dinka)? The Jieng leadership has failed in South Sudan and it could take many generations to revive it and above that, the future of the entire Jieng livelihood in South Sudan for generations ahead could diminish because they have done things, which they ought not to have done. Specifically, they have committed genocide or democide against all the 64 ethnicities in South Sudan. This crime of genocide defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity has been committed by the Jieng, thusly, made them to become the most hated, undesirable and the archenemies of everyone ethnicity in South Sudan. Who would really want to live with Dinka ethnicity? Who could trust such savages and cannibal-like sub-humans or Homo sapiens?

Today, the Dinka is one of the most hated ethnicity in South Sudan and the legacy of Salva Kiir, John Garang, Abel Alier, and all those fools trained by the SPLM/A as destructionists vs. constructionists would continue to haunt them as well. So the Jieng has got serious problems that they [Jieng] would have to resolve with South Sudanese folks for them to be reaccepted and re-trusted as equal and that would require generations of careful, diligent, and repentance for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. The Jieng could be forgiven, but nobody would ever forget their devilish or satanic actions against their fellow countrymen for the sake of power, money, and control.  Nobody could trust Dinka no more even if he were to wear the robe of Jesus Christ; no South Sudanese would ever “Trust” a Dinka as human, but cannibal and savage of the third kind.  The so-called proposed National Dialogue on 19 December 2016 for the Formation of the National Dialogue Steering Committee would not takeoff. Even if they [Jieng] were to apologize a million times, they could be forgiven, but no one would ever forget the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. Fact, South Sudan would not be ever the same because of the ongoing war, disunity, mistrust, fragmentation, and the lack of trust and confidence building measures and disastrous national disintegration. In order to deal effectively with these pending problems, the establishment of a shared federal system in South Sudan could be the best tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) solution. The 2015 Peace Agreement has been the only way out. Therefore, any future peace agreement could be based on the 2015 Peace Agreement. This is the bottom line.

Throughout my lifetime and career, I could rest assured anyone that I staunchly remained I-O not for the sake of position, but for the cause of the Nuer nation and its resilient people, to bring peace, social justice that breeds peace and peace that breeds social justice. I have been a staunch nationalist like the Polish people in Poland in Central Europe during the Second World War when Poland disappeared on the map of Central Europe and the Poles through good and organized leadership, determination and motivation, guts and gusto made Poland to reappear again as a nation-state on the map of Central Europe. In the same vein in despite of damage and destruction done by Dr. Riek Machar’s to the Nuer nation, it will rise again and it will govern or rule South Sudan and the Jieng should reckon this statement pretty well. The Nuer has not been defeated and they would be defeated by the Jieng. “If they cannot hear the drums of war, they are deaf.” The war will continue for many years in South Sudan until the Jieng would be defeated and there would be no powers on the planet-Earth to stop this war ever. It could become chronic and irresolvable compared to the Arab-Israeli war or the Indo-Pakistani war over the Indian Controlled Kashmir.

Dr. Machar, Taban and the mysterious and strange Madam Angelina Machar a woman without a character, all them will go and the Nuer nation will remain stronger than the ever. I could neither take nor vow down ever to seek any positions from Dr. Machar’s even if he were to become the next President of South Sudan because no Nuer would ever benefit anything from Dr. Machar’s leadership for that. My constituency and the Nuer nation would give me a job, but not ever from Dr. Machar. When the election are scheduled, I would like to make it known in advance that I would become his greatest challenger in the Nuer nation and I would not verge to step down no matter what until the end. If he (Dr. Machar) defeats me in the future elections, I would concede and would wish him well. I hope he would do the same for me as well. Nevertheless, with so many visible mistakes and cracks that Dr. Machar’s committed, he could not possibly defeat me amongst the Nuer people because I would truly capitalize on his repeated mistakes in the leadership. My sole purpose of being in I-O has been to study, to learn, to strategize, to devise, to redesign, to Dialogue par cum pare (equal), to reinsure change of hearts and mindsets, and to reshape ways and means of re-uniting the Nuer nation to become like Chaka Zulu’s Empire, to re-gain its unity, its respect, and its originality that the great opportunists, vultures, and hyenas have grasped to destroyed the Nuer nation at its own expense. Gratefully, I have attained these ideals and I could now be rolling coasting plans and strategies to reunite the Nuer the way it was, it is, and would be in the future and the present. There is nothing to fear except fear itself about the rising Nuer nationalism because it would not become like Nazism, Fascism and Apartheid in South Africa then and now in the Zionist Jewish Settlers State in Israel in Arab Palestine. I would like o make it clear to all parties concerned and the Jieng in particular, that fear not of the rising Nuer Nationalism in South Sudan would not destroy and life, but to protect, to  preserve life and the inviolability of life. Because he Nuer is a God fearing creature, would not repeat the satanic and devilish acts done by the Dinka, which they ought not to have done. Nonetheless, any SPLA soldier and their militias would not be exempted, but would be deal with according language of the language of the law. The Nuer has no dream of destroying lives because that would be contrary to God’s Will. We would show those who perpetrated the ongoing war, genocide, and other humiliations under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar, Salva Kiir, and Taban Deng have to become ready for a big confrontation for three generations or more. We have got the means and the manpower to get the job this time around. We shall prevail no matter how tougher things would be, we shall preserve with courage and success at the end. We shall overcome this dent in the Nuer society sooner rather than later.

Rest assuredly, the Nuer nation has been now solidly reunited under a new and a progressive no nonsense leadership to lead it to victory and to regain its respect, duty, honor and country. I would lead this war and all the capabilities would be available to fight it in the Dinka Heartland in Warrap and Aweil until they would be destroyed to ashes. The enemy would not be the ordinary Dinka folks, but the SPLA and the militias that we would undergo search and to destroy missions, wherever, and when they would be located. We would have no forgiveness for anyone that has been a Twic Dinka Militias and SPLA soldiers. We have got nothing to do with poor, local and innocent Dinka folks. The enemy is the SPLA and the Twic Dinka Militias. We would get them all before this war could be declared as being over. We would attack them wherever, whenever, and with whatsoever we have on our disposal to teach them lessons that they failed to teach us in the Greater Upper Nile region. For the Dinka who joined the crusade of Dinkaism and fought the Nuer and the Shilluk, it’s about time to pack your goods to get the hell out or exit by emigrating to Bahr-el-Ghazal because the Jieng do not have a future in the Greater Upper Nile. They could neither be employed in any government and private enterprises, oil companies nor their children to be admitted to higher institutions of learning and institutions of national interests. In fact, Salva Kiir started the process of “population re-engineering” by gerrymandering the Nuer and the Shilluk lands to create new states for the Dinka migrant minorities over the existing Nuer States. The Jieng do not belong to Upper Nile, but through kindness and tolerance, we allowed them to stay as migrants. Nevertheless, because of “population re-engineering” introduced by Salva Kiir, they would have to exit the Great Upper Nile as quickly as possible for Bahr-el-Ghazal. If they failed to move freely, we would administratively evict them all from the lands they have illegally inhabited. They should all become squatters and never to own any piece of land in any parts of the Greater Upper Nile region.  This could become the pinnacle apex and reversible because all the so-called states created by Salva Kiir all such amphoral states would be “de-commissioned” forever.  This is now the time to return South Sudan to where it was before the war. We have now re-united the Nuer nation and its resilient people, its unity that remains intact, but they have been confused by lack of good leadership expose.  Dr. Riek Machar and his in-law Taban Deng have misled the Nuer folks to hell. They would soon recover from these mistakes. The Nuer nation and its resilient people have reckoned that Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership has failed them and let them down spiral. We shall overcome it sooner rather than later.


The bad habits or the worst characteristics of Dr. Riek Machar have been pretty obvious to so many that have worked and trekked the bushes with him. Firstly, he’s a dictator that’s no different from the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, that coined the term in Arabic language that “Inshallah abuk a dieuwu thalga” (Even your father/dad gives him a bullet in his forehead). In Thok Nath (Nuer language) (Niey tin naadth (the language of the people of the people) authentic translation “Kie kuoth, cienge ni guor deri je baar ke dowmach wiecde” –meaning in English Language- that’s by God, even your dad you could shoot him on him with a bullet on his forehead. Salva Kiir the President of death, genocidal or the Adolph Hitler of South Sudan, a child and a woman killer, Dr. Lam Akol- a renegade and a lone killer and murderer of General Gabriel Gatwiec Chan (Tanggine) that his spirit would always haunt Dr. Akol’s down from every Nuer, Wani Iqqa for having killed Nuer Officers under his command during the heydays of the SPLM/A in Eastern Equatoria without any probable offenses committed  except that they were  dedicated Nuer Officers to the cause of the nation. Dr. Riek Gai Kok, a jack ass that does not know what he really wants and self-declared Jieng, what he is and who he is or the delusional Pagan Amoum that uttered a derogatory statement that the Government of South Sudan could not be sanctioned because the Nuers were killed or genocide”, and all the Dinka Bor leaders that have perpetrated this ongoing war in South Sudan, thusly, have decided to have gone political hideous or gone into hiding because of the fear of the unknown when the iron got hotter and melting on their buds or asses. I believe that the leaders trained by the SPLA have been all corrupt, destructionists vs. constructionists, and dictators of the third kind. Secondly, Dr. Machar has a great dislikes for intelligentsia intellectuals or individuals with higher educational par excellence, higher imagination, critical thinking, analytical minds, logical reasoning and reasonableness, or scientific thinking and neo-thinking, epistemological, methodological, socio-political, philosophical metamorphosed to be around him. He has got a kind intellectual-phobia, similar to Islamophobia or the Islamic Awakening and other phobic phobia.  I have noticed his experience during my tenure with Dr. Machar’s and if he had a chance he could have wasted me before I knew it. However, because I have been a veteran of the US Army, I was well disciplined, highly alert about my surroundings, environment, and conducive political atmosphere, my personal physical security, and was too indispensible to be wasted because the Nuer could have been bloody mad with Dr. Machar’s poor quality leadership that I was the first amongst equals to challenge that and articulated that point though I  was  misunderstood and rebuked from the beginning by so many as a crazy Sudanese-American professor that have now fallen on my previous and present criticism of Dr. Machar’s quality leadership of the strongest Nuer nation and its resilient people in South Sudan. Let’s hypothetically assume that if the Nuer had a high quality and strong leadership or leader, what happened could not have happened because the Jieng leaders would have known that would have been the end of their livelihood and existence. Nonetheless, they are not out of the woods yet.


Realistically, East African military leaders and folks to South Sudan with idée fixe  about the Nuer nation and its resilient people that they did  not know who are the Nuer folks, they had no knowledge of what they can and what they cannot do in the battlefronts. They were deceived and misled that fighting the Nuer could take only a few days according General Kuol Manyang Juuk, minister of defense. The war has taken over 4-year plus and still ongoing strong without any light in the tunnel.  The Jieng have not read the history of Anglo-Nuer War or the Nuer Revolution or Résistance against the British colonial rule (1900-1930). It was the only ethnicity in Africa and the world that was not colonized by the British in is Anglo-Phone African and the world a large. It was governed through the Indirect Rule for which Lord Frederick Lugard had provided the theoretical basis at the beginning of the 20th Century. “Indirect Rule” has two paradigms it could be considered either as a prime example of racism, racialism, and xenophobia or alternatively as he most culturally respectful of possible colonial policies and the traditional Native Administration already in existence in the Nuerland prior o he advent of the colonial rule in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan or the Condominium rule (1898-1956). In summary, he British exercised their power only through the agency of local traditional authorities, which would respect native culture, avoid affronting local sensitivities, and introduced changes gently and in harmony with local order. Opponent of the “Indirect Rule” termed it as a recipe for t and building a two tiered society in which he naives, on the pretext of cultural identity and integrity, were marginalized from the benefits of the modern world which the colonialist could monopolize for their advantage. Darfur like he Nuerland, was an example of “Indirect Rule”. Since the Sudan Political Service was so thinly spread, the immense territory (equals to the size of France) was divided into “Dar” (homelands), which roughly delimited  and handed over to a variety of Nazir, Sheikhs, maqdum, mundub and umda, depending on the tribe and the administrative level, to exercise rule.


How long can foreign military forces remain in South Sudan supporting Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime in Juba?  I-O would be ready to fight them diligently, effectively, and efficiently like the Vietcong dealt with the American military in the then South Vietnam in Saigon (Hoo-Chi-Ming City) quagmire in the former French Indo-China in Southeast Asia. Historically, the Nuer people were the only people or ethnicity that was not colonized by the British colonialists in Africa, Sudan, and Southern Sudan in particular, with Nuer nation and its resilient people. The African military leaders and Presidents should have acquainted themselves with the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) when the Nuer waged a fierce résistance or revolution against the British colonial rule in Southern Sudan. The Nuer was ruled through the “Indirect Rule,” and the Nuer Customary Laws, and its criminal procedure. We rejected the imported Anglo-Indian Laws, which involved capital punishment because the Nuer nation from the time of immemorial did not experience capital punishment or probably it was the first freed capital punishment society on the plane-Earth up to this time. Nevertheless, “collective compensations” has been designed as the remedy to crimes as a faith-based society. We would also like to add that the Nuer nation might be the first on the planet-Earth that never implemented capital punishment as a faith-based political culture and political socialization. Many Western countries had practiced capital punishment for generations as an end to crimes. I did not work either at all. Western Europe abolished it in recent years because of human rights advocacy, public opinion criticism and expansion of legal litigation, adjudications. The US remains the only civilized Western country across the Atlantic that still applies capital punishment by different methods, i.e., leather injections, Electro-executions and hangings. About 18 States in the USA have abolished capital punishment, including my very own and beloved State of Nebraska in the Midwest was the last to do so.

When the Ugandan People Defense Forces (UPDF), Kenyans, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzanian, Uganda-Sponsored-M-23, Zimbabweans and the Sudan rebel forces without a cause or mercenaries became involved in the war, they were under the impression that they could defeat the Nuer in matter of days as they were misinformed.  They had no clue that they would died like rats and that some of them would drive their tanks and APCs into the White Nile River to die in peace and the crocodiles to feast on them. Many of the East African and Egyptian soldiers paid a pretty hefty price in their venture in the Nuerland. For the Commander of the UPDF in Mogadishu, Somalia, nick named “Chinese Gordon” or “Gordon Pasha” who die in Khartoum, Sudan, on 27 January 1865 was captured alive in the very few hours that he landed in Kuek and was executed on genocide; war crimes, and crimes committed against humanity or was killed in action with more than seventy (70) of his men. The Nuer White Army NWA) killed in action so many UPDF, Kenyans, Rwandese, Burundians, Somalis, Tanzanians, and its affiliated mercenaries and Sudan rebel movements (SRF, JEM, and SPLA-N) in hundreds of thousands and more would die unless they evacuate South Sudan before Salva Kiir’s regime collapse in Juba.

The ongoing war has proven to Africa and the world that the Nuer people is strong and skillful soldiers because we fought eight (8) IGAD mediator countries and some other IGAD Countries, including Sudan rebel movements (SRF, JEM, And SPLA-N) fighting for Salva Kiir’s regime less Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti, I-O defeated them all and the UPDF and all foreign forces affiliated to them, including the Egyptians and Sudan rebels have been taught the toughest lessons that they could not forget and could attest to the I-O fighting capabilities. I-O commanders gave them all bloody noses in all sectors, including Juba J-1 Bldg. incident on Friday, 8 July 20016 that was the turning point of the war and the Jieng arrogant was broken down into pieces by the gallant, the brave, and the courageous Nuer soldiers. It was only 1,300 that almost destroyed Juba. What would happen if we sent to Juba 50,000-150,000 fighters to Juba? I-O commanders are ready to send ten times the above given numbers for the “Tet” in Juba and only the drunkards, the crazy people, and the courageous Nuer people would want to be in Juba because it’s going to be real hell like in the oldest Vietnamese City of Que on the Mekong River and in Saigon, South Vietnam. Surely, there would be “Tet” in Juba and all hell could break loose on that day. No Nuer soldiers could brag about what happened in Juba, but we would leave that to the international community to become the judge on their performance against the Jieng soldiers and its militias. Thirdly, Dr. Machar is sub-ethnocentrism (sub-tribalism) that prefers the people of Adok and Leer even though they have fought insignificantly in all the battlefronts. The 4-year old war has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that these points on the Adok and Leer Nuer people sub-tribes in the battlefronts have been weaker and pretty poor fighters. They brag like Dinka about war and they could not fight it like with red badge of courage, guts and gusto and ready to make the bustards die for what they do not deserve at all.

Realistically, what Dr. Marcher’s done has been cruel, unusual, and has not been any different from what the late John Garang; Abel Alier; Salva Kiir;  Dr. Lam Akol; and Taban Gai have done in the past up to the present giving preferential treatment to their sub-tribes and yet, they proclaimed to be democrats. This is the gravest and the greatest contradiction in the art of governance in South Sudan and Africa in particular. The sources of the ongoing war in a pre-born and a pre-failed state in South Sudan originated from bad leadership and spillover of such a lousy leadership and management by all southerners and the Jieng as the most corrupt in particular. Fourthly, Dr. Machar’s dislikes taking any words or piece of advice from anyone that is around him. He feels pathetic, naiveté, psychotic, and bipolar on anyone that had great ideas that surpassed those of his own.  Succinctly, his contiguous disliking of intelligentsia intellectuals that could produce great ideals, vision, commitments, complexities, and credibility are the three context of leadership that could propel Dr. Machar’s leadership, duties, responsibilities, and country forward. He prefers to make-hardcore decision-making alone. For instance, he often surrounded himself with weaker, young, inexperienced, and undereducated to control their mindsets, and could not easily grasp his art of leadership style because he often wanted to shine only alone in the political limelight alone.

Specifically, Dr. Machar dislikes any above average educated Nuer to do anything above his acme, knowledge, and desires. In addition, he likes to plagiarizing or copying other people ideas and works to making his own that is pretty serious matter in academia for that. I have worked with Dr. Machar and I do reckon this pretty well and I could attest to I public. Fifthly, Dr. Machar’s is an impressionist leader or in Thok Nath [buoth bipni]. As a matter of fact, what I meant herein is that Dr. Machar’s being an impressionist because he often preferred the new comers over the old, experience, and those that have captured and counter-captured his entire mental capacity, working style and decision-making capacity, capability, thinking, and neo-thinking. For this logical reasoning and interaction with the new comers has been often a pretty short lived because they could faster interact with the old and the experience individuals on Dr. Machar’s decision-making and working habits and leadership style. Dr. Machar has been indecisive and suffers from the fear of the unknown whether it’s based on his inadequately or inferiority complex or superiority complex remains to be a myth that needs  to be de-mythologized or to be thoroughly undergoes scrutiny by experts on work ethics and public policy decision-making. Dr. Machar’s should realize that in public policy decision-making it’s often involved risk taking because there is no absolute decision-making in public affairs because everything and absolutely everything remains relative, but not absolute. For personalities like Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar, and his brother-in-law Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohammad Hassan El-Hagg Siddig), they have been the same flock of birds with same color flocking or soaring over the sky together and often landed on the same marshes together…etc. Specifically, for Dr. Machar, Madam Machar, inexperience in the field of international and military affairs that’s a Johnny comes lately out of the blue or out of nowhere to shine in the political limelight that she does have any knowledge and skills, and Taban Deng Gai, including their consumering vs. producing ad hominem (individuals) with them, it’s an opportunity under hypnosis and hypnotherapy of the Nuer Community with so many idée fixe.


All men and women are created equal and there’s no one of us that lives above the law and others intellectually and morally. As equal humankind, we all should live under the law and not above the law.  However, in my capacity as an intellectual and an expert and a bona fide scholar in my own right, I would like to tell you all in simple language that I would let you know that Dr. Machar would not return to you sooner than anticipated. His term of tenure in I-O has been terminated and over with when he (Dr. Machar) was dethroned by his in-law Taban Deng Gai on Friday, 8 July 20016. Even if he were to return, the situation would not be same because his popularity has waned down significantly that almost took life from the betrayal done him by his beloved brother-in-law that almost took  off  his life on Friday, 8 July 2016 in Juba J1Bldg. in which made Dr. Machar’s trekked to D.R. Congo for 48-Day toughest and bloody days to escape death from the US Black Water paid for by the US President Barak Obama Administration and the Israeli Mossad to pursue Dr. Machar until death depart. He did not die in despite of the flotilla of Helicopters or choppers that fully pursued him and soldiers with dangerous rockets to knock the guy out and his entourage once and for all. The former FVP was haunted down by the US Black Water and the Israeli Mossad had zero on in on Dr. Riek Machar to die, unfortunately. Why did the US President Obama have to do this crime of genocide defined… by the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (UNCPPCG) as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity on the planet-Earth. Did the US President Obama and his politico-military advisors preconceived to become successful in this neo-scramble US foreign policy strategy in Africa and in the paradox of two Sudans in particular? Why the US President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry wanted to assassinate one of the few best well educated in the most backward region in Africa? Did Dr. Riek Machar start the war in South Sudan? I would like the world to become the judge. Without the shadow of a doubt, the former US Special Envoy Donald Booth and the former US Charge d’Affaires Lanier in Khartoum, Sudan, plus their old lobbyists on Sudan, anti-Sudan, and anti-Dr. Machar’s alike led by Dr. Susan Rice the former US Ambassador to the UN and Director of the NSC in the White House, Roger P. Winter, John Prendergast, Bryan de Silver, Professor Eric Reeves, Ted Diane an Ethiopian émigré and the USCIA agent in the CRS, and the former US Ambassador Samantha Powell to the UN and others, were all instrumental in their attempts of destroying Dr. Machar’s life in favor of a dictator, the Adolph Hitler of South Sudan, the bloodsucker, cannibal, women and child killer, the de facto and the illegitimate so-called President Salva Kiir of the failed Africa’s youngest state in South Sudan that has moved from political instability to stateless to statelessness.

Without a shadow of a doubt, US policy foreign policy strategy sucks in both Sudan and South Sudan or in the paradox of two Sudans. What would the US and other powers gained if they had succeeded in assassinating Dr. Machar? Did they think that assassination of Dr. Machar’s be compared to the African revolutionaries like what they did with other African revolutionaries retrospect to Patrick Lumumba, Samora Michel, Dr. Johannes Samvibi in Southern Angola, and Laurent Kabala of the D. R Congo, including others, would have stopped the revolution against Salva Kiir? Briefly, the answer to this question does not need a rocket scientist to answer it. To the ordinary folks, the real straightforwardly answer would be flatly “No”, and “No” way at all, because the revolution would continue thriving like it is now intensifying against the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir even if we had to go to North Korea and Iran to seek military hardware assistance.

We have the guts and gusto, determination, motivation, and the politico-military will to defeat Salva Kiir’s genocidal and criminal regime by any means necessary. If Dr. Machar would die rest assuredly, the revolution would continue thriving. We would utilize and deploy every means possible to defeat Salva Kiir. Our forefathers resisted the British colonial rule or the Nuer Revolution (Al-Sura Al-Nuer) in contemporary Sudanese history. The Nuer was the only ethnicity that was not conquered nor submitted to the British suzerainty. We were governed through “Indirect Rule” and the Native Administration with our Nuer Customary law and its criminal procedures. We rejected the Anglo-Indian laws that involved capital punishment by hanging by the neck until a person declared dead. This is morally cruel and unusual punishment and it could not end crimes on the planet-Earth. Western countries that utilized capital punishment and the guillotine as a deterrent to crimes in the past have abolished capital punishment because it did not end crimes on the planet-Earth. It remains a deliberate and willful deterrent on human rights violation in countries that still practicing capital punishment.

We could let America as the world’s superpower and the real supporter of all dictators around the world, including South Sudan to reckon that as long as Salva Kiir remains as the de facto and illegitimate President in a pre-born and a pre-failed state in South Sudan, the war would continue this time around longer under a new I-O leadership that would be “no nonsense” and “uncompromising” unless Salva Kiir’s steps down or resigns. Concurrently, the general public should know that Dr. Machar’s and his wife Angelina Machar sit on a US$300m given to them by China to slowly and coolly destroyed the I-O and never to supply it with any weapons, materiel, equipment and money in their pockets such that I-O dies a cacogenic slow death wish perpetrated by Dr. Riek Machar who professed to be the leader of I-O. This is hypocritical and double standards that anyone could do to his own people that bestowed upon him ‘trust’ under THE LAW OF TRUSTS and confidence building measures. What good would Dr. Machar gain with such a big amount of cash from China? Probably, down the road there could be legal grounds to charge Dr. Machar and his team with the “Grand theft” or with the treason, Money Laundering, Narcotics, and Terrorism against the state and the communities affected by such acts most committed by Dr. Machar, Taban Deng, Angelina Machar, Costello Garang Ring, and many others that could become accomplices in the case thereunto.

We, surely, would like to make this point known to Machar’s loyalists, henchmen, diehards, protégés, and those adorned him like Jesus Christ to the Nuers like Jesus of Nazareth was to the Jews that could believe him or not that Dr. Machar’s is not Jesus- likes even though he had never performed any miracles comparable to those of Jesus, the King of the Jews. Whilst Jesus was self-ordained as a prophet by his supporters like the Great Prophet Nyundeng and proclaims that he was blessed by the Great Prophet Nyundeng was the greatest prophet of all the Nuer folk’s prophets. Based on social sciences research and variety of collected sources on her claims that he (Dr. Machar) has been blessed by Nyundeng, showed no shredded evidence to that effect and there is any truth to such a claim. To show that Nyundeng was the truly Nuer’s Great Prophet all his prophecies have been almost fulfilled in the continuing armed struggle in South Sudan like Jesus was the King of the Jews who died on he Cross for both Jew and Gentiles and righteously proclaims the gospel to the world. Dr. Machar has not achieved a third of Jesus’ works, unfortunately.  Our forefathers and he Nuer Prophets fought the British colonialists and they were termed anti-government. We could not be defeated by a Jieng or a Kuany (Slave) in South Sudan ever. We shall and will slug it out with Salva Kiir until the end. They would be defeated and scattered all over Africa. It’s only a matter of time for it to happen and it would happen, so is it written, and it would happen.


To all I-O commanders, politicians, and general populace, I do here declare before you and God Almighty that Dr. Riek Machar is no longer the Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of the SPLA-IO. Legally, he was dethroned or deposed by his brother-in-law Taban Deng Gai (Alas Mohammad Hassan el-Hagg Siddig). By powers invested in me by the people and the Nuer community, I do hereby declare that I, Ambassador/ Professor David de Chand and former Senior National Expert in the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan a priori to the split of South Sudan on 9 July 2011, I do hereby declare that I am the Pro-Tempt President and Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of I-O. Thank you, folks for giving this opportunity, immense cooperation, support to lead you all to victory. I pledged to you a promise that if you still wanted Dr. Machar to lead you, I will step down with grace, honor and dignify to pursue pending businesses before me at this juncture.

Abigail Adam wrote to the US President Thomas Jefferson (1790) that “These are the hard times in which a genius would wish to live. Great necessities call forth great leaders”. In times like these, we could not afford to remain headless retrospect to the deposition of Dr. Riek Machar’s by his brother-in-law on Friday, 8 July 20016 that led him to o brink and trekked for hectic 48-Day to the D.R. Congo and returned to Sudan on humanitarian grounds and was exiled to be in castration or detention in South Africa as per orders of the US Special Envoy Donald Booth, former Secretary of State John Kerry, whose daughter is now illegally mining alluvial gold in Eastern Eqautoria and the White House in favor of Salva Kiir’s genocidal and criminal regime in Juba.

We would like Donald Booth to remember that the Opposition would defeat Salva Kiir and it is only a matter of time and he would have to exit his fortresses in Juba or to be caught alive in Juba and whichever way it is, it would happen and so be it written. We shall never surrender to a Jieng, but they know that in despite of having imported foreign troops from eight (8) IGAD mediator countries and some other AU, IGAD Countries, Egypt, including Sudan rebel movements that remains to be the real backbone of Salva Kiir’s army, we shall not and will not surrender, but rest assuredly, with determination, motivation, guts and gusto, we would defeat Salva Kiir and Yuri Museveni of Uganda combined forces in the region. As for Assisi’s of Egypt, intervention in South Sudan and Ethiopia, he has already chosen the wrong course of action. He could sooner face another Arab Spring or the Arab Streets in Egypt that deposed President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the populace uprising against the Islamist democratically elected Engineer Dr. Morsey. We are watching carefully because pretty ugly politico-military events that would occur in Egypt against Present  Field Marshal Abdul Fatah El-Assisi, its noose diving or down spiraling economy, and it could become the tougher trouble or crisis management compared to its next door neighbor Libya since the fall of Colonel Qaddafi and beyond. It’s only a matter of time that we would make it.

The act committed by Taban Deng Gai on Friday, 8 July 20016 against Dr. Riek Machar’s, we could legally agreed that the term of tenure of Dr. Marcher’s was stowed away and came to an end through his in-law that staged a coup d’état has become an illegitimate FVP and turn out to become the public enemy number one against the Nuer nation and its resilient people. Dr. Machar’s was already deposed and betrayed to the brink by his brother-in-law on Friday, 8 July 2016. Since, then, I-O has been a headless organization under the caretaker of the Chief of the General Staff Command. I am sure everyone would realize that renegades, political vultures and hyenas like Dr. Lam Akol Ajawien attempted to sneak in to seek hijacking I-O leadership in the aftermath of having killed General Gabriel Gatwiec Chan (Tangiene) and General Johannes O’Kiuch with the blood money until they met their death wishes in action in Kuek, WandiKona, west of the White Nile River, unfortunately.  This has been raision d’être that Lucifer’s Taban Deng Gai became a de facto FVP that proclaims to be I-O in the Government. Of course, there is absolutely no iota IO in the government and whatsoever proclamations he (Taban) made have been all rubberstamping, demagogic, false premises, deceptions, manipulations and maneuverings of the populace and cheapshot propaganda on the international community. Taban Deng that is now really Taban cannot afford to serve two masters. He would either hate or discard one and to love the other. It would be stated at affront and straightforward that Taban was already fired from I-O and could not have any shredded claims on the I-O as an institution against the de facto, genocidal, ethnocentric, and the wicked regime in Juba by no means to proclaim to be an I-O in the Government. He must be disillusioned, pathetic; bipolar, psychotic and mentally drainage. We do know that the guy called Taban has been Salva Kiir’s “puppet,” poodle, and an errant boy that has betrayed his community for the sake of “Dialectic Materialism” and as an unrecognized  First Vice President or a co-First Vice President with the notorious killer and renegade General Kuol Manyang Juuk.


The search for peace to return to South Sudan is drawing further and further  day-by-day and the knots is being closely tightened against genocidal, wicked, criminal Salva Kiir’s regime’s neck. There are so many conspicuous ad hominem (individuals) seeking to hijack I-O leadership that they do not deserve. We would not allow them under any circumstances for such a thing to happen. We fought harder and died for it and we could not allow anyone to hijack our achievement similar to Taban Deng Gai’s epic or episode on Friday, 8 July 20016 compared to what the American lobbyists did so to have awarded our SSIM/A-SSDF victories to the late John Garang in 2005. We would no longer repeat this historical blunder ever. We have learned the hard way from the late John Garang that Nuer people brought up from abject poverty or de classie or from the down trodden to become famous and die as a multimillionaire compared to the late PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, and the late Dr. Johannes Savimbi of UNITA at the expense of the late Colonel Samuel Gai Tut that was swiftly murdered by the late John Garang abated by the Dreg regime led by Colonel Mengisu Hale Miriam whose memories still remain alive in the ongoing armed struggle against Salva Kiir’s wicked, genocidal, and criminal regime in Juba.

Colonial Samuel Gai Tut’s spirit was (still is alive) still kicking alive and well and Abel Alier should not forget that at all, what he did against Colonel Samuel Gai Tut in Juba. We could not be more grateful that everything that Abel Alier had institutionalized to enhance Dinka-Bor hegemony has crumbled into pieces whilst he is alive. We would like him to feel and to analyze his own creation before he could part this world. I am sure he [Abel] would recall everything he had done, which he ought not to have done. He should reckon that everything has the beginning and an end. Life is like a movie camera that has the beginning to rolling in all the pictures and an end to all the pictures.  Life is both short with long cycles and often it reveals the truth. The truth has been revealed by what goes on now in South Sudan retrospect to the split from the mother country on 9 July 2005 up to the present. Everything created by humankind comes and goes and have solutions because there are no problems created by humankind without solution. In public administration and public policy decision-making, problems are opportunities to create and to search for better and durable solutions to such societal problems. The dream of the Dinka hegemony in South Sudan would one way or another would have a solution sooner rather than later. The Nuer is the only ethnicity joined by the oppressed by the Dinka in South Sudan would bring a solution faster than anticipated to the Jieng hegemony and democratic change in South Sudan that Jieng octogenarian would feel and experience it. We will keep hope alive.


To I-O generals, to the NCOs, and to the Enlisted, we have fought pretty hard for democratic change and we are on the verge of achieving it. It would be only through Electoral process for the formation of a Constitutional Form of Government based on a shared federal system of government or the Regional Administration of the three (3) Southern regions, viz., the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal, the Greater Equatoria, and the Greater Upper Nile based on the Ten (10) original States, thusly, “decommissioning” forever the so-called newly created states on other people’s lands through the process of “population re-engineering,” and “political gerrymandering” by the de facto and illegitimate so-called President Salva Kiir and his former FVP Dr. Riek Machar. They have been misled, misguided, and divided the people on ethnic grounds to maintain power, money, and control.  I am an intellectual man; I have in me a philosophy in prophecy and everything that I have written, foretold, and prophesized about the concurrent situation in South Sudan have come to fruity as we speak. I am no prophet, but a strategist and academic expert.

Like I foresaw and foretold too many things and too many times, I was rebuked and termed as crazy and arrogant Sudanese-American professor. In the past, I had written and foretold that neither Dr. Riek Machar or nor Salva Kiir has the ability to lead South Sudan because they have no experience in governance and the construction of the concept of the state. In other words, they could not vividly define what the “state” means or what a state in the real world.  We should leave that for them to rustle with it after which time they have dissipated from public scene.


There would be no groups or ad hominem (individuals) without a military on the ground that could venture to dare about participating in the peace process. The only bodies that have the capacity in peace-making and peace-building in any future negotiated Peace Agreement could only recognize the two parties’ I-O and the de facto and illegal genocidal regime in Juba. We would urge the international community to subscribe to this logic this time around similarly to the logic utilized by National Congress Party (NCP) and the SPLM/A that blocked out other entities who fought so hard in the war that only parties with the capacity to wage war deserved a place at the negotiating table. We would like everyone that claims to be a politico-military movement to become aware of the preceded statement. In my capacity as the Acing Chairman and C-I-C of I-O, we would take an uncompromising and tougher line in strategic decision-making. I would be no nonsense leader. I would like everything to be dome with accuracy, systematic, and logical sequence or order of things.

Specifically, whether the protégés of Dr. Machar’s like it or not Dr. Machar’s has failed the revolution, the Nuer nation retrospect to the split on 28 August 1991 of the once invincible Marxist-Leninist Movement/Army (SPLM/A). I worked with Dr. Machar’s  and we both trekked the bushes of South Sudan up the defunct 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) that I was so instrumental as a negotiator and as a drafter in the IGAD peace process on North-South Sudan Peace process for over a decade. Based on my experience, I realized from that experience, for instance, that Dr. Machar’s has been pretty intelligent, but a weak leader, non-aggressive, un-persistent, stubborn, and hard headed or one of a kind nut to crack to take any words of advice from anyone. He works according to his own intuition and a loner, rather, than an Action Team (A-Team) worker. Because of this abnegated attitudes, he lost the greatest men and women in the rank and file in the defunct South Sudan Independence Movement/ Army (SSIM/A). I could recall that I remained in SSIM/A in order to preserve and to maintain the Nuer unity and the organization. Up to this day, I remain a full pledged Opposition against Juba, and I swore that as long as Salva Kiir’s remains in power, I would continue to be in opposition or to remain as a back bencher. I would continue the fight for social justice, peace, and equality until the end. I have the spirit of the late Uncle Gordon Motet of the Lakes Sates that opted out of the regional governments in South Sudan. I would prefer to return to academia anywhere around the world because South Sudanese does not need it best and the brightest or la crème de la crème.  Further, I could also mobile my forces to fight Salva Kiir until he could be defeated. Most importantly, we would be committed to peace reckoning that “peace would not come in weakness, but only through strength.”  Let’s assume hypothetically that if this statement means war, so is it written. We are ever ready.

Perhaps, the greatest weakness of Dr. Riek Machar has been that he likes to alienate, undermine, negatively painted anyone that is the best and the brightest or crème de la crème because he has been often skeptic and had many fears of the unknown. He often surrounded himself with consumers vs. producers. In other words, he prefers to work with what Professor Albert Einstein termed as the “mediocre spirits” vs. the “high spirits” and used to make unilateral decisions without consulting with the rest of the team. I should say that most of the times, he’s very secretive and uses other ideas and turned them to become his own. I could recall that whatsoever statements ever made by Dr. Machar’s in the past, were all my political, sociological, methodological, epistemological, philosophical ideas metamorphosed. He likes to be in seclusion. I have learned so much about the man called Dr. Riek Machar that has been no distinctive or different from what was the late John Garang, Salva Kiir. Dr. Lam Akol, Deng Alor Kuol (Abyei) and Taban Deng Gai (Alas Mohammad Hassan el-Hagg Siddig), including many others up to now have performed in the old SPLM/A that was naturally destructionist vs. constructionist prior to and the post-split on August 28 1991. He’s anti-intellectuals and many Southern intellectuals and the Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals made many of them departed or to cross the bridge either to Salva Kiir’s or to venture abroad to do their own businesses. Many people do not know that Dr. Machar’s is a dictator of the third kind that is no different from the late John Garang, Salva Kiir, Majak d’Aggot and Wani Igga. He has adorned himself with closed family from Adok and Leer to destroy the Nuer nation and its resilient people. We will keep hope alive. Amen!

  1. What is peace in South Sudan?
  2. When peace can be achieved?
  3. Who promoted cannibalism in war torn South Sudan?
  4. How is depopulation affecting South Sudan as a Nation?
  5. Why Peace can’t be achieved in South Sudan?
  6. Where can there be Political Peace in South Sudan?
  7. Can IGAD really achieve in South Sudan?
  8. Where are the UN and the superpowers actions in South Sudan?

The questions above imposed beyond a dire need for Peace in South Sudan, resulting by de facto ethnocentric (tribal) government now present in South Sudan. Meaning that Salva Kiir is a de facto and illegitimate President claimed of South Sudan. Former Vice President of South Sudan is absent from office and unconstitutionally and illegally appointed  a reckless Taban  his brother-in-law of  Dr. Riek Machar’s  by Salva Kiir to replace duly elected FVP in the same ticket Vice President Riek Machar with Salva in 210. Who betrayed who? Now, Salva Kiir wants to make peace with Dr. Riek Machar when he has been deposed? Salva Kiir from Dinka Tribe or ethnicity who is experiencing Cognitive Dissonance and he wants peace of what?  I wonder to wander in confusion of all ulterior motives. We must admit that there has been a tremendous treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war going on. The Dinka tribe is opposing each other. Majority of Dinka tribesmen who opposes de facto Salva Kiir are warring among each other and to self-sustain life turned into extreme kind of cannibalism. Salva Kiir has betrayed his own people. Some of the Dinka ethnicity have joined or will join David de Chand as Commander-in-Chief of I-O and the Chief of Staff of I-O is Lt. – General Peter Gadget. Taban claims that he took over I-O thorough on the assumption of Dr. Riek Machar’s former position to give it legitimacy. Who has been experiencing Cognitive Dissonance?  Who have been really implicated or involved in this science of stupid of the cat and the mouse game, vis-à-vis, Salva Kiir or Taban and/or all who have been implicated or involved in this deceit?

The only solution to the above eight (8) questions is found by and through Constitutional Election where people cast votes to show their Choice through expression of their Voice. May the best man wins and that would rest assured unity in diversity, cultural diversity, and multiculturalism among the citizens to assure that a new Constitutional Republic is formed! The international communities, including the United Nations and the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Russian Federation have found it difficult to reason with the present de facto governmental bodies that needed to step down and to seek Mental Health treatment. Just to clarify one major issue regarding who controls IO?  By acquiesce of majority of the Generals in the field, and staff would attest to the same when asked by the international community’s to seek verification of all mentioned herein. Professor/Ambassador David de Chand is the Pro Tempt President and Commander-in-Chief and Lt. General Peter Gadget or anyone deem fit to lead the IO fighters to victory should be appointed to become Chief of the General Staff and the balance Generals or four (4) Deputies are Joint Chiefs of the Cabinet members of IO command and control.

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