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Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistic(Photo: file)
Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistic(Photo: file)

Sept 21st 2017(Nyamilepedia) —- Sources close to the south Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayerdit and the Ugandan Museveni revealed to South Sudan Liberty news that President Museveni of Uganda is at his final phases of a crafted strategy originated from the Juba regime to convince Lt general Thomas Cirilo Swaka, the leader of National Salvation front [NAS] to return to Juba. The plan is to coin the concept that Equatorians need their own movements and they must stop being followers of the Dinka SPLA-IG or of the Nuer. The central message is to cast SPLA-IO as a Nuer Movement. The ultimate goal is to demobilize the Equatorians forces from the SPLA-IO, which is in keeping with the JCE regimes goal of divide and conquer.

The classified information from well-placed sources with privileged accesses of the two capitals reveals that Lt General Thomas Cirillo will be flown from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Kampala, Uganda in the next few days if not a week. The plan is for General Cirilo, a vocal and well-trained officer and a proven warrior, to come and demobilize Equatorians in SPLA-IO to get them to reject fighting on behalf of Dr. Riek Machar whom Museveni wishes to deny place in south Sudan. It is expected that if Museveni managed to succeed with his plan, he Cirilo, will then be granted the amnesty announced earlier by Kiir and be given a safe return to Juba with his newly acquired Equatorian IO forces.

The well-placed informant further said this is the latest attempt to get fighters loyal to SPLA-IO to join the government. The earlier plan among others was the attempt to reunify SPLM, which failed miserably when SPLA-IO rejected it then followed by the other groups. It was believed during his trip to the UN General Assembly Mr. Museveni is expected to sell his plan to the member states of TROIK countries, The UK, US and Norway.

It should also be noted that when LT Gen. Thomas Cirilo defected last year before his resignation and announcement and declaration of his movement, he told several South Sudanese that he was going to be help by several neighboring countries that included Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. He further state categorically that he will get help from United States in order to oust the incumbent President Kiir from ruining the country through tribalism. He said Kiir is using the army to fight a tribal war, and further accused Kiir of turning the army into private militias based on one tribe.

Notably, the help general Thomas Cirilo talked about from United States later turned to be from a friend not from the US government but an American known as Philip Helberg, the self-proclaimed, financial Tycoon, whose business entities involve dangerous arms deals with dictators around the world who hung on powers for decades the likes of Museveni. Mr. Philip Helberg is a well-known American in the Pay roll of President Kiir for years. He is known to any South Sudanese who might have relations with those working out of Bilpham Military Headquarters in Juba. He is said to be the person that had also lied to General Peter Gadet and his colleagues to leave SPLM/A- IO and form their own movement but never came through since his goal was to unplug the SPLA-IO strong men on behalf of Juba, now the same trick worked against Thomas cirilo but here the goal was to weaken the Equatoria front. This revelation if true has indeed exposed General Thomas Cirilo’s plans to come out from Juba known or unknown to him the promises were by design. As Senior Military Officer, critics are now questioning, if indeed he hasn’t hidden agenda, shouldn’t he have by now shot the first bullet from the day of  his declarations? Since this has not happened, then it is clear he has a connection with Presidents Kiir and Museveni to sabotage the resistance against the regime in Juba and to derail the emerging strong Army of the Equatoria Region, which poses real threat to the regime particularly at the time when the JCE regime feels certain they have broken the Nuer front with the defections of Taban Deng Gai and the House arrest of Riek Machar, therefor the defeat of the Equatorian front by all crafts and  means becomes a priority.


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