Mourning as Day Come – The First Black Day of Nuer in South Sudan and Around The Globe!

By Changkuoth Gem Panyuan


South Sudanee taking refugees at UNMISS Bases in their country(Photo: file)
South Sudanee taking refugees at UNMISS Bases in their country(Photo: file)

December 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It was Dec 15 2013 in which Nuer was brutally killed by the government they brought in through their struggle and president they voted in to power. It surprise whole world and other community of south Sudan accept those who plan it to do such an evil act. It is this day that we are not going to forget through out our life, even if peace is going to be restore in south Sudan. I and Nuer community in general condemn this barbaric killing of our innocent civilian based on their ethnic Nuer.

On Dec 15 2013 salva kiir order his presidential military commander marial chinuong to disarm Nuer soldier within presidential guard unit. when Nuer realize what is going on from their Dinka counter part, they refuse to summit their weapons to marial, and then fighting broke out as Nuer said no for their disarmament. war was started between presidential guard of tiger battalion and quickly spread to other barrack of SPLA within capital juba. Next day kiir order hunting of Nuer soldier which result in killing of innocent Nuer civilian who have nothing to do with misunderstanding between soldiers or any political tension between politicians. kiir kill Nuer civilian because Dr Riek Machar is Nuer by tribe.

This barbaric killing of innocent Nuer civilian is what intensified war to other part of southern Sudan specially Great Uppernile Region and mark the defection of powerful Nuer General from dictatorial regime in juba. We all congratulate our general for their early defection and their demanding to go for the right way because without early defection of General Peter Gatdet Yak, General Hoth Gatkuoth, General Gatwech Dual, General Koang chol aka Ranley, General Tang Giny, General Chuol Gaka, and other with the help of white army, there would not be any politicians who is against kiir to escape that brutal killing in juba. I and Nuer community in general call for stepping down of salva kiir mayadit and justice to make kiir responsible for killing of 20,000 innocent Nuer civilian within three consecutive day in capital juba and to be responsible for other life lost in this conflict.I and my community with our democratic moment which is SPLM/SPLA IO committed to peace process mediated by Igad head of state but calling justice before signing of last matrix. we don’t want to go back to juba as salva kiir still president of the republic of south Sudan.we have to go unless he accept to play none executive presidential role and everlasting peace which is going to be implement by an executive priminister. As citizen of this country, we want federal democratic republic of south Sudan (FDRSS) where all citizen of the country have to exercise their human and democratic right in full circumstance without any intervention from government. We the 64 tribes of south Sudan are sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers of this country. No single tribe can be exclude or declare her self to lead forever.
We all call stepping aside of salva kiir mayardit. if he is going to resist our calling, we have to show him through barrel of gun or bullet he believe.
Long live:-General Peter Gatdet Yak
               General Hoth Gatkuoth
               General Koang chol
               General Gatwech Dual
               General Dau Aturjong
               General Tang Giny
Author:-Changkuoth Gem Panyuan

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