By Andrew Kuong Ruay-Lam Jany,


President Kiir flanked by members of the tribal Jieng Council of Elders (File photo)
President Kiir flanked by members of the tribal Jieng Council of Elders (File photo)

July 13th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — I would like to contribute to your discussion on the issue of President Kiir Mayardit, President of South Sudan, fighting a tribal war is real.

The evidences behind the ideology is that the Jieng Council of Elders is the brain master behind what projected as Dinka domination of a country of South Sudan, their reasons to do so, is that they were the only people fought for the country (South Sudan) in liberation struggle, the justification the group put in all these waves of struggle of Anya-nya 1 from 1955-1972 and the SPLM/A, from 1983-2005, that is to say, the history of struggle of Sudan and South Sudan is fought by Dinka people, therefore; the cake which is obtained/gotten now is to be eaten only by the Dinka people, that is why all the departments of the government in the country are occupied by only Dinka, the foreign services, most positions in central government, like the undersecretaries, top generals of all organised forces of the country, the market as well etc.

The President, makes all promotions and appointments by decrees, from lower level to the highest, individuals goes to neighbouring countries and buys certificates of a first class in order to be appointed in positions above their capacities, purely a nepotism, non-qualified individuals in sensitives areas like medicines, judiciary etc were employed a nepotism of the first order. While states governments and parliaments which are predominantly non Dinka, employed Dinka fairly not necessary domination by their own versus Dinka, while Dinka States do not employed any non Dinka at all. So the idea of this group of Dinka elders, the brain mastering Kiir regime, is to ensure that in a reasonable time of their plans, the South Sudan both political and civil systems from central government to states will be predominantly Dinka, this was said very clearly by one of the elders, Mr. Aldo Ajo Deng in the SSTV. This idea is utterly imported from domination by Northern Sudanese Arabs versus monitories in the Sudan using Islamisation and Arabisation to engulf the whole Sudan in a reasonable time that suited them, since the war continuously fought in the South and elsewhere far away from the central power of Sudan and further Northern Sudan. The JCE, ideology is similar to the Apartheid of South Africa as well. President Juma Kenyatta domination using Kikuyu tribes against others of Kenya people. The evidences on that Kiir government is very much supporting the Kekuyu domination by paying of money for Uhuru Kenyatta elections


Well, in many oppositions groups, the only movement where there are some Dinka fellows in SPLM/A-IO, led by Dr Riek Machar, the young courageous/brave, Captain Mabior Garang de Mabior is a good example, I could only mention few, the Dinka criticism to these individuals is that they are positions seekers which I disagree, I don’t know what position could you seek in the bush that may have benefit rather the national call, they are courageous and brave enough to see the shortcoming of the JCE ideology of Dinka domination of South Sudan, I see it so as well, such idea cannot succeed, even though it has triggered some disruption of national bound and encourage petty regional groupings, i.e. the KuKura groups of Equatoria, and the Anyany 2, of William Abdalla Chuo Deang. Simply, because when the JCE appeared with agenda of domination, some Equatoria rejected the idea and organised themselves to exclude all the non Equatorians out of Equatoria in 1983, the issue of South Sudanese nationalism was dead, the blame went to president Jaafar Numeri by issuing a decree abolishing the Addis Ababa Agreement and divided The Southern Sudan to three regions.

The Nuer and others felt that they were marginalised by the enlistment of former Anyanya officers in many fields including the organised forces, and pretested and pulled out from the agreement of 1972 by the mutiny of Akobo of 1975, these elders (JCE) were simply started to be confortable of the United Sudan under Numeri which was very clear and the changes of southern Sudan remained autonomous were very slimed. A group of army officers led by 1st Lt Benson Kuany Latjor pulled out to Ethiopian Boarders and created a military camp known as BiPam till the mutiny of Major Kerubinon Kuanyian Bol of 113 in Bor and Major William Nyuon Bany of 114 in Ayot Pangak. When Samuel Gai was murdered of the same idea of nobody to lead South Sudan, because it is only the Dinka who are born to rule and must lead in South Sudan, other have no chance with this ideology if you are a non Dinka, this pushed some Nuer to call for the Anyanya 2 of Dinka exclusion. Gai suffered alienation from Juba and was arrested so that he must be missed out from the election of 1982. Hon. State man and liberator, Gen. Joseph Lagu could not survived when he had his term as the president of the High Executive Council of the Southern Sudan, he was implicated and removed from presidency by concocted a story by the group and lost power.

Coming back to this JCE ideology, in my view, it should not be projected as a Dinka wishes to dominate South Sudan, I always say the Dinka had not mandated this group to come up with the idea, there had never been in our history of Dinka people elected this group to lead the Dinka people for the Agenda, to me some elders of Dinka sections came together and decided to form what is called JCE. The idea in fact is not new it derived from back in time, it had generated the destruction of South Sudan nationalism, bearing the Kukura issue etc. The group(JCE) planned this war to occurred in Dec. 15, 2013, by Murdering massive over 20,000 Nuer in 3 days in the Capital Juba alone. The group went on to recruited from all the different tribes telling them that they must defend their land by creating militia, especially against the NUER, and lastly the Nuer themselves ie the Tabanised(Taban) group are now told they must be recruited to depend their Nuer sections, now the Nuer are also killing themselves, forgetting the JCE plans was killing Nuer not because they were politicians as against Dr Riek Machar but because they were Nuer.

I encourage and congratulate those individual who criticise the idea of JCE participating in the national movements to liberate South Sudan from destruction by acute mind of some elements that made the country a failed state as it become. We must encourage our brother the Dinka to protest over this disastrous shambolic idea so that Dinka people are consistently part of national level.

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