Federal System and The People Of South Sudan:

Both Yiech Yat, 

Both Yiech Yat (Courtesy photo)
Both Yiech Yat (Courtesy photo)

July 14th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – The federal system is a decentralized political system established centuries ago in Europe and then moved to the United States in the eighteenth century. It is a system that gives freedom to the people and allows for diversity, multiculturalism, culture and environment in the state by establishing free provinces, provinces or states with their powers and striving to provide the best services to their citizens compared to other regions of the same federation.

Here I would like to talk about the importance of federalism to the State of South Sudan after it was dominated by a centralized dictatorship before and after it gained its independence from the Sudanese government on July 9th 2011, to this day through the following steps:

1 – The decentralized system will facilitate trade and economic competition in the various states of southern Sudan as a result of almost absolute freedom for each region to govern and control the local strategic changes under the federal union

1 – The federal system aims at uniting communities with the same culture and heritage in a region so that they can carry out the public national duty across their region. This will help in reducing the chaos and tribal policies that have rendered our country worthless to the world. For example: The leaders of the Central Equatorial State their own policies would base in which the measures will vary their competition mandates within the territory of the State.

3 –  The supreme authority of the federal system works to control the country’s financial resources such as taxes and economic imports in its various branches, foreign policy and defense affairs. Thus, there will be specific support for any region that lacks or does not produce some consumer resources due to the federalism of our country and the federal constitution that will prevail.

4 – There will be security in the country as a result of the existence of freedom subject to federal rules, ie, the federal constitution, in which each region will pursue positive security policies for the benefit of its citizens.

Therefore ladies and gentlemen, I believe that, this kind of other political systems have great ideological value for the people of our beloved country #South_Sudan And it will increase the openness to hard work, competition and freedom. In it, it’s easy to hold corrupt people accountable, and to subject the majority of citizens and leaders to serve the nation through intellectual axes to protect the noble values and principles of our nascent state. Multicultural as well as Multiple Resources, and the suitable Geographical Environment for Development.

The author, Boy Yiech Yat, is the former Chairman of the SPLM-IO Youth League Chapter in Egypt. He is also the author of the book, The White Army and the December 15th Incidents. He can be reached via: bothrom@gmail.com

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