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By Yien Lam,

Mass graves discovered by the United Nations in Juba a few days after the Juba massacre of Nuer civilians(Photo: file)
Mass graves discovered by the United Nations in Juba a few days after the Juba massacre of Nuer civilians(Photo: file)

Nov 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- To begin with, does the world really care about its people equally? Well, as the question requires thorough answers, it will depend on where you may be living on earth. If you live in western world, your answers to this question will be different with one who lives in the rest of the continents.

As question needs a complete answer, Mind is a Big NO! the world is not valuing the human rights principles equally as adapted by the 56 members of the United Nations on December 10, 1948. These rights include political rights, child rights, natural rights, democratic rights and so forth.

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In this case, I want to talk about natural rights as the God giving ones. People have a right to live in their dwelling peacefully. If that is the case, are South Sudanese  been living peacefully to each other? No! they are not. Kiir and his allies have been killings south Sudanese with the help of the supposed father of the Human rights administration. Is that the world 56 members of the United Nations wanted to see? Be the judge! To me, the world that I am living is digressing from the Human rights principles as we speak to the rhetoric and interest. If not so, the regime that killed 20,000 plus in Juba cannot still being  praised  and supported by the administration of the superpower who by then created the human rights laws.  In your view, where is the human rights folks? Your answer may be none if you are on my side than the killer’s!

In this regard, do you think human rights are working in Africa as the continent? I don’t think so. if it were to work, IGAD whose members’ states involved in the problem should have not been given power to run any responsibility in South Sudan peace agreement. Not only that, none of the East Africa countries lack if not at all have elements of human rights because they are all dictators. If that is known by the supposed father of the democratic as it has known, why would those countries are playing crucial roles in peace process?  If I were you, can you not believe that interest is color blind here? It certainly is unless you are Neanderthal person. In addition, makes no mistake benefit of doubt and interest are the key factors of persisting South Sudan problem as we speak. Are they not?

However, as the concerned citizen of this great nation, I sincerely believe that peace will not yield edible fruits because member states of this organization plus the administration of the supposed father of the democratic are being involved in supporting the regime rather than making peace. This is a very factor that will never bring peace in South Sudan and keen Kiir’s horns to fail the peace miserably.

To make the matter worse, money in action that I call force exile is introduced now to the system by the IGAD and its allies in order to suppress us. To tell you the truth though, peace will never be in South Sudan by taking away the Icon of the peace, people and the nation to babysit the rogue regime that actually killed innocent civilians. this won’t work at all. It is no longer a case of the mentioned Icon as of now. It is however, an issue of all south Sudanese. The strategy of suppressing had been tried by the colonials’ power in 18 centuries and never worked. If people do not want something, they will not be deterred by strategy as such. we will never ever give in to such a thing. South Sudanese now need a new leader. Not status-quo with bloody hands. The strategy of submission will never yield fruits until the regime comes into its knees. We know what Taban and kiir do. They may use South Sudan resources to buy support, but time for the human skills will come into an end and replace with the principles of truth. We are not going to be threat and force to submission with money and outsiders. South Sudanese have final say to decide their future. Submissive strategy will never be an option without justice and accountability.

Nonetheless, if the world is color blind as it seems to be the case in South Sudan, our problem will never be solved by anyone rather than God. I say this because how can you submitted yourself to someone who actually killed people who voted him to power?  In such a matter, could you allow yourself to be enslaved by your own brothers for the rest of your life? Ridiculous right!  Believe it or not, I candidly believe that it will be unthinkable if you mistakenly do such a thing in your life. There could be no point to put your fingers into the mouth of venomous snake as he is in the sin city of Juba now. Could you goofily do such a thing? The answer is yours?

In addition, if you are there singing the song of peace and self-defense as usual with this rogue regime and its allies, you must be playing with fire. This regime does not listen to the sound bite without actual party. If we choose to hear the music without  party, we will be the victim of our own actions as it has been the case for the course of this civil war. As the matter of reality, in the history of the world, if you are winner, you have it all. But if you’re loser, you will face the consequences of your low action. Fighting in self-depend is not a tactic of warriors. Now, we need not to talk peace with the IGAD that wants Kiir regime to reign for the years to come as its members state have. This is  a real problem of the region and will never end easily without a fight if you are optimistic about self-defense. But remember this, you cannot win the support of any kind if you are in the losing side. People are always supporting the winner even though they are wrong.

To make myself clear, since January 23, 2014 when the cessation of hostility was signed, kiir regime has broken all. Nobody said anything about it because the IGAD that fake itself to be the lead broker is always behind the regime and its allies. So the peace continues as bias as one cannot imagine until the finally push where the IO landed in Juba with 1370 soldiers. On July this year, kiir and his allies started their mission by hijacking Dr. Machar’s power and attempting to assassinate him in Juba with the peace that the whole world was witnessing. Did anyone say anything to kiir’s regime?  NO, such a thing did not happen. But recently instead, the administration of the said father of the democratic went even further to blame the victim for announcing the resistance while thousands were killed by the regime without anything being said about it. What a world! Could you believe it? Well, you could believe that in this world. That is what happened and continue to happen as it was the case yesterday in Bole International Airport In Ethiopia. If that is the case, could you still waiting for the donkey end of the month? Now, you are a judge to decide what will your future looks from now if you are still naïve to act!

Finally, submission without justice will never be a solution of South Sudan problem. Accountability and responsibility are needed to bring tranquility back to the nation. otherwise, Somalization is inevitable

The author can be reached at Lam981@hotmail.com

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