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Opinion: Nations are not build in one day 

By Gai Bone,

Nightmared South Sudan President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, thinking through a tough-day interview on his desk in the war-ragged presidential palace in the capital, Juba(Photo: file)
South Sudan President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, thinking through a tough-day interview on his desk in the war-ragged presidential palace in the capital, Juba(Photo: file)

Mar 01, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The hope and restoration of stability in the republic of South Sudan, building a resilience and peaceful coexistence of societies is not as smooth as getting things on a silver plate. It always involves sacrifice and a movement of millions miles to reach the final destination. 

After several attempts by the signatories of the warring parties both in Addis Ababa and Khartoum peace agreement through the support of IGAD, USA, UK and Canadian respectively, the parties failed several times in an attempt to break the dead lock toward finding political solution between the Government of Republic of South Sudan and the opposition parties, the 2016 agreement collapsed due to mistrust between the key signatories of the agreement which resulted in to lost of lives however, the current peace agreement seem to hold water and it’s of the interest of the parties. 

South Sudanese worldwide have welcome the positive significant of the implementation both in security arrangements and the recent swearing ceremony of the five vice president including the first vice president from the main opposition party. 

It’s not now clear that, the process of silencing the gun and regaining the trust back to the rightful people of South Sudan is appearing bold although it was not an easy essay, it was rough and thorny in it nature. 

The recent rationale decision of the president H.E Gen Salva Kirr Mayardit chairman and commander in chief of South Sudan people defend force is what I termed as “final blow and everlasting peace in the republic of South Sudan” it’s in it kind a millions compromised because it wasn’t easy for the president to convinced the thirty two (32) Governors to abundant their luxuries comfort zons and all privileges along their positions also it was not easy for the incumbent president to accept the political rival demands in the name of reverting his own degree, through out the globe South Sudanese appreciate and congratulate the president H E Gen Salva kirr Mayardit, Gen Taban Deng Gai, Dr James Wani Iga and all the government officials for paving way for peace to our country 

The above conclusions is that, the president is only seeking for any possiblity of restoring peace and stability back to our country, with the above positive actions from the president, South Sudanese around the globe have gained momentum of rebuilding the country out of duress and applaud the for the hope of peace. 

The ball is now rolling with all the implementations both the opposition parties, civil society and all the stakeholders of the agreement to compromise, reconciled and forgive one another. It’s time to prioritied peace and leave behind political egos , it’s true in any agreement you can’t win 100% of your demand however, By the virtual of untold suffering over the senseless and rampants inhuman practices over the years in the country, the president has made a huge and bold decision omitting all his leadership demands by compromising 50% of his demand 

It wasn’t by chance that God created 64 tribes as people of South Sudan, it’s God’s gift and planed with out any interference from any mankind therefore nothing will ever change it or removed one tribe out of 64 tribes in the Republic of South Sudan therefore with all those we must coexist as one people, one nation 

Our South Sudanese never believe that one day, all of us will be separated from each other after gaining independent from the brutal Arabs, our warriors never thought of missing their conversations due to political disagreements, they were not expecting that one day, months and years people will pass and their contacts become rare, That one day their children could spend years with out education and other basics needs now time have come to recommit ourselves. 

Having all these memories and the pictures of our struggle, one could ask himself “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?” Although with invisible tears but the Joy is that there is “South Sudan as a country” because hearts are touched with a strong bond of love, Sharing alot of commonality during the war 

Time for peace now, enough is enough, the nation are her citizens will always appreciate and honor those who scracfied themselves fighting for what is called South Sudan today beside that, one will always said that “Yeah It’s them that i have the freedom with it’s privilege today” ѵ 

The author is South Sudanese student, studying bachelor degree in procurement and logistic management at Kampala University (Kampala-Uganda). He can be reached through email at gaibone1988@gmail.com

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