US And UN Intervention In South Sudan Is Looting And Division Mechanism

By Riek Yak Guandong,

United States deploy more troops to South Sudan to guard embassy and to protect staffs(Photo: file)
United States deploy more troops to South Sudan to guard embassy and to protect staffs(Photo: file)

July 18, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——Unrest continues in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Mali, Sudan and Somalia in the watch of UN and US missions. The US and UN failed to prevent 2013 Juba massacre of innocent lives.

What did they do to alleviate the suffrage of the people in those mentioned countries? The turmoil in Iraq was started by US under the pretext that there were dangerous weapons, an allegation that later found to be a lie. No stability in Iraq up to now. I think America is responsible for the death of innocent Iraqi people.

Libyans are suffering up to now after the intervention of NATO led war/invasion against the ousted President Muammar mar Gaddafi. After the killing of President Gaddafi, Instead to help the innocent people of Libya to access the services, NATO turns its mission into taking/looting the Libyan crude oils for its own benefits.

Now how is Libya? The former Libya of democracy, freedoms and fundamental human rights, respect and equality of all diversities irrespective of gender, age, colour, creed, religion and race where all resources and services were equally distributed and accessed by all citizens have become things of the past. Libya is now a ghost nation consumed by tribalism, corruption, absence rule of law, poor services, bad governance and poor democracy under NATO invasion.

Democracy that has been imposed on us by western world it’s not about coming into power and going, it’s about effective administration and management. Cuba and Korea are good examples of good governance system without leadership change. Democracy is an access or chance to loot Africa and developing countries by allowing free movements and many freedoms to foreigners whose missions remain unclear to the state and people affected.

The intervention of US in South Sudan will only deteriorate the situation and loot the country. I have never seen any country where America interferes and gets sustainable peace, development, rule of law, democracy and effective service delivery to the people; lieu, they can only create divisions among people, lack of peace and total ruin.

Therefore, I rejected the interference of America and UN. I will consider it as an invasion over my sovereignty.

What needs their (US and UN) intervention? The SPLM/A-IO did not fail to protect itself and its leaders. The security agreement stipulates that SPLM/A-IO dispatches to Juba a protective force of 2910 troops. Why don’t they (UN and US) transport them (IO) to Juba? The deployment of US and UN in South Sudan will halt the agreement from achievement and implementation. The US and UN must enforce the security agreement and implement the deal by transporting IO troops that IGAD intentionally left behind, or else the US and UN attempt to put boots in South Sudan a clear invasion and illegal act.

The author is former staff of the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan, Student at CUU, Uganda. He can be reach through guandongyak59@utlook.com or +256788059063/+211955661165

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Confused Reader July 18, 2016 at 3:48 am

Why would the U.S. want to invade South Sudan? How is that in U.S. interest?


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