The International Community, Trioka, IGAD & AU Are Directly Responsible For The Ongoing Assassination Attempt On The FVP And 2rd Juba Genocide

By Gatgong Thany,

A gunship seen hovering over South Sudan capital while fighting resumes(Photo: file)
A gunship seen hovering over South Sudan capital while fighting resumes(Photo: file)

July 18, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Like a sacrificial lamb, almost with his hands tied behind his back, strictly allowed only a thousand and half foot soldiers, without cars, artilleries (better weapons), trenches or even enough supplies (munitions), armed with only sticks-like AK47s against world’s most lethal and modern weapons, including but not limited to thousands of tanks, armored cars, gunships as well as fighter jets, the world consciously, intentionally and devil-mindedly delivered Dr. Riek Machar’s life and his Moment to Dictator Salva Kiir and His Cousin Paul Malong on a silver plate but God shall Triumph.

In twenty first Century, in broad day light, the whole world including the United Nations and AU involved, arm-twisted by Troika, conspicuously hatched and implemented a diabolic, satanic and inhumane assassination attempt on Dr.Riek Machar, First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, Chairman and C-in-C of the SPLM/A-IO and his Military and Political Leadership in a scenario that aroused and rekindled memory of late hero Patrice Lumumba, the Congolese Independence leader.

Though our scanty intelligence could not easily define the motives behind this devilish action, all could without scientific or technological device whatsoever detect the dirty hands of the world in the whole affairs, from its genesis we have all along been so skeptical and suspicious of the whole world’s negative, partisan, impartial and ineffective interventions throughout the crisis, but after imposing unjust and unfair peace agreement that only retained murderous President in power, we were alarmed even further.

Partisan, impartial, frustrated and the failing world needed a quick-fix kind of solution to the crisis regardless of its consequences, that might have been where assassination attempt on the Opposition’s top  leadership might have been prioritized, organized and preplanned, worthy of notice though,  South Sudan’s richness, turned to curse, imperialist craves for control. Therefore, any action that could throw the country into eternal disintegration and collapse taste sweet in tongues of the colonialists, unfortunately, the other side, too obsessed with hate and power is too foolish and blind to the national interest.

But to disguise the whole conspiracy, the world cooked and unanimously rallied behind unjust peace and created inert structures and functions whose purposes in my own view were only to formalize and grantee the necessary access required for locally manufacturing mechanism to implement their dubious agenda, JMEC, one of their toothless body, for instant, never moved a stone since its formation, its well-paid officials only luxuriously crisscrossed the country in a tour-like shuttles that produced no tangible fruits.

They can only helplessly watch and grind while sipping expensive wines as government’s tanks, militias and troops flood the capital in broad daylight on hourly basis in flagrant violation of the agreement, Juba was militarized at a speed of light contrary to the agreement, cantonment areas were denied despites this having been clearly provided for in the ARCISS and the world remained suspiciously quite, as days passed by, and clouds of doubts  cleared-out,  it was evidence that one party to the agreement had been duped and tricked, eventually they would only have one out of two tragic choices to pick.

Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the 1st Vice President of the Republic, leader of the armed opposition was pressured, forced and even threatened by the whole world to leave his safe and secured base in Pagak and  returned to national capital in the most dramatic manner ever, the White House, Troika, AU, IGAD as well as the unless JMEC all gave strong and sometimes even condemning statements urging him and leaders of the Moment to travel to the capital and form the long awaited TGoNU, suspiciously, despite the ARCISS having authorized his military hardware, he was denied to carry any important weapons neither was he accorded any alternative safety grantee.

Therefore after dropping Machar off at Juba international airport, the whole world withdrew and closed their murderous hears leaving him at the mercy of God. Up to here it’s evidenced that the world at large is responsible for the ongoing situation in Juba, the Troika, AU & IGAD are core perpetrators in the ongoing genocide simply because; if they indeed meant peace for South Sudan, they would have ensured quality protection of either side to the conflict,

It is the obligation of the world that the agreement was implemented in the letter and spirit, that means Juba would have been demilitarized before the arrival of the FVP or immediately after his arrival, formed  joint interrogated units and enough neutral force deployed in the capital to deal with any security threats, reversal of the bloody twenty eight states (28). Formation of other necessary structures and functions and empowering of oversight bodies such as JMEC & UNMISS, but most importantly the SPLM/A-IO forces should have come to Juba with their defense weapons like tanks, armored vehicles, artilleries and other weapons to  deter any imminent threat and protect themselves and their leadership whenever necessary, now they are left to fight tanks with their hands. Curse be to the world!

In conclusion, the international Community particularly the Troika, AU & IGAD are squarely responsible for the ongoing assassination attempt on the life of 1st Vice president Dr. Riek Machar Teny and movement’s entire leadership as well as the heart breaking 2nd Genocide which is happening even inside the UNMISS premises , the people of South Sudan will never forgive them for this cowardice and devil act, we will take any necessary action against the said entities for their abominable conspiracy against our people and the nation whenever possible, we know America holds the records of assassinating leaders including their own, destroys peaceful countries, from Caribbean to Asia (Equador, Iran & Iraq),  to Africa, Patrice Lumumba to whom they co-slaughtered with help of Belgium in early 60s among other leaders. But in this case, the truth shall triumph and the world will be ashamed. May God protect the light of this Nation.

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Io partner July 18, 2016 at 8:55 am

This is very sure ..why they are allowed Uganda to bombing during four days clashing, and allowed Uganda soldiers for deployment to south Sudan …it is very clear that they are not serious on peace deal ….and they fail to do security arrangement, which is not fair ……and they fail to demilitarzed Juba city as signed on peace deal ……all in all they can allowed soldiers for io to add more troops if they are on really monitoring peace deal.


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