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Thieves of State

By Dominic Ukelo,


Millions Stolen In Salva Kiir's office...
Millions Stolen In Salva Kiir’s office…

August 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- South Sudan is perceived as one of the most corrupted states among the countries in the world, according to Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), which further illustrated that there is a correlated relationship between corruption and civil unrest globally. Five of the 10 most corrupt countries, including the South Sudan, also ranked among the 10 least peaceful places in the world.

Concerning South Sudan, there is evidence backing a strong case that the corruptions, which have been happening in the country since its independent, have been causing not only social breakdown, but also it has been encouraging and fuelling the civil unrest. At a certain point, systemic corruption became not just an accelerant of conflict in the South Sudan, but also causes of the political dissatisfaction in the country.

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During the last ten years, millions of dollars that should have spent on reconstruction have been reportedly wasted or stolen by high public officials in the country, including the president. Below are few examples of corruptions mostly in the President Salva Kiir Mayardit’s office:

– Between 2005 and 2006 an audit of government accounts report showed that over one billion U.S. dollars had disappeared without a trace.

-Between 2006 and 2012, the regime spent 1.7 billion dollars on road construction, but only 75 kilometers of roads was built or paved.

-In 2008, Stephen Madut Baak, a presidential advisor, was caught at Heathrow London Airport with 3 million U.S. dollars in cash. Also that year (2008), Arthur Akuien Chol, former Finance Minister, reportedly stole 600 million U.S. dollars.

-In 2009, a sum of 323,000 U.S. dollars that was intended for East African students was stolen and deposited into a private bank account in Uganda.

-In September, 2011, President Kiir demanded that 488 million pounds (244 million U.S. dollars) be awarded to ABMC, a company of his close associate, Benjamin Bol Mel, without any approval from the Council of Ministers. The payment was supposedly for road construction. However, as of 2016 no road has been constructed by the ABMC.

-In 2012, President Kiir went viral on media accusing 75 officials in his cabinet and national assembly of having stolen about 4 billion U.S. dollar. After writing them a friendly letter to return the stolen money, clear details was not reported nor was charges imposed.

-In 2013, 6 million and 14,000 U.S. dollars, and 176,000 South Sudan pounds (55,000 U.S. dollars) were reportedly stolen from the president’s office.

-Between 2013 and 2014, the President’s signature and stamps were reported stolen by close associate in his office. Unannounced huge amount of money was authorized to friends and family members.

-In April 2013, President Kiir suspended Yel Luol, an executive director in the president’s office, Mayen Wol, a personal assistant to the president, and Nhomout Agoth Cithiik, the accounts controller in the president’s office, in connection with the disappearance of cash sums of 176,000 pounds and 14,000 U.S. dollars from the president’s office.

Corruptions have been harming poor South Sudanese citizens more than the regime’s member elites. As a result, the wide corruptions in the country have been stifling economic growth and diverting desperately needed funds from education, healthcare and other public services. Therefore, leaving the corruption to be one of serious threat to the development of South Sudanese economy. Moreover, corruption has been aggravating inequality and injustice, and undermining stability in the country. Resulting for instance 70 per cent of the population to live on US$1 or less per day, and one in six children dies before the age of five, as the consequence of poor management of the public resources by the Juba regime.

Corruption has politically led to loss of faith on the Kiir’s regime, causing political struggles in the country and has been strengthening the Juba regime’s bad governance, in the absence of the rule of Law, no accountability, and transparency. Corruption has also led to massive neglect of the social sector, which has substantially decreased the quality of human resources in the South Sudan over the last ten years. The provision of educational and health opportunities have been limited, this impacting negatively on the quality of life, labour, productivity, incomes, innovativeness, competitiveness, and poverty reduction in the South Sudan

Moreover, corruption has further led to the weakening of government structures and institutions crucial for better governance. In fact, critical government structures and institutions to fight curroption such as Anti-Corruption Commission, the National Audit Chamber, and the Public Accounts Committee in the National Legislative Assembly have been intentionally weakening by the regime in Juba.

Below are several approaches for the future leaders to eliminate or reduce corruption in the South Sudan:

  1. It is important to the government to employ public servants base on qualification
  2. Pay civil servants well
  3. Create transparency and openness in government spending. Countries successful at curbing corruption have a long tradition of government openness, freedom of the press, transparency and access to information.
  4. Deploy smart technology
  5. Create pathways that give South Sudanese citizens relevant tools to engage and participate in their government, by strengthening anti-corruption and empower citizens to hold government accountable. And
  6. Developing effective law enforcement to ensure the corrupt officials are punished. Punishing corrupted officials is a vital component of any effective anti-corruption effort in the world. Also, the full implementation of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan ARCISS, especially the Chapter 4 on Resource, Economic and Financial Management Arrangements, is essential in fighting against corruption in the country. The Chapter 4 is calling for reforms focussing on improving financial management and strengthening the role of anti-corruption agencies.

The author of this article, Dominic Ukelo, can be reached at ukelodominic@gmail.com

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Beek August 21, 2016 at 2:54 am

Shame Old Sudan and shame SPLM in general beacuase they are too blind and too poor even Kiir’s daughter went to bed with a business because of corruption,while her father is the head of State. What a world we live in. What shame and what the government we have.

Deng Matot August 21, 2016 at 6:05 am

The fish rots from the head. Fact is that Kiir has no capability or power to stop looting. He relieas upon people offering support in exchange of entitlements. this is the core issue. in 2011 there was no foreign debt, now 5 billion dollar debt as war material is bought on borrowd money.
unlwss Kiir fires a bullet into those who steal, nothing will happen (Lueth Malong Taban JCE).Can you see this happen?
unless a leader steps in with a plan for all South Sudanes. nothing will happen.
a big brrom to sweep the incompetent looters out isneeded. perhaps UN trusteeship could help. or at least escrow mechanisms

Dag Matol August 21, 2016 at 11:37 pm

In 2008 Isaiah Abraham wrote.
“The huge gains made in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between the South and the North in term of stability and development have been shaken, thanks to corruption and slow (inability) leadership of the current SPLM party. The heroes turn avarices united in a looting spree mission to cripple peace dividends through gross mismanagement and lack of accountability. With lofty promises and slogans by its leaders the people of Southern Sudan are short changed by their own sons and daughters who are making no mistake to siphon public money in to their personal back accounts as quickly as possible. Who can truly believe again that the gentlemen in power are serious?”

He added
“The SPLM should nominate Mr. Pagan or Dr. Mansor for Sudanese Presidency against Al Bashir. President Salva I guess isn’t a serious contender there but has an interest for Southern Presidency seat, ruining chances for Dr. Machar who is undoubtedly the man for the job. Let’s not despair and look inwardly, its gonna be alright if we fix our attention to Khartoum. We will come for Gen. Kiir and his administration later on; his government isn’t invincible.”

Then he was shot by “Unknown gunmen”.

But the evil looters are still occupying their thrones. These days with far less money to steal. And Kiir is still not doing anything, whilst Lueth blames the UN for everything, the only tactic he knows. Blame someone else for own massive failings

Aguer Rual August 21, 2016 at 11:40 pm

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

By: – Hon. Aguer Barac Kuot Rual date 15th August 2016.
My future is the fate of the entire people of South Sudan. Without my early and continue liberation’s contributions together with peoples’ blood and properties contributed, there where no what we are in today. Together we produce South Sudan, but not together we loots, mismanaging our affairs, forces displacement, mass killing, create insecurity of the entire South Sudan. As I am not been part of those who have committing any crimes which have contributed to the total destructions of my beloved people and nation. And because, I am a true future, a true leader and I are the way to future and stability (first red Army, a former child soldier, and a former liberator 1966, and an Ayod co mutineer -which lead to the formation of SPLM/A 1983). Therefore, and I do constantly, believe, respect the nation and it’s people and I love all regardless of their tribe or resident.
“PEOPLE GO, NATION REMIANS”. Aguer Barac Kuot Rual 12th August 2016. South Sudan –Juba

Reply the so-called Pagan Amum’s futile article
To be begin with my reply of the futile article written by the so-called Pagan Amum entitled “Lets’ real with fighting corruption in South Sudan, no politicization” published in Nyamilepedia site dated August 15th 2016.

General speaking, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to the so-called Pagan Amum, former SPLM SG, the head of former detainees and member of the first South Sudan coup attempt 2013, well-known first class burglar about the important of the nation and its people first and then give a broader explanation about the insider of the story second.
The nation is connected with active individuals or groups of people who are living in it in the past and now. Those individuals and groups of people who lived in that particular land or nation are consider to be the owner of that particular land or nation regardless of their tribes and colours. They have basic rights to protection land or nation, properties and peoples.
In the case of South Sudan, there were groups of tribes who have been living in it for centuries. These tribes and peoples are the South Sudan owner and they have rights to protection from external invasion, destruction and rights to ownership, and developed it, make use of it and benefit from it.

My critic reply is that, I think Pagan have failed to understood how South Sudan become a nation in its own right, and who have much and less contributions to this very nation, who I think might have killed and still killing and continue displacing millions of people in South Sudan.
To my understanding, no one is denied to be a member of South Sudan regardless of his or her arrogances, negatives dealing and properties damaging, mismanaging the affairs of South Sudan, taking the law into his or her own hand and plundering as well as rebelling. But if found guilty of crimes then that person will face the book and would be held accountable for his or her crimes in which he or she committed against the rights of the nation and its people. That person if sentenced in any of an offence listed above that person is denied his or her right.

To be beginning with my explanations: –
Mr Pagan you have wrote English words (Fighting Corruption) in your article, which I believe you missed understand their meaningful right. Therefore let me help you by giving you their rightful meaning before I comments on your futile article.

Word “Fighting”
It’s mean: – to use physical force to try to defeat another person or group of people for example there were children fighting in the playground, the soldiers fought from house to house. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/fighting.
The rightful meaning of the word “fighting” has an indication to dismiss and refute your futile article, which gave no reasons at all. If your intention was to fight those who have made corruption in the nation, then you fail to quote the word correctly. Here fighting means I quote “used of physical force in order to defeat another person or group of people” for example people like you “Pagan, and group 10, if they are fight then the government engage in combat with your group in which I believe is not the intention of your futile article. I believe your intention was meant to used laws and regulations to held accountable to those who have directly engage in corruption instead of using physical fight which would create another mass relating killing, displaced and brought insecurity to the nation and people at large.
Corruption meaning:
Again the rightful meaning of the word ‘corruption’ is dishonest or illegal behaviour especially by powerful people such as government officials or police officer.
Here yes, you might be right to used this word ‘corruption’, because most of your group ‘G10’ where dishonest for the affairs of the nation and the people. Because you were been powerful people as government officials your illegal behaviour has been proven beyond reasonable doubts, that why you have gained lots of monies and put those monies in your private account here and in the overseas.
As you have been found dishonest and practice illegal behaviour against the nation and the party for many years and have continue to do so, you will be prosecuted and brought to the book under the nation laws. The laws of the nation prove your illegal activities as crimes that are punishable.
You also have been found mismanaging the affairs of the party, this indicate that an act of corruption has been taken place in the party by using SPLM party as if it was your own properties and failed to establish and develops it. This indicates that something has been changed from its original form turned it into personal belonging. Pagan shouldn’t forget that this is not a Garang time and bush days, but it is a nation times. http://www.merriam-webster.com/.

Comments on Pagan futile article
To comments on your futile article, in your article, you have said that some group of people from Slava side have fanciful threaten you, and you quote Dinka word by saying “Dom cuar ku tiit rot” which also you gave some English translation which I believe make nonsense at all.
This is not true; there were no threats to you as Pagan either by the government or individuals here in South Sudan. For your information what has been a focus of these days is that it was a public demands to how those who have committed crimes against the nation should be held accountable, indict them and brought them to the books, and this has include you and your ‘G10’.
Regarding your calling in UN and USA to take over South Sudan, in order to put in place a real program to find all stolen money and get it back to the people of South Sudan.
This is a misleading and deceptive call that shouldn’t be taking into consideration by UN and USA. Looking into side story, one would recalling that the 75 people who have been given letters to return back the stolen money, which I believe you are one of the 75 people named in the list, have failed to declare your assets to the public.
The return of the stolen money was an American initiative and therefore, no American people or administration can cooperate with theft as it is against the law of their country. So your called is baseless and meaningless and makes nonsense at all.
What is important here is that as a individual and a citizen, you should come foreword to declare your assets and return back the money that you have stolen in past to the government, failure to do so, you will be prosecuted under the law of South Sudan in regardless of where you living now.
The claim by Enough Projects against the government of South Sudan and its people is rubbish. They shouldn’t mislead and deceive by people like you Pagan who have no knowledge about the country future directions.
The introduction of best practice mechanism is the best way of managing South Sudanese affairs instead of calling in UN and USA to temporary administering South Sudan. South Sudan is a sovereignty nation and a country that many countries should take advantage of its. This is because of the leadership, people and resources should UN and USA not to cooperate fully and transparent.
In concluding this article one would conclude that, justice and accountability mechanism and application of laws must not be comprise what soever the case may be.
I can be reach on:-
1. aguerual@gmail.com and
2. +211920566660



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