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In respond to the so called, Gordon Buay Malek’s barbaric hate speech

By Gatgong Thany,


Gordon Buay declaring overthrowing Salva Kiir in 2011, believeing that the South Sudan legislative Assembly impeached Salva Kiir and instead appointed him while he was in diaspora, more below...
Gordon Buay declaring overthrowing Salva Kiir in 2011, believeing that the South Sudan legislative Assembly impeached Salva Kiir and instead appointed him while he was in diaspora, more below…

June 25, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– As a media user, like many other users, I have come across countless, absurd, disturbing and derogatory statements from various quarters, most time, these are targeted against the whole Nuer Society but sometimes Dok community is singled-out. While there had been quite a number of attacks in this regards, none of the past insults could compare to the repeated, reckless and unjustified abuses from Gordon Buay against Dok Society. It’s therefore necessary that someone tell the guy to leave the Community alone.

First and foremost, as clearly exhibited by his persistent, ignoramus, unpatriotic and undiplomatic actions, Buay had explicitly confirmed in many ways that he is not qualified and worthy to hold any diplomatic title whatsoever , indeed the guy should not even had qualified as a sweepers in a normal Country’s mission abroad, simply because he don’t seem to understand a thing about his core duty (s), in fact his disgustful, immature and unsound behaviors for instant, his absolute disregards to hierarchy, separation-of-duties and his disheartening unawareness of the current affairs, even those concerning his own Country, is shockingly incomprehensible for a diplomat, the incompetent diplomat is not even aware that his Nation is in a peace-mood, and his role as Diplomat should be to seek support toward its implementation, instead the ambassador is busy manufacturing or attempting to manufacture aimless inter-clans wars. What a Diplomat! Unfortunately he is one of the many disastrous political mistakes our Nation had to put-up with, at-least for now.

As National Representative, a Diplomat for that matter, Buay should understand that; his personal manners (Official), and utterance should reflect nationalism and statesmanship, he should also know better, that Dok society is an integral and inseparable part and parcel of the very South Sudan he claims to be its Ambassador, so when he unjustifiably insult any part or any Community in this Country, he is directly insulting the Nation as a whole and Presidency in particular and that is treasonous mistake.

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Furthermore, Buay should also know that his concocted lies and hate-speech against Dok Community is tantamount to incitement of hatred and violent against the said community, that is an illegal act liable to any legal action including a legal suite in any competent court of law either within or without the Country, on the other hand, his derogatory, disorderly misinformed attack against the 1st Vice president who is his own boss is equivalent to insubordination and indiscipline which could, in a normal circumstances lead to stripping of his own job.

But, as a believer of Democracy and free world where people should enjoy the rights of expression and Political Association/affiliation of their own choice, I believe Buay Malek , like any other person on this planet, have got all the right to Politically disagree or fight Dr.Riek Machar, through whatever humane, reasonable and legal means at his disposal, however it’s so foolish of him, as a person and as a Diplomat, if indeed he is one, to disguise his jealousy-driven hatred against, the whole community in the name of settling some imaginative political scores with Riek Machar, because Dok Community is not comprised of Riek Machar and vice versa.

Someone also should inform this confused, errant and seemingly lunatic ‘diplomat’ that Dok Community is made-up of various people with diverse Political views including some Nuer-wew like him that fought and would still fight on the Government side if necessary. if he don’t know this already, then he should know that; the likes of Stephen Taker Riak, governor of the imaginary southern-Liech state one of the fake, illegal-bloody twenty eight (28) states, some of his imaginary government Ministers, advisors as well as commissioners, Brigadier Gen. Phar Jiek, Kuol Tap as well as other Senior central Government Civil servants, to name but just a few are Dok Sons serving the very Government he brags to speak on behalf, he may not care about hurting the feelings of those against his bread providers, that is reasonable enough, but does he consider the feelings of his comrades (his fellow Nuer-wew from Dok Community), if so then, what does Buay think when he blatantly insults the whole Community in generalized term or he is contended with the general understanding that, those serving in the Government with him, like him are all betrayers and community rejects who do not care about what happened to their community (s) ? Perhaps he is right.

Otherwise, it seem to be an approved Government Policy to grant free licenses, to Diplomats and other Government Officials to insults or incites violent and hate against communities perceived or that stand against its evil and unjust actions. We had seen many doing it in broad day light, even in public Offices, Television (SSTV) and Radios, Malaak Ayuen is one good example.

South Sudanese are quite conversant with who actually Gordon Buay is; of course he is never an Officially accredited Diplomat, rather one of the many Political Accommodates,   a former militia, since walking back to the government with his tail between his legs, Buay turned in to a Foolish sycophant and in his desperate effort to earn his daily bread, please and affirm his loyalty to President, the sell-out and betrayer (Nuer-Wew), have perfected an art to ensure his survival, his new technique ‘loud mouth’, have made him the ‘know it all, says it all monster’ as a results, he is the spokesperson for everyone and for everything in the Government, even where he knows-nothing, he would still claim to know it better, for instant ,how can he, a government Diplomat know the formations (numbers) of each clans’ armed members in the SPLA-IO which is fighting his Government?,

Buay is also believed the be one of the chief architects of the second Nuer Massacre; having categorically denied Juba Nuer Massacre which is acknowledge world over, and probably having participated in its planning, coordination and execution of the same, Buay, from his base in the US, is strongly believed to have initiated along with other terrorists, (his former colleagues from their aimless failed rebellion, the like of Fooljang) the second Nuer massacre, this time their marked targets were Unity State Nuer, special target being the Dok Nuer, therefore by May 2015, the World witness some of the most horrific, heinous and inhumane crimes, we don’t even have to mention what happened in South Area and Leer in particular, for everyone is by now conversant with it, while the second Nuer genocide was unfolding, Gordon Buay, the blood sucker was laughing all the way to the Bank.

Jealousy is cureless disease whose only known remedies are either madness, stress induced death or a change of the inferiority disease causing habit, I believe, like many others that your immaterial, allegory, emotional and barbaric-childish outburst following the appointment of Gen.Yie Dak and Gen. Dhieling Keah is all but verbal demonstration of your long-held, deep seated hatred and jealousy against Dok Society in general and Dr.Riek Machar in particular, it’s very unfortunate that, someone like Buay should even have the wildest imagination of ever fitting in the shoes of Political icon like Dr.Riek Machar, why envy something you can never have even in your next life, what is the jealousy all about?

As for the matter at hand, everyone within or without the IO hierarchy knows that; nepotistic, or tribally informed appointments like those in Your Government do not exist, the appointment of Ministers, MPs as well Promotion of the SPLA-IO’S Generals, should have canceled your doubts, therefore the appointment of the two or any other person that might have been appointed or would be appointed to any position from Dok in the nearer future have got nothing to do with geographical or social background rather each individual’s contribution and participation in the Moment and their potential, the two gentlemen in question are brave men that stood against the tides of tyranny from beginning till the last minutes, unlike you that’s luxuriously and lavishly enjoying blood gains in the Us, they passed through the thick and thins, brushed shoulders with bullets and death while braving all kinds of odds and pains to preserve the dignity of our Nation and her people regardless of who they are; so like anybody else they deserve their respective appointments, more so, it was not an individual’s order rather an entire command/leadership’s consensus.

In case you don’t know, the two gentlemen you are shouting about; they are highly distinguished and sufficiently qualified individuals in their own right, for instant Gen. Dhiling is well known Officer dating back to SPLA-Days, he was also an adored commissioner of leer County of Unity State, a respected member of SPLM-Party, while Gen. Yiey Dak, a Master Degree Holder by the way; a distinguished SPLA-General, formerly a Military Attaché to South Sudan Embassy in India,   Head the National security’s Directorate of Petroleum and Mining, truly speaking even if the two were on your side , God forbid, your government would have still entrusted them with the highest responsibilities, because they are capable and qualified unlike the like of you who depend on selling their own communities to fill their stomachs.

As for the one hundred and fifty (150) Soldier defamatory theory; this baseless, illogical and abominable lie had been spread far and wide by anti-Dok elements and especially the enemies of the SPLM/A-IO with devilish intention to saw seeds of discord and create internal feuds by inciting others against Dok Community, it failed, in fact Buay is not the first mad man to utter such disgusting lie against Dok Nuer, he is borrowing it or should I say, stealing it. Truth be told; this theory and ugly others were brewed and spread with utmost fashion like some kind of gospels by some jealousy-drowned, idiotic, dwarf-hollow-minded and heartless sympathizers of the Government especially the so called Nuer-Wew, to which the so called Gordon Buay belong, their audiences are non but their own kinds, of course, you wouldn’t expect a rationale, mature and normal-minded person to believe in such incomprehensible and doctored lies, seriously! Even my village’s brave Martyrs, in this war alone is thrice that number, the heroes who gave their lives to defend the dignity of this Country and her Citizens from Buay group’s molestation. Ya jama, Buay and other Anti-Dok elements should wise-up and be creative a little and come-up with a good lie, one that can make sense, at least one that can convince a stupid person, because honestly, even the biggest fool would detect the fakeness of this drunkard-like shouts.

Finally Dok People are unalienable South Sudanese Citizens who did not just played mere roles in all the South Sudanese , including but not limited to the just ending second Liberation, but major roles including in the struggle for independence of South Sudan, Liberation story is dotted top-down, in every point, corner and aspects with brave Dok Sons and Daughters who gave their ultimate contributions, throughout the strings of revolution struggle right from Anyanay Moment up to the SPLM/A, go to the SPLM/A records and satisfy yourself with how many, Martyrs, Officers not to mention the countless soldiers that Dok society had contributed, therefore nobody in their right mind would ever deny the fact that Dok community had been and would forever remain pivotal and vital element in South Sudan History. We were, we are, and will forever be among the leading light in any struggle for justice, humanity, equality and Democracy, therefore it’s with pain to see people like you, trying to belittle and mock such a great, blessed and distinguished Community.

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Beek June 25, 2016 at 12:05 pm

We as the people of South Sudan had defeated the so-called SPLM-IO,that’s why nobody have interest to comment.

Beek June 25, 2016 at 12:21 pm

Dr.Riek has been defeated,but it SEEMS that Wani’s Igga is a MIDGET,but maybe we will support him to become the next president of South sudan.

Beek June 25, 2016 at 2:45 pm

Gordon Buay’s hear ring is not in the place.


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