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South Sudan Will Not Celebrate Its 5th Independence Anniversary

South Sudanese nationals turn out in mass number to celebrate the independence of South Sudan in 2011(Photo: file)
South Sudanese nationals turn out in mass number to celebrate the independence of South Sudan in 2011(Photo: file)

June 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– For the first time since its hard-earned independence from Sudan in 2011, the world’s newest nation, South Sudan, will not celebrate its independence anniversary this coming July.

Announced after the meeting today, the cabinet of South Sudan’s transitional government of national unity has declared that the young nation will not celebrate its 5th birthday due to many pending financial priorities.

The cabinet has also declared that it is not worthy for the ministers to drive luxurious vehicles when the country cannot even afford to pay judges, teachers and other public servant.

As a result, the cabinet has declared that no officials will receive luxurious cars or allowances for a prestigious lifestyles some lived for the last four years.

The tough decision was made in the today’s cabinet meeting and was announced to raise hopes of the starving masses and public servants as part of government austerity measures.

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Despite the deadly civil war that has drained the country of its foreign reserves, government officials continued to live in hotels and accumulated bills worth millions of dollars that are yet to be paid.

A few government officials including the Minister of Health, Dr. Riek Gai Kok, are now facing court cases for failing to pay off $millions of hotel bills accrued in the last two years.

Because of a civil war, controversially manufactured by former rebels-turned-politicians, and coupled with a fall in oil prices in the world market and famine, South Sudan has suffered one of the worst economic crises since 2011.

With its currency depreciating at an alarming rate, the young nation has run out of foreign reserves and the highly demanded imports prices are skyrocketing.

Within the last two years, South Sudan is ranked as the second most dangerous nation after Seria, according to Global Peace Index, 5th most corrupt nation, 3rd failed state, top most fragil state in Africa and has one of the most expensive capital in the world.

Despite its gruesome ranking, impoverished lifestyles and suffering of its civil populations, South Sudanese politicians hardly admit that the nation has failed.

With exception of force firing by president Salva Kiir, no politician has willingly resigned in the country since its independent. Instead, the top leaders create more positions and more states to accommodate fellow politicians who are mostly military generals.

This will be the first time the cabinet has made hard decisions that may give little back to the citizens and other poorly paid government employees.

The decision, if well-implemented, could reduce the number of strikes from public servants and politicians, who are demanding not just their salaries but increment and reforms in the systems.

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Kiir Riak Bai June 25, 2016 at 8:24 am

Why don’t you celebrate? that is the consequences of failing state. Do not talk about celebration! talk of how to bring food to famine communities in the cities. the whole region of Bar el ghal is starving while the war has not reached it, this nation shall face the war in all corners. mark my word.


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