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The World Know IGAD is Bunch of Idiots and, Assortment of Individual Illegitimates Leaders Even in Their Countries.

By. Mak Banguot Gok,


The IGAD heads of state observing the chief negotiators recommitting to January and May CoH agreements(Photo: file)
The IGAD heads of state observing the chief negotiators recommitting to January and May CoH agreements(Photo: file)

Sept 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The eight-nation grouping in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for long period of nine (9) months have just revealed their true colors as bunch of idiots and a collection of a poor African leaders whose their decision always stimulate  by money and accustomed dependency on scandalous projects on the regions. Every man jack who is vis-à-vis in the suffering of the people of South Sudan is mindful that; IGAD has no capacity to be able to handle a situation on the region which counting ethnic cleansing and crime against humanity. Nuer and others human species still believing in the fact that, the issue of over 20,000 unarmed Nuer civilians massacred in Juba by the Salva Kiir’s tribal army shouldn’t be settle in cheap reasoning as what the so-called IGAD envoy have come up with after all the times on wasting money and dynamism to bring to an end the bloodiest conflict in the new nation.  The world appreciated Dr. Riek Machar of not signing such pompous smuggled in papers.   It gave us, the Nuer and the movement that we are leading against brutal dictator in Juba a value. People that, we really have reason to fight a genocidal government in Juba.

Our leaders were,  instead, awarded a huge  credits of  not being fools by fake IGAD leaders who care of only money and wealth acquired by using blood of innocents citizens in the name of the States . The IGAD proposed transitional government will not advance such decent values. As a substitute, it will lead to a political defrayal that fortifies the contemporary genocidal regime, rebuffs the Nuer who is victims of the ferocity in an expedition for impartiality, and condenses dogmatic transformation extraneous. In realism, it would not be genuine to expect the IGAD to bring about a meaningful peace agreement for South Sudan.

IGAD if it is a credible to work out for meaningful resolution has also yet to make good its repeated threats to levy sanctions against South Sudanese leaders, and not just producing cheap conclusion, they should have to judge who is responsible for prolonging an eight-month tribal war that has taken at least over 20,000 lives of an innocent Nuer unarmed civilians at the edge of the conflict in Juba, and raised the spectra of famine. After all, IGAD is dysfunctional political body travail from its own inner headship crisis. It lacks articulate a political stratagem and conceptual lucidity to discourse the deep rooted chronological and political encounters of South Sudan. Without omission, all IGAD states are facing what many analyst called ‘’state-building and nation-building challenges’’ that, they are fishing for where to let their poor citizens easts. No matter, people of South Sudan continues suffering when their bankrupt government gets their share on the South Sudanese oil money. Museveni have once clearly stated that, ‘’the Ugandan Army is usable where we get food’’ which mean, UPDF is to dies everywhere Museveni says.

Another problem is, their ( the IGAD head of States) records on human rights, abuse to their own citizens, corruption, tribalism  and respect for democratic principles and practices are horrifying to say the least. Therefore, it is in their interests to maintain the status quo in South Sudan. In addition, it is in their political and economic interests to keep South Sudan as a weak, dysfunctional, and undemocratic state in need of continuous help from its East African neighbors. The popular phrase “African solutions for African problems” among African leaders is uplifting, but it has never been a workable premise.

It has failed in Sudan, Mali, and Central African Republic. Thus, it is worthless to expect IGAD to lead a peace process to rescue South Sudan from its imminent demise. It is the responsibility of the United Nations Security Council, Troika countries, in particular the United States, to engage directly in strengthening the peace process and devising a mechanism similar to the one that led to the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005.

The United Nations and the United States have also not followed through on their own warnings that punishments will be forthcoming if peace is not achieved. “IGAD seems content to kick the can down the road,” remarked Richard Downie, deputy director of the Africa programme at the Washington-based Centre for Strategic and International Studies. “It has shown little fancy in discovery a justifiable solution to the crisis, relying instead on quick political fixes that do nothing to address the underlying causes of the conflict,” he added. The Nuer-lead Rebels aligned with former vice president Riek Machar have reason to distrust IGAD’s impartiality, added J Peter Pham, an Africa analyst at another Washington think tank. “Uganda’s heavy intervention on the side of President Salva Kiir and Kenya’s allowing the regime in Juba to restock arms, plus the economic interests of both countries in maintaining the status quo, clearly make it impossible for those opposed to the regime to view IGAD as a neutral force,” said Mr Pham who is also director of the Africa Centre at the Atlantic Council. “As a result, the only chance of the mediation working would be for IGAD, backed by the international community, to attempt to impose a resolution through forceful use of sanctions and other coercive measures.” This is to let the mighty Nuer not taking the recent threat against the Nuer-lead Revolution which will seeks solution to the current genocidal government of Dinka in Juba out of all the pretext of the so-called IGAD forum.

I know, it is very disenchanted to learn that, east African nations are at present leads by individual opportunists whose interests always amateur and, upended on the side which buttered their breads.  You heard of Seyum Masfin of Ethiopia, the so-called IGAD Envoy to South Sudan barking on the Nuer-lead rebellion and, pushing the leaders of the mighty SPLM/IO to accept that they had signed the Several documents which have been discussed, the key one in question being number (2) below, which the so-called IGAD negotiators considered as ‘one document’ together with documents (3) and (4) below: The original Cessation of Hostilities Agreement, signed by both parties on 23 January 2014 and has been severally breached by Salva Kiir’s government by keeping foreign soldiers in the country despite the pended issues of gravest human rights and crimes against humanity committed by Ugandan Army and others mercenaries who fought align his tribal soldiers throughout the nine months period of the conflict.

The Re-Dedication document, signed by both parties on 25 August 2014 which gave more consultation to the IGAD negotiators by both the government of Salva Kiir and the rebel. When we talks of Re- Dedication document, it mean not that the conclusion to the conflict is made. Simply, to reaffirm that, the two rivals’ parties are still interesting to solve the problem through peace and political means if, the so-called IGAD redirect the document which actually satisfied at least both sides. This was after rebel and the government raised complains of numerous irregularities on the imposed modalities on the document that is to be discussed by the sematic committee of both sides.  The ‘Implementation Matrix,’ annexed to the Re-Dedication document. Addendum to the Implementation Matrix, also annexed to the Re-Dedication document. Protocol on Principles on Transitional Arrangements, signed by Salva Kiir but not by Dr. Riek Machar is what we talks of today

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