Nuer Youth Association in Australia Support Federal State of South Sudan



Sept 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — On behalf of the Nuer Youth Association of Australia and on my own behalf, I would like to declare our unequivocal support to the call for restructuring the state of South Sudan on the basis of constitutional federalism. This is a long overdue governance system which our people through their ancestral representatives have been demanding and yearning for since 1947.

Federalism is the best system for South Sudan because it will address the current inequalities and centralized decision-making by allowing various administrative units to decentralize decision-making processes and promote equity in wealth-sharing.

A federal system of governance will also heal and strengthen the eroded sense of nationalism and unity among our people by turning the current diversities into sources of our pride and togetherness. This will diminish the tendency of tribalism or lust to dominate other ethnic communities using the state machinery.

Federalism is the appropriate system of governance that will reduce authoritarianism, and all forms of corruption and marginalization of small ethnic groups in South Sudan. We, in Australia have experienced the benefit of the federal system in this country of exemplary different nationalities. We believe that federalism will protect the interests of all the citizens and minority groups at both state and federal levels in South Sudan.

As the new chairperson for the Nuer youth Association of Australia, I will do my utmost and strive to mobilize the youth in cooperation and collaboration with other South Sudanese youth groups from other communities. This is to embrace the call by the SPLM in Opposition under the wise and able leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon to establish a Federal Republic of South Sudan.

With federalism, people will not rush to the capital cities like Juba for the best treatment, employment, education, feeding, or transport because a sound federalized policy on development will take these services to the villages.

Federalism will give local and state governments the freedom and power to formulate policies best suited for their unique situations and to resolve their internal problems or challenges such as cattle rustling and land disputes which have been chronic sources of insecurity between tribes for decades across South Sudan.

I salute our martyrs who have lost and continue to lose their lives in tens of thousands because of the leadership of the ruthless and visionless dictator, Salva Kiir Mayardit, for their selfless sacrifices in order to achieve freedom, democracy and good governance in our young country. Their precious shed blood shall not have spilled in vain!

I therefore call on South Sudanese youth all over the world to support a federal system in South Sudan. We are the future generation, and therefore we need to think about what is good for us and our future.

Long Live Youth!

Long Live South Sudan!

Mr. Thalage Wal Goch


Nuer Youth Association of Australia Inc.

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