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The Time of Nuer Dogs is over for Ever

By Gatwech Naath,


The loyal Nuer politicians in Salva Kiir government post for a group photo after a meeting that deliberates the political interests of loyal Nuer in Salva Kiir government(Photo: Buay/Nyamilepedia version)
The loyal Nuer politicians in Salva Kiir government post for a group photo after a meeting that deliberates the political interests of loyal Nuer in Salva Kiir government(Photo: Buay/Nyamilepedia version)

August 25, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Before going to the main idea of this article, one can clarify what he means by using the word dogs to describe or point at some members of Nuer tribe to deserve the noun DOG. It was because some traitors within this tribe deviated from the real path of Naath (Nuer) who cannot be enslaved by anybody in Sudan. These wrong moving traitors, at least, deserved to be called Nuer dogs. These dogs do not know due to various factors, up to now the meaning and importance of belonging and depending Nuer tribe in order to make the corrupt tribal government balanced. Briefly, I will talk about three categories of these Nuer dogs. They are:-

a- All the Nuer cowards and blood money seekers who made themselves willingly, in their own homeland to be slaves of the thieves, savage, brutal and shameful Dinka government in south Sudan. This category is represented by some military officers, some ministers, some members of parliament, and some commercially minded elders. This entire category failed even to depend the innocent people who were murdered in Juba in Dec. 2013. They were all claiming to be nationalists while there masters , the Dinka under the failed tribal leadership of the devil JEC and Salva Kiir are not nationalists.

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B- All the defectors from SPLA/M – IO who betrayed the blood of the Nuer innocent victims who lost their lives in various locations in the country, due to the Dinka corrupt leadership imposed tribal war in the young nation.

As citizens of this country, we witnessed the well planned fatal harvest of the current peace agreement when the plot reached its climax by attempting to assassinate Dr. Riekk Machr Teny in Juba last July.

All the peace stakeholders and partners were hasty in compelling Dr. Riek Machar Teny to go to Juba with small army and few weapons in order to implement peace with his known historical enemies.

The foreigner’s aim was to give a golden chance to the Dinka tribe government in Juba to assassinate Dr. Machar. But they miserably fail to achieve their goal which terribly backfires, and resulted to the death of thousands of Dinka weak soldiers. So we as SPLA/M –IO are now beginning a new thinking and Dr. Riek Mahar Teny will not be fooled or deceived by any wicked or supporter of the corrupt Dinka government to go to Juba in order to give the Dinka tribe and its supporters from the Nuer dogs another chance to try for third time to assassinate Dr. Machar. The 2013 – 2016) attempts are enough for any fool to learn something at least.

All these Nuer dogs played a great role in inflaming the tribal war between Nuer and the failed and corrupt Dinka government in Juba. They were all misleading the foolish Dinka leadership by stealing money from their masters Dink in order to buy some cheap Nuer dogs in the SPLA/M –IO and some greedy white army commanders, and failed to get any of these commanders. Some Nuer dogs who defected to Dinka side have no social weight in the ground. Some they went to Juba only taking only their bags and wives. I think you know the well starting from Lul Ruea Kong up to Taban Deng Gai.

It became clear to anybody now that, the time of these crest-crossing Nuer dogs is over for ever because they have been known by everybody.

For instance unfortunately many of these Nuer dogs who joined the SPLA/M – IO forces to spy were caught red handed and were all killed. Many known among these dogs are still trying their best, but they eventually meet the fate when their time comes.

To conclude, I would like to tell the Nuer dogs that your time is over because you are known to us. This time is not your time as betrayers. It is the time of the real Nuer sons and daughters to decide the destiny of the living members of this big brave and powerful tribe. Any Nuer dog must go and leave the real Nuer who fears only the almighty God and not any other corrupt earthly tribal leadership in Juba.

It is good that all the Nuer dogs defected to the wrong side to look for power and money. This movement of these Nuer dogs is very good because it cleans the SPLA/M from the traitors from within. We are all happy because the bad elements are like the cancer in the body. It is good that, they went away willingly after they have been given an enough chance by the wise leadership of the SPLA/M- IO to show themselves to the SPLM/A-IO supporters worldwide that they were not real sons of Nuer tribe because they were spying only on SPLA/M during these years of tribal war in the country.

Even the Nuer enemy will not benefit from these Nuer dogs because they have no social base on grass-roots. They only benefit will be a moral one (which will not change anything on the ground) by announcing through SSBC, that a certain Nuer dog defected from SPLA/M- IO to the corrupt and failed tribal government in Juba.

The author, Gatweach Naath, can be reached at stehpenpuoch@gmail.com

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Gatdarwich August 26, 2016 at 7:16 am


Yes, you’re absolutely right, WutNuer! All “Nuer Dogs–blood suckers” are unmistakably well known to us all. They absolutely have zero chance in hell of fooling any patriot Nuer again. Their days are numbered, and will, and shall made their fate sooner or later period


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