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Opinion: The Broken Promise Land

By Kuol Abraham Tong.

Nov 23, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — To the sons, daughters, widows, widowers, and all the kinsmen of the martyrs of the country rich of resources which are  only seen in the pockets,’V8s’ and Mansions of the SPLM CADRES I greet you in the name of our martyred warriors.

Author, Kuol Abraham Tong....
Author, Kuol Abraham Tong….

During the  last 21 years of struggle ,their blood cemented our nation as enshrined in our national anthem. Their sacrifices liberated  a rich section of  Sudan (South Sudan).Our land has resources that have cemented the hearts of the opportunists (SPLM liberators) whom have  totally forgotten why our warriors sacrificed their lives. They were oppressed by Arabs for a very long time with the hope that their children would one day live in a country free from all injustices.

With the slogan that goes, ‘we fought hard to liberate this country and we must eat’, South Sudan is being looted by few individuals who are close friends to those in power.(The reality is, South Sudan was fought  for by very many liberators most of whom died. )

Allow me to mention a few incidents where everyone contributed to the struggle. In our capacity as young boys who grew up in the villages controlled by the SPLM/SPLA, we were forced to take care of the SPLM/SPLA cattle, Goats, Sheep at a very early age and the reason for not giving us guns by then was that we only had capacity to look after cattle.our older brothers were forcefully recruited by the SPLA army. Why then has it become a one sided story at this point yet everyone contributed to the struggle immensely?

The SPLM/ SPLA soldiers during the liberation struggle made us go to bed hungry because they  told our mothers to cook but took the food with them ,(failure to do this would either always result in battering of  mothers in front of their children or their cattle being forcefully taken away from them a day after the beating). What remains quite surprising is how our mothers are being mistreated by the ruling party despite what they went through during the struggle of our independence. Every time I go to see my mother, she always reminds me that she walked from South Sudan to Ethiopia and back yet she was pulled off her government job some  because she didn’t have papers.The system  claims to talks of gender equality yet the top seats are  occupied by non-educated men.Has gender equality changed its meaning? What women now  need is empowerment and protection of their rights even if you have chosen to deny them jobs.We just want to live in a society where our mothers, sisters, brothers, uncles and everybody is treated well regardless of gender, religion, region and social status.

Gender Equality.

Article 5(10),11 of the SPLM constitution 2008,Amended 2016, talks of gender equality in socio-economic, cultural and political empowerment of women; safeguarding the rights of the child,youth, widows, orphans Wounded heroes,heroines and war veterans.

The SPLM as a ruling party only has this on paper and nothing is in practice. If they really care about women, would women still  be struggling under men who are conformed to backward reasoning while still following some of the unfair traditional practices ? The ruling party and advocates should instead come up with a marriage act to curb unfair cultural practices that are directed towards women in our country.


Still under article 5(7),Justice is put as for all irrespective of ethnicity, origin, religion, region, social status or gender. Well, Justice is not for all as SPLM puts it on paper. If Justice was for all, why did the ruling party (SPLM)  give a decent burial to one of the deceased that killed people at shrikat area denied the family of Kerubino Wol Angok their body for a decent burial? Isn’t that not cultural heritage as enshrined in the party’s constitution under article 5(9)?. What is Justice when it is only given to family members and few friends who are close to the ruling elites. I dare the SPLM cadres through their chairman to give the body of Kerubino Wol Angok  to the family for a decent burial. I dare you all to give Justice to the families of the victims of shrikat killings.

Accountability, transparency and good governance.

The SPLM party had the courage to talk about accountability and  transparency in the constitution of the SPLM party 2008, amended 2016 without fear of God, the people of South Sudan and intellectuals who read the document. Is the ruling party really accountable to the people of South Sudan?  do we really see transparency being practiced in public offices by SPLM officials?. I leave this question to be answered by many depending on your social status and intellectual consciousness.

We are in a country where the opposition leaders just like leaders in government have employed their family members into government after using other people’s children  to fight for years.The emancipation of the people from the liberators must be championed by those who see  these lies being documented only in theories so that Justice  prevails to all South Sudanese regardless!

The author is a law Student at the University of Nairobi and a concerned citizen. He can be reached through his email at Kuoltong4@gmail.com,

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