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Divided Bul politicians and generals reconcile their differences, promised to work together

Nov 23, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s Bul-nuer politicians and military generals, who have held grudges for more than fives years, have resolved their differences and pledged to work together.

Lt. Gen. Bapiny Manytuil speaks to Bul-nuer gathering upon his return to Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)
Lt. Gen. Bapiny Manytuil speaks to Bul-nuer gathering upon his return to Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: Nyamilepedia)

According to a press statement extended to Nyamilepedia, the reconciliatory mediation was led by Lt. Gen. Bapiny Manytuil Wejang, the former Deputy Chief of Staff of the army, and the current head of South Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SSLM/A) and the head of the military and security coordinator of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA)

“It is with great pleasure to inform the public that the individuals within Bul Community who were holding grudges against each other have finally reconciled under successful Mediation of Lt. Gen. Bapiny Manytuil Wejang, The Chairman and commander in chief of South Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SSLM/A) and the head of military and security coordinator for South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA).” Read part of the Bul leadership statement.

“This initiative didn’t come to success overnight but it was rather a gradual process and long journey since he had decided to take a lead in moving his community toward peaceful co-existence.” The statement reads in parts.

The statement emphasized how Gen. Bapiny, the elder brother to Nguen Manytuil the governor who is competitively building his military foundation, built trust among Bul politicians and military generals by first reconciling his differences with rivals and later became the mediator that brought everyone on board.

“Gen. Bapiny Manytuil Wejang started this process by reconciling himself in 2018 upon his return from Sudan with those who thought were holding grudges against him” The Statement reads.

You must first forgive yourself first in order to go forward with a clean and open heart and mind that’s solution oriented and more receptive to new ideas on conflicts resolutions.” the statement added.

“He also took a lead in bringing his brother Shiek Abdun Gatjiek who left his camp during the initialing of the revitalize peace agreement in Sudan.” it further explains.

The mediating efforts of Gen. Bapiny are also believe to have reconciled Maj. Gen. Mathew Puljang and his arch rival, Stephen Buay Rolnyang, a former senior general who has been demoted to ranks of private after serving nearly two years in jail.

“He later came to resolve the disputes between Stephen Buoy Rolnyang and Maj. Gen. Mathew Puljang Top which was seen as impossible and unachievable by the people of greater Mayom but through his conflicts mitigation strategies and experiences in resolving disputes, he managed to bring the two brothers together again.” They added.

According to Col. Samuel Chan Mut Turoah, the Press Secretary of Gen. Bapiny, this experiences has given the entire Bul Community enough confidence and trust in Lt. Gen Bapiny Manytuil Wejang “as someone who can take a lead in bringing his community together for peace, stability and harmony.”

Chan also acknowledged Hon. Tut Gatluak Manime, the current mediator of Sudan peace talks, presidential advisor and chairman of the NPTC.

“This idea of peace Building and reconciliation among Bul came from Hon. Tut Gatluak Manime and Lt. Gen. Bapiny Manytuil Wejang himself.” Chan said.

“Gen Bapiny Manytuil Wejang was given the full mandate by Hon. Tut Gatluak to lead the process of peace and reconciliation among the Bul Community as well as the neighboring communities of Bentiu and Bahr El Gazal region.” They said.

Gatluak, who holds three powerful positions in Kiir’s government, has promised to shoulder the bills for such mediations and reconciliations.

“Hon. Tut Gatluak will take a lead in mobilizing the funds to facilitate the ongoing peace initiative.”  The statement stated.

The Bul leaders reiterate that their unity will bring peace, development and stability in greater Mayom as well as to their neighbouring communities in Unity State and also to the Bahr El Gazal regions that have been in conflict with the Bul community.

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