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Opinion: How the Juba based regime has overturned the agreement into the R-ARCSS of its own image

By Cde Jamlah CH-JIM,

Kiir, Machar after meeting in J1 (Photo credit: Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Jan 1, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — Neither at Peace nor at War, this is believed to be one of the most painful experiences perhaps the people of South Sudan have slipped through and experienced unanticipated. We have finally arrived at a stagnant stage safely. An awkward stage where everything remains standstill until further notice as not stipulated in the agreement.

It is today about two good years plus, when this agreement was born dead and thrown to the people for an instant revitalisation lest they need peace.There is a sense that the method of settlement used then wasn’t so peaceable and holy enough to drive us that far as far as peace is concerned. South Sudan remains not a peaceful habitat for the refugees who have fled and the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are stranded within and sought at least for a foreign protection policy in their own country. Still this is so scanty and insufficient to feel ashame of as a government.

The process of its implementation pains whoever is affectionate towards this country, especially the young people. It obviously shows that the Oyees, Vivaas and so forth are in the process of failing to reconcile the nations and thus failing to prepare South Sudan for a general election in the nearest future. The current political weather  foretells extremely an acidic finishing given the political mistrust among the parties in juba. It is unbecoming to notice that the peace signed only functions within the suburbs of the Juba town and not proceeding other parts.

Today, the Republic of South Sudan beomes the very small Juba and that is to say, J1, J2, Amarat, and slightly Jama Juba. I can’t mention areas like Gudele, Mangaten and Gumbo that feel a bit peaceful only in a daytime. There are people who still think when juba is peaceful, the whole country is at peace.There is no peace when these Historical towns of Malakal, Aweil, Pibor, Unity, KajoKeji, Torit are not part of the peace we are making.

What do you think of a South Sudan that ends around Juba?

This country called “JUBA” in real sense will either hold violent elections after the end of the transitional period or backslid to the business that gave birth to all these leaders during the widely known pre-independence era or the days of Anya-nyas (1and 2). The recent appointment of about six deputy (6) governors by a presidential degree is just a drop in the ocean because there is no legitimate parliament and no national army as would be if followed the document signed. This must be the beginning of the end.  Young people must cease doing the dying work instead.

Cde Jamlah CH-JIM is a student activist at the University of Upper Nile and the former focal point of the SPLM-IO in Alexandria,  Egypt. He can be reached through jamlah546@gmail.com,

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