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Part 2,

By Ali el Ali Ismail, Khartoum, Sudan,

Fictional photo depicting an unknown gunman (File - photo)
Fictional photo depicting an unknown gunman (photo: file)

May 21st, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — The Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have repeatedly documented the South Sudanese government’s arbitrarily arrest and detention of those perceived to be opponents in official and unofficial NSS facilities across the country. Though the government has been repeatedly been warned against the practice, it does not give heed as the practice goes on unabatedly.

The efforts of the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have rendered meaning as their warning falls on deaf ears.  They have been recommending for the arrest of those responsible for the arbitrarily detentions of which Bol Madut Chol under External Intelligence of National Security headed by Thomas Duoth. This puts National Security at the spotlight over Human Rights violations and abuses in South Sudan.

In support to the above point, National Security is the one funding all the activities concerning the crackdowns and killings of human rights activists and members of the oppositions. What further complicates the matter is that the Director General Akol Koor is running the national security with the conflict of interest as he is having interest in power or leadership of South Sudan.

Due to the conflict of interest, General Akol Koor is ruthlessly dealing with those who he perceives to be obstacles to his quest for power. This was the reason he targets Paul Malong and collided him with the President. General Akol Koor is using National Security as a way of causing more crises so that he makes the government unpopular so that the people oppose the government and eventually makes the country ungovernable.

The fact that General Akol Koor is having interest in the presidency of South Sudan is indicated by the way he arms the National Security. In actual sense, National Security is the most powerful institution in South Sudan. The strengthen of National Security has given Akol Koor a Dutch courage to even not consulting the president in dealing with the deployment of National Security as seen recently. Recently, General Akol Koor and the President quarreled because Akol Koor was transferring and deploying the National Security officers without consulting the president which is a security risk to the president.  

As explained above, the only institution that is controlling the resources in South Sudan is the National Security. For instance, the members of National Security receive their salaries every month as the National Security is in custody of the scarce dollars in the country. Though the National Security receives its salaries every month, it is still the body responsible for all the crimes taking place in the country. This explains why the country is facing a lot of crisis yet it appears that the authorities are not capable of controlling the National security.  

But it should be noted that the reason making it hard for National Security to be controlled by authorities is that it is highly independent which has given General Akol Koor a chance to dream big and now he wants to become president whether by crooks or fair means.

I have reached the above conclusion as after many years of having been in close relationship with the security sector in South Sudan I made as a lot of studies on the weaknesses and strengths of the security sector. I have been working closely with Col. Kaman Dau who had been my best friend and this gave me an opportunity to get firsthand information in respect to the inside sector.

To prove this point, Kaman Kaman Dau is working in Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in charge of foreigners.  He is my friend and he has been given me all information concerning security sector. The best thing is that he was working in the former Old Sudan and this makes him ready to discuss with us everything as he feels that we belong to one Country: Sudan.

Another Weakness of the security in South Sudan is that majority of the true members of the SPLA/M have been replaced by many of those who came from Sudan after independence of the country. This is a great advantage to all of us who are or were working in the security sector of Sudan as our former colleagues are working in security sector in South Sudan, This gives us an opportunity to get firsthand information.

Moreover, the economic crisis caused by the ongoing war has made the security sector very vulnerable. This is why when you are a friend to any member of security in South Sudan and you have money, if you call anyone of the them to have lunch or supper with you or buy for him or her a bottle of beer, he or she will tell you all the classified information as they are not loyal to the country since the poverty is too high among them.

This is how I have an access to the firsthand information from the Security Sector and National Security in particular. For example, Kaman Kau Dau told me all the information in the custody of National security. As I have learned when I was there and some of my members who are there still making investigation have constantly been finding, working in security sector in South Sudan is a profitable business.

In South Sudan, everything is viewed in term of gain as individual members working with the security sector and in particular national security use information as a source of income. For instance, all the time I have been inside South Sudan, I was given a house in one of the hotels that was given to the member of national security which I was paying and that person became my close friend. Based on that friendship, he told me many secrets in the national security. Hence, the houses that were intended to be used for gathering intelligence are turned into rental houses and the need for the security becomes a second hand need in South Sudan.

As I have already discussed above, what I wanted the readers to know is that the mess in National Security has come due to the way Akol Akoor has consolidated his powers. Being  the person in charge of National Security, Akol Koor becomes the most powerful man, and in fact, he is the president by facts. If I tell you, the National Security is more powerful than South Sudan Peoples’ Defense Forces (SSPDF): it has big artilleries including tanks.

In addition, there is unconfirmed report that Akol Koor has jet fighters in Saudia Arabia. Our office is still investigating this report plus the report that General Taban Deng Gai is supporting Akol Koor indirectly to make sure that if Akol Koor takes power he can be in that government or later cheat Akol Koor to become the President. In the same line, we have confirmed that Tut Kew has a close connection with Akol Koor and Taban Deng. They have a plan of getting power from the SPLM through unconditional means. Their first plan is to build economic power as Akol Koor has free access to the Central Bank of South Sudan where he is free to take millions of dollars with permission from the Governor of Central Bank, Dier Ngor.

To tell you the truth, the place where Akol Koor, Taban Deng, Tut Kew and others in their group inside J1 share the dollars is at Pyramid Hotel in Juba. The plan of these people to take power was confirmed recently in March this year (2019) when Akol Koor, Tut Kew plus others had a meeting in the house of the former Security Chief of Sudan, Salah Abdallah Ghosh. Their topics was how to work hard to get power in South Sudan in which the others promised to work in close relation with Akol Koor who they hope to get power due to his power base in National Security of South Sudan.

In order to implement the plan, it is in the interest of Akol Koor to create rampant insecurity so that the president is hated by all South Sudanese. This is the reason Akol Koor recommends the ruthless and merciless man called Bol Madut Chol who becomes a serious butcher of South Sudanese. Bol Madut Chol to tell you the truth is the exterminator of all South Sudanese intellectuals and members of oppositions.

Bol Madut Chol is implementing the policy of Akol Koor and his group of collaboration and destruction.  Bol Madut Chol is working under the director of General Akol Koor who has the interest in causing insecurity in South Sudan. In the same way Tut Kew was responsible for the arrest of Stephen Buay whom he fears may be an obstacle to their interest. Stephen Buoy being a true soldier but not a politician, he was tricked into behaving contrary to the military code which led to his arrest and current trial.

The arrest of Stephen Buay was a plot hatched by Tut, Akol Koor, Taban and Chief of General Staff in which the members of National Security were paid a lot of money to implement. To prove this Stephen Buay did not know what was going on so he tried to defend himself and this was the reason he was arrested without having shot the guns against anybody. The fact is that if Stephen Buay had a plan to rebel, he would have been the first to shoot at the government. Hence with the arrest and trial of Stephen Buay, Tut Kew and his members have succeeded in that particular point.  

The same group is also using Bol Madut Chol to deal with those who talk about the crisis as they need people to be cowed into silence so that they make their own plan without the knowledge of the President. This is why Bol Madut Chol becomes a usual tool of destroying the critics.

As a matter of fact, Bol Madut Chol is dealing with any person who is critical with how the country’s affairs are going. This is because this group has planned to create insecurity as a way of forging their way into power and any person who raises an alert about the insecurity in the country is seen as the problem as he or she is against their plan of using insecurity to remove the president.

As I wrote about Bol Madut Chol in my previous article, he is the head of unknown gunmen in Juba besides Col. Tong Tong Wieu Deng. Col. Tong Tong Wieu with his group who is also working as unknown gunmen under counter intelligence department but for Col, Tong Tong Wieu Deng, I will write more about him under Counter Intelligence in the next edition.

Coming to the National Security and its role in the security of South Sudan, Bol Madut Chol is the face of all the problems facing the country as he with his group is the robber. For instance, he misappropriated the property of National Security including land in which his Boss Thomas Duoth put him in prison and he was later released though he is still remaining as an officer under the National Security.

To make the matters very complicated, Bol Madut Chol operates in relation to other offices in other departs of the government of South Sudan. For example, he works in connection with Ateny Wek Ateny in J1 in State House. In killing of the sons of Awiel, Bol Madut Chol has been acting under the instruction of Ateny him to kill the youth of Awiel believed to be supporters of General Malong Awan.  

It is proved that Atueny Wek Ateny was behind the killing of Akech Mawel and Valentino Kur who recently reported to have committed suicide yet he was killed and after that he was thrown down to make it appears as if he committed suicide. The report I have is that Atueny was the one who asked Bol Madut Chol to kill Akech Mawel one or two years ago as Akech Mawel who was his fierce critic. Akech Mawel was shot dead between American Embassy and Thongpiny in the small Market under  Sycamore tree (Abyieicot).

Apart from working with Ateny Wek Ateny in J1,  Bol Madut Chol is also working in close relation with Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baak Valentino. Baak is the one who is responsible for all problems affecting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Sudan. He is the one who recommends those to be deployed and he seeks support from National Security where necessary. It is sad to tell you that he sexually embarrasses many women and he sometimes ends up sleeping with some of them, which is the misuse or abuse of power.

For instance, the ladies he recommended for the deployment in Khartoum and Nigeria underwent the abuse of power from Baak. Hence, some women who work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are forced to sleep with him because of desperate economic conditions in South Sudan. Since those women are interested in caring for their families so they have to sacrifice for the interest of their families and the sexual beast preys on them mercilessly.  In addition, Baak is corrupting the foreign affairs and it is because of him staff in the foreign affairs and those working in the South Sudan foreign affairs and embassies go for months without being given their salaries.

As I have already stated above, the structure of national security makes it hard for the authorities to intervene and control the crisis. For that reason Akol Koor is acting independently and also those under him. Hence, Bol Madut Chol is acting with impunity by subjecting people to extrajudicial execution, and enforced disappearance.  Bol Madut Chol is the one responsible for the killings of those from Awiel including those who were recently burnt at Luri. Therefore, though Malual Army has been charged and put under close arrest for the last four months now yet he is very innocent.

Unfortunately, Bol Madut Chol is a drunkard who is paid by national security to kill South Sudanese intellectuals and oppositions. He shares with the members of his group all the money has been paid after killing a person he targets and he drinks the remaining balance all.  As I have understood from South Sudanese that the life of human being is sacred, it is dangerous to kill human beings since the blood of innocents always come back to the ones who take their lives away.

The above belief seems to have been fulfilled as Bol Madut Chol’s wife who was married three years ago is without a child. It is belief that the blood of those he kills and the cries of widows and orphans are cursing Bol Madut Chol and he will never have children in his life. Even if he may have children, those children will not have any benefits in South Sudan.

In support to the above, we have all the evidence and this evidence will be availed to the UN Security Council as well as to African Union to make sure that Bol Madut and others are tried in the court of law at ICC and Akol Akoor who always sanctions the killing of South Sudanese will have to go to court to answer charges on war crimes and crimes against humanity.

As I have stated in the previous article, Bol Madut Chol is responsible for the killings of many South Sudanese citizens perceived to be members of the opposition. Sadly, he extra judicially kills or presides over the killings of many citizens. In addition, he subjects many citizens to forced disappearance. In particular, majority of South Sudanese who are non-Dinkas have been subjected to force disappearance under the national security and the one responsible for all these sufferings is Bol Madut Chol under the supervision of Akol Koor.

In summary, Bol Madut Chol of National Security is the serious killer of South Sudanese intellectuals and those perceived to be members of oppositions and this has put a spell on him as he is under curse. In addition, his action of forced disappearance is against the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance (ICPPED). This is an international human rights instrument of the United Nations and intended to prevent forced disappearance which is defined in international law as crimes against humanity.

The above convention is modeled heavily on the United Nations Convention Against Torture as forced disappearance is equated to torture. It defines “Enforced disappearance  in Article 2 of the Convention as the arrest, detention, abduction or any other form of deprivation of liberty by agents of the State or by persons or groups of persons acting with the authorization, support or acquiescence of the State, followed by a refusal to acknowledge the deprivation of liberty or by concealment of the fate or whereabouts of the disappeared person, which place such a person outside the protection of the law. Article 1 of the Convention further states that No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification for enforced disappearance.

The widespread or systematic use of enforced disappearance is further defined as a crime against humanity in Article 6.

Having explained above, it is our recommendation that South Sudan should urgently reform the National Security Service in law and practice and ensure justice for those responsible for grave crimes, including as a matter of command responsibility. We further recommend that the issues of intelligence be left with Military Intelligence under General Rin Tueny who in our observations is a true nationalist and is bound by the rule of law. He highly reforms the Military Intelligence which was badly managed by the previous boss.

The national Security status should be reduced to the civil nature in which the members should be wearing civilian clothes and their works should only be to investigate the crimes against the country not all the crimes. Other members of National Security should be integrated into the National army and oriented to be governed by the law of national army.

Those who are involved in the killings of South Sudanese of which mentioned in this article should be investigated and punished according to the law if found guilty. We urge the president to take serious actions if he saves himself from being charge of failure to protect.

 The insider, Ali el Ali, is a prominent human rights activist, lawyer and private investigator.

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