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Lasting Battle For Difference Political Ideologies Within SPLM/A Leaders

By Mok Dei Gual | Kampala,Uganda.

President Salva Kiir and his former Deputy Dr Machar during Referendum 2011 (file photo)
President Salva Kiir and his former Deputy Dr Machar during Referendum 2011 (file photo)

Oct 6, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — First of all, political ideology is the set of related beliefs about political theory and policy held by an individual or group of individual in particular social class.Respectively,the leaders of political ideologies form the basis of how they views the world around them and the proper role of the governments in the world.

How battle for power struggle started within SPLM/A leaders.
Power struggle between SPLM/A leaders have been starting since 1983, when Dr John became the part of the Movement.He had joined those of Nyanya Two who were in bush fighting for independence of South Sudan.Dr John Joined those of Gach Tut and Kuot Atem early in that year.There were also other politicians led by Abel Alier and Joseph Lagu.Joseph Lagu was their leader that time, but his leadership was under control by Abel Alier.Sooner than later, the SPLM/A was formed by Dr John. Those of Nyanya two including Samuel Gach Tut and Kuot Atem became the part of the SPLM/A.When Dr John formed his Movement then, he started arguments with those of Gach Tut and Kuot Atem.Arguments happened when he explained his political ideology to Gach Tut and Kuot Atem.His set of ideas, which is his political ideology based on socialism, which he had coped it from former Ethiopian brutal Dictator Mengistu.He went on telling the people to struggle for Unity of Sudan while those of Gach Tut and Kuot Atem were struggling for Independence of South Sudan.It was that arguments which led Samuel Gach Tut to death.Six months later, Dr John started fighting with those Gach Tut and Kuot Atem.In year of 1984 Gach killed at battle of Jekou.Two years later, Dr Riek Machar joined the Movement aiming to liberate his people from being treated unfairly by Khartoum government.Those of separatists within the Movement started to believe him as their powerful leader who his objective is to fighting for the independence of South Sudan.
Nasir Declaration in 1991.
In 1991 uprising happened with SPLM/A leaders which divided them into difference factions.Their disagreements  based on their difference political ideologies.Dr John had continued influencing the people to supports his political ideology which is Unity of Sudan while Dr Machar started telling the people to struggle for independence of South Sudan.On the other hand, Dr Machar believed in liberalism in his political ideology, based on how the country can be established.Liberalism is the one of major political ideologies in the world.It focuses on individualism, self reliance, personal  responsibility, equality before the laws and limited government.Federalism is also the part of this political ideology in which Dr Machar has been struggling to establish it since and then in the country.Dr John believed his set of ideas or his political ideology which based on Communism.He had coped his set of ideas from the former Ethiopian leader Mengistu and Cuba, where he sent his boys to learn about thoughts of Communism..

Back to story ,the Movement divided into differences factions in which Dr Machar and Lam Akol formed their political part which is SSIM.John Luk and Mai Duany formed their political part which is the SPLM/A United.Dr John and the rest remained in SPLM/A mainstream.Four years later, Dr Machar arrived to Khartoum aiming to bring lasting peace to people of South Sudan.Negotiations started between him and Khartoum leaders till he was told to bring Dr John to Khartoum for the final peace agreement. In early 2002 Dr Machar had left Khartoum for Nairobi.On his arrival to Nairobi then two leaders were invited to visit Washington DC.Both of them were advised to fight for self determination by American leaders.In middle of 2002 those leaders were united themselves again for sake of self determination.CPA one started in the year of 2003 when Dr Machar advised Dr John to leave their differences behind and works hard to stop the suffering of the people of South Sudan.This is part one and part two will talks about implementation CPA one between SPLM/A leaders and Khartoum leaders..

 Author is the student who pursuing a Bachelor of Social Work and Community development at University in Kampala. 

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