The need to have Everlasting Solution to South Sudan Crisis,an appeal to IGAD leaders

Late― Albert Einstein the German author once said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” .

By Angelo Akech Dengdit, Juba


Akech Dengdit ...
Akech Dengdit …
Jan 30, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — This say should be taken bythesocalledIGAD leaders when it came to finding everlasting solution to South Sudan crisis. To me, I term solution to South Sudan crisis as”everlasting”not because I want only the current war betweenRiekMachar’s led rebels and Government of Republic of South Sudan should be brought to an end but because I want to see solution to any crisis of its kind which isdisstabilizing South Sudan in one way or another should also be brought to an end.
In my own views, the solution to problem(s) in South Sudan, whether current or suspected problem(s) of the same kinds should all be addressed and solve. From Sudan 21 war arena, South Sudanese,especiallythosewho where in South from 1955ofTorit mutiny to date have never experienced any everlasting peace(Author himself included).To prove whether I am right or wrong we should first define what is peace and compare the outcome of this definition with how we perish in the South all this years.
I have defined peace as:here, I have no doubt that CPA has play a role in solving almost the war between the South and North but CPAdid not solved much of South-South problems which are most characterize by fighting between South militias back by Khartoum andSPLA, Defections,rebellions, inter-communal clashes, Cattle raiding among others.I did not term South Sudan as peaceful before because it had not been peaceful in some parts of the country since the signing of CPA. We can not say South Sudan was peaceful while there had been a Inter-community fighting between Apuk Giir and Aguok of Warrap state, continued fighting between SPLA forces and militias of Paulino Matip,Gatluak Gai, Gabriel Tanginya among others militias. Rebellion of George Athor,Peter gatdet,David Yau Yau,Johnson Oliny, Inter-communal clashes in Wau, Warrap and continued inter-communal clashes in Lake State,Eastern Equatoria,Uganda-South Sudan borders,fighting between cattle keepers and farmers in varies parts of South Sudan, Fighting between mundari and Bari of Central Equatoria and Current rebellion of Riek Machar, new suspected rebellion, rebellion of anybody that might think he will not be given a chair in Transitional Government of national Unity being mediated by IGAD and name all fightings that had been occuring in South Sudan.

It had been happening these years,when one of the above problems is solved, the other problem of the same kind followed. i.e there use to be rebellion that occured after solving other rebellion, inter-communal clashes after solving others inter-communal clashes among others recurring problems in South Sudan.

The solution to all these problems that I have mention above and others problems that I did not mention is what I termed to as “Everlasting solution to South Sudan crisis” because all this problems constitute South Sudan crisis.

When I read IGAD leaders’ proposal to South Sudan Crisis,It was partial solution in my views because It will not solves the “whole Scenario”.

What IGAD leaders did was the accomplishment of what greedy politicians want i.e going back to power by all means. In fact, I fear that the have created another problems (Opened a door to whoever want to illegally ascent to political power and they have open a way for sharp criticisms which will later turn violences between SPLM and others political parties in transitional period and hence taking back country to war.


The author is a concerned South Sudanese Student living in Juba. he can be reached at Akechdengdit@gmail.com

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