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The Murderous leadership of Kiir & his JCE

By Yien Lam,

President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Paul Malong Awan, the Chief of Staff(Photo: file)
President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Paul Malong Awan, the Chief of Staff(Photo: file)

Oct 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Since Dr. John Garang De mabior demise in helicopter crashed on July the 30th 2005, South Sudan has become a nation that is being led in darkness. the Country was left in leadership crises which led to the formation of notorious Jieng Council of Elders by kiir’s kin. This group was formed intentionally to destroy the country because kiir was unable to stand tall for the Country and the group does not like FVP.In that sense, it came by surprise to him to be a leader.  From there on, the mentioned organization of the kiir’s kindred became the focal point of the government that supposed to be the ones for all rather than that particular selected individuals. At that point in time, Things turned from supposed government for all to clannish type of leadership by the secret parliamentarians known as JCE

Within that regard, Kiir was naïve in term of leadership characters because he learned nothing concerning such a position rather than being a security chief. This was and still is the very reason that is killings our people then and continue to be so in the days, months or years to come. It is the only job that he likes the best. If that is the case as we all know, what do you expect from a person who knows nothing about leadership styles as he is?  Killings right! If not so, what would it be in your judge?

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To me, president kiir will continue to do what he knows and copycat from Arabs the divided, ruled and killed if South Sudanese are still naïve to say nothing about his atrocities that he has always been executed. To tell you though, believe it or not goofy siblings of us who are waiting for the donkey end of the month, it is no longer a problem of Nuers, Shillukes, Fertit, Belindas, Zande, Baria, Murle and so forth as some may have erroneously thought so.  It is now a countrywide issue that needs a collective effort to eliminate this threat because such a person does not ignore what a leader should have ignored. The security chief ears are always wide open to hear everything that is being said in the country side even if, it does not threat him.

This is a main reason for the demise of South Sudanese and continues to be the case as long as kiir still leading the country as the security chief as well as the president. He does not know the different between the country leader and the security chief. Whatever JCE tells him, he immediately implements it without considering the consequences of his actions

To this end, Mr. President, some regimes had tried what you have been doing since December 15/2013 in Juba. But did not work as they were planned. For instance, it was done by Sultan Abdel Hamid Known as “bloody sultan” Of Turk to Armenians people in 1915.Before he killed them, he revealed his clandestine plan to reporters in 1890 that he said “I will give them a box on the ear that will make them abandon their revolutionary ambition.”  In that massacre, about 80,000 Armenians lives were lost. But did not deter them to do what is supposed to be done by them as the nations. Second, it was also done by Adolf Hitler of Germany in 1933-to 1945 to the Jews with the plan called “Final solution” where by six million Jews were vanished simply because they were Jews. Third, it was the case in Cambodia by Khmer Rouge’s regime in 1975 where 1.7 million political dissidents as well as civilians were simple murdered in place called Khmer Rouge’s “Killings Field” and countless others like Rwanda in 1994, Bosnia in 1990. If the regime thinks that case of December 2015 is the first one,  it may be bluffing itself. Nuers were/are never ever deter by the threat of killings in the history of mankind. If some of the regime allies namely Nuer wew, deceive the regime as such, the regime may well blame itself if not Nuer wew in the years to come.

Nonetheless, none of those mentioned nations lost their potential goals or rights to be freed. They were all at the end defeated the dictatorial regime and became free nations as we speak. The regime may try as hard as it could to stay in power by killings people. But at the end, it will be fallen as the fruit of pig tree.  Whether the regime likes it or not, it will some days have sleepless nights. No matter what it may be trying to do in order for it to remain in power. Truth will certainly prevail. It is just a matter of time.

In this case, however, kiir and his JCE will continue to test IO teeth if they are sharp or blunt in the days and months come. For instance, Kiir started the fight in J1on July the 8/2016.What did the world say? Nothing! leave a lone condemning it. Second, civilians were killed in Wau, Yei and Juba incidences. The regime got away with it. Third, last week Equatorians were premeditatedly murdered in Mundari that include Pastor by the regime security agent. Government got away with it. If you are rational person, what would you think will happen next?  To me, I don’t need to tell you what will happen unless you are goofy person in nature. You should be wise enough to know because Dr. cannot diagnose the disease without knowing the signs and symptoms of it. If that is right, then those are the signs and symptoms of the South Sudan next chapter.

Furthermore, believe it or not, do or die is the solution of this crisis because kiir and his JCE are like the boys in early age. When one is defeated by his age mate, that age mate is not let that boy to be freed in the rest of that particular period until the ones who is coward does something about that audacious boy. This is the same scenario with this regime. Kiir and his JCE are short memories as such and will continue with the same as persistently as the goat’s cough. Whether you believe me or not, it is an inevitable scenario in the mind of security chief and his JCE.

In addition, I believe if not thinking Mr. President forgot the words “responsibility and accountable” in his security mindset. If not so, he should have not repeated what he had initiated under the leadership of Dr. John in 1991 when “he” the security chief slaughtered thousands of Nuers seniors’ officers in Equatoria and Barh El Ghazal alike. If that is so, sorry Mr. President things will be different this time. You got away with the first, but not the last. Times and years are always differing and Dr. Garang who was smarter than you and cover up everything is not here for you.  If he was here, he could have not killed civilians as you did for our nation.  In this case for certain, nobody is going to have responsibility of your misjudgments rather than you and JCE. You will be accountable for your miscalculation. Takes it or not, we will never relinquish our God giving rights to live peacefully in the country we all call home.

Finally, you disdain it or not, kiir and his clandestine parliamentarians known as JCE are the threat of the South Sudan as the Country. Therefore, we must fight for our God giving rights to be freed, live amicably with one another, and elect our leaders freely. Otherwise, South Sudan annihilation will be an inevitable in the years if not months to come

The author is a concerned citizen of South Sudan that can be reached atlam981@hotmail.com

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