The Future of South Sudan,

By Michael Gatwec Joak


A South Sudanese community meeting in Ethiopia raising hands to speak during the meeting(Photo: supplied)
A South Sudanese community meeting in Ethiopia raising hands to speak during the meeting(Photo: supplied)

Jan 4, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — There comes a time in a nation’s life where something egregious happen that transforms and shapes the trajectory of that nation. For South Sudan, that defining moment was 15th of December 2013 when the blood of children, women and unarmed civilians flooded the streets of Juba. That was the moment when all South Sudanese must either denounce what had just happen or tremble with fear or choose to cover their eyes in denial of being a witness to atrocities being perpetrated in their names by their government.

Whichever choice you made in that fateful day, it was for you, your family and indeed for your nation. The choice was between fulfilling all the aspirations enshrined in the heart of the CPA and living under that pony one man show called dictatorship. A system that had been tried by all races in different nations all over the world but time and time again, it was deemed inadequate to fulfill the un-quenching thirst of human dignity. The burden of that decision heavily weight on those who chose to stay with a system that most of them had rejected and fought against it throughout their lives. The future of South Sudan look bleak for now because many powerful generals refused to stood up against their old comrade who is now running the nation down the drain.

Freedom is not something you can buy nor can it be given to you by another human. It is something that can only be earn through sweat, blood and tears. As a South Sudanese, every one of us has the fundamental right to call that land his/her own. Unspeakable crimes had been committed in South Sudan. Tremendous suffering and grief is roaming the air of South Sudan. The future of South Sudan might be bleak for now, but I truly believe the blood of those we senselessly lost from the 15th of December 2013 to now will transform our nation into viable democratic state with its foundation deeply rooted in people’s constitution. We shall overcome!

The author, Michael Gatwec Joak, can be reached at mgatwec@me.com

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