South Sudanese Fight for a Real Peace, Equality & Freedom is a Collective Responsibility

By Gatmai Machar,


South Sudanese celebration independent in 2011(Photo: file)
South Sudanese celebration independent in 2011(Photo: file)

Jan 4, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This is to bring to your attention that, to fight for south Sudan is to fight for humanity, the struggle for a real peace, equality and freedom is a human responsibility. Everyone is interconnected to this struggle. It should not be left to one person as his own task or to a certain group to do it.

South Sudanese are human beings like any citizens from any country, I am committed to humanity as whole and I believe the liberation of south Sudanese is the liberation of the world and promotion of human rights, so why should it always be one man ‘s task? When the south Sudanese children doesn’t go to school and remain illiterates due to the situation on the ground that does not allow them to enjoy their rights to access of free education and transform it into a better place to live in. then their illiteracy will not only affect us and be confined within south Sudan, it will affect the whole region and to certain extend the entire world.

The world is watching our future being reigned by our visionless and interest builders who doesn’t think of tomorrow and the country and its people’s future. The world hears our crying and see us dying daily like flies in our own land, but no any respond has been taken to rescue our remnants.

I believe this is because of our RACE, but I believe and know that race is a man-made phenomenon, race doesn’t exist. Race is an ideology planted on people by individuals, it’s tangible.  The world should fight the idea together. To judge a person by the color of their skin is weak and not legal. The world should not let us suffer in the hands of dictators basing on our race.

Our children are getting starved, dies of diseases and many more other bad conditions in that tropical forest because of one man  ‘s interests and the world just continue scratching his back, what have these innocents people in my country do to OBAMA administration to deserve this? They almost get the load off their heads but the Union of dictators, falsely termed as Regional bloc, led by their interest driver did everything to keep the load there , banned weapons were used against civilian’s even a mere question wasn’t ask.

I am here to tell the world that the reluctant of the world leadership to solve our problem will affect the entire world with time, the responsibility of freeing us from oppressions shouldn’t always be one man’s

Opinion by: Gatmai Machar gatmaimachar@gmail.com

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