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The Fundamentals and Inalienable Rights of Abyei, Southern Kordofan and Southern Blue Nile Peoples Can Not Be Bargaining Chip Between South Sudan and Sudan

By Mijok Dongwei Akier,

The Listening Post, about local reporters in South Kordofan trying to get their story out,...
The beautiful lands of South Kordofan and the oil riched Abyei along with Mile 14 are among the major chips for Salva Kiir’s government(Photo: file)

Sept 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— “Riek Machar is technically under our custody. Sudan government promised us they will surrender him to us when we expel Sudanese rebels.” Says Amb.Gordon Buay

Note: I do not means to attacks anyone nor vilified anybody. I just wanted to clarify somethings to likes of Amb. Gordon Buay; my position is clear from the starts to end; that am the big supporter of Constitution of South Sudan and believer of democratic transition of leadership in South Sudan. And Supporter of the Government of South Sudan. But, that doesn’t hold me as a beholden to not point out the facts and redirected you to right direction from disorientation.

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That, the fundamentals and Inalienable Right of Southern Kordofan, Southern Blue and people of Abyei; can not be used as bargaining chips to trade-in a custodianship of Reik Machar to hand of South Sudan Government and in turn of expelling Sudan Revolutionary forces; that are on South Sudan territory.

Alliances between the people of Abyei, Southern Blue, Southern Kordofan can not be compromised for case of individuals in person of Reik Machar. The plights of Southern Blue, Abyei, and Southern Kordofan is more than handing over of Reik Machar to the Government of South Sudan. It was this alliances that; helps the people of South Sudan to attain their independent. It was this alliances; helps the people of South Kordofan and Blue Nile to continue with theirs struggle for freedom.

So, we are all beneficiaries of this alliances and will continue to do so.If the Government of South Sudan; were looking for Reik Machar a live or dead? He would not have been out of Juba on July 8, 2016. So. stop being hypocritically. Reik Machar is no longer a threat to the government nor to Sovereignty of South Sudan; for one to use his presence in Sudan as leverage for normalizing the rocky relationship between the RSS and Sudan; is diplomatic misguided and carried no weight at all.

There are many beneficial things, that you guys would use as bargaining chip to normalize the relationship between the two Countries than handing over Reik Machar. For examples; implementation of four items agreement: Citizenship, trade, border demarcation and issue of residence.

The people of Southern Blue, Southern Kordofan and Abyei have bleed and suffered together with people of South Sudan for 21 years of second civil war in Sudan. It would not only be morally wrong to betray them; but it would also be Illegal against the vision we fought for.

The art of betraying your Comrades has never been the practice in the SPLM/ SPLA since its inception in 1983 as organization. Those who exhibit tendencies of betraying their Comrades; were subjected to harsh punishment including up to life in prison or fire squads or both.

This art of betraying your comrades; is a foreign practice to the people of South Sudan and must be discouraged and made to cease once and for all. We must discern the differences between our strategic alliances and individuals case. Reik case is individual case whereas expelling SPLM/SPLA- is strategic mistakes by the Government of South Sudan and also morally wrong.

Let not promote the art of betrayal in our Society!!!!

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GatNor September 21, 2016 at 9:16 pm

I like the JCE lead this fight for Abiey that is being taken from them by who they refer as the real enemy of the people of South Sudan. The same JCE that are too pre-occupied creating 28 states to annex other tribes land while Abiey is taken by North Sudan. Jaang you want more territories, Abiey is going. Dont waste time with Chulluks, Nuers, and Equatorians have as their ancestral rightful land or territory.


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