Opinion: The yearly dirge of December 15th

By Tut Kuany Kok

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December 16th 2019 (Nyamilepedia)“They asked you in their native language and if you don’t respond they just shot you,” lamented Equatorian eye witness who witnessed some of the most gruesome acts of inhumanity carried out on the scene. “I also saw a family of six being crushed into dust plus their house using Military Tank by the Dinkas Militias simply because they were Nuer, Dr. Riek’s peoples suffered on those days,” he concluded

On December every year (6th commemoration) the Nuer people who double as the second-largest ethnic group in South Sudan do sits together in their residential areas in both America, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Africa and sing the songs of mourning to express their immense and greatest sadness about their loved ones who ethnically got killed in the chronicles of 2013, the killing chronicles which was instigated by President Salva Kiir whom they voted for in 2010’s general election, the pogroms was designed to purged them (Nuer) out of South Sudan simply because their son Dr. Riek Machar who hail from them articulated his willingness to contest for Presidency during Election that would have happened in 2015 if Salva Kiir and his Dinka kinsmen didn’t start the crisis before that year.

Before 2013 Nuer’s massacre (extermination), Juba City was divided into four sectors with Marial Chinoung, the head of the Presidential Guard, while taking charge of Southern Sector, securing the Giada Military Barracks which accommodated the Tiger-battalion (Presidential Guard) And it was only in this Giada Military Barack where the plans of killing the Nuer was engineered. However, the Dut-Ku-Beny and Tiger were deployed in these areas to get rid of the Nuer ethnic group who were the residents of  Khor William and Jebel respectively.

Also, the second sector was under Gen. Salva Mathok, the President’s brother-in-law who  commanded the  Dut ku Beny unit (the Village boys from Warrap) that were assigned around the Presidency, their target was to killed the Nuer living at Amarat, Tongping and the homes of big names whom they deem as “antagonists and the enemies of their slogan born-to-rule,” with Dr. Riek Machar the main elephant among those who opposed their son’s leadership of which if they succeeded in killing him, Salva Kiir would’ve granted them nonstop Presidential toast and merry by that year (2013)

The third sector was commanded by the nefarious  General Bol Akot to overpowered and subjugated the Nuer residing in Gudele and Mia Saba (107), the outskirts West of Juba. These two suburbs were fully occupied and populated by Nuer. On the other hand, General Garang Mabil was in charge of the forth sector which encompassed Mangaten and New Site residential areas-which were scarcely settled by the  Nuer ethnic group.

Subsequently, on 16th December 2013 before weapons were distributed to the boys from the President’s home town who was aptly baptized as “Dut-Ku-Beny.” they were first addressed by Generals Garang Mabil and Bol Akot. Therefore, General. Bol Akot told them that they were the future leaders of this country and that they had missed out on the first war so this was the time to prove themselves.

You have to prove yourselves from today and kill the enemy once and for all. Many of you are not bloodied and were living in Kenya, Uganda and in the western diaspora. Now we are threatened and we the old are going to hand this power to you when we leave so you have to learn how to protect it.”He said

Immediately after presidential decree, declaring the “door-to-door” cleansing of one ethnic group, the boys who were christened as “Dut-ku-beny,” executed what they were brought to Juba for, straight from Warrap by storming and descending on every Nuer, Then the Tiger-battalion manned the main roads and  blocks it to exterminate the Nuer people and the National Security and the Dut-ku-Beny went on house-to-house to wipe out the Nuer ethnic group as they were instructed to do so by their Master President Salva Kiir Mayardiit.

At the scenes, the Nuer children were butchered and many had their heads bashed and their eyes were pulled out of their sockets and they were castrated too, the killing continued from morning of date 16th up to 19 December 2013, they killed the Nuer men, their wives, their parents ,and relatives. Their bodies were bound up onto Military Pickup Toyota, heavy trucks  and taken and dumped into tunnels and River Nile but after the whole of Juba encountered bad oduor from the corpse,  they then buried them using mass grave. They also burnt down their homes and siege the house which they failed to bring down and eventually occupied them after the massacre and after when the survivors ran into UNthe  compound (UNMISS)

The genocides encompassed scorched earth policy with Military tanks crushing women and children to death in their grass thatched houses, and set the houses including people inside on an inferno ablaze, while, looting, raping of underage girls and women and destruction of the Nuer properties was also one of their policies which they put into practice on those fateful days, they also inserts the metals rod into women’s private part, at the same time, brothers and sisters were coerced to have sex in front of their parents and later killed. On the other hand, fathers and daughters were also intimidated to have sex as well as  mothers and sons, Therefore, this was the series of incest and taboo that the Nuer tribe of South Sudan were subjected into by the Dinka.

On the other days, as the act of brutality, mocking, maiming of the Nuer continued, men were sodomized, they were also forced to drink from the blood of the dead, homosexuality and cannibalism were used against them. Any evils practices that exasperated God was forced on the Nuer people of South on December 2013 and this was the long-term plans which the Dinka of South Sudan had wickedly initiated for ages and indeed, 2013 was their perfect time to execute that plan, hence in those three days that commenced from date 16-19, around 24, 000 people from Nuer tribe  got ethnically killed plus uncounted number that were thrown into River Nile and those that were thrown into trenches.

Therefore, this mandatory period  (15th December) was set by the Nuer tribe of South Sudan to remember the life and time of their loved ones who unjustly perished in the hand of Salva Kiir and his confidants and this memorable Era will get down to the story of South Sudan as well as the story of the Nuer as the sacred day of which Nuer people got exterminated by their brothers, the Dinka tribe of South Sudan. Last but not least, I’m calling upon the Nuer nation to come out in a big number to pay respect and honour to their loved ones who died in Juba massacre so that they can understand even their graves that we’re still with them till the time immemorial.

In conclusion, I’m saddeningly writing this piece, with me choking back the tears to mourns the death of my brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, elderly, and children who dies from unjust course which they know nothing about , in this case, their death won’t go in vain as the time will be the judge. Among the Nuer who perished on those days are my family members, Nyachan Puoch Lur my brother’s wife, Nyanduitt Jock Kuany Kok, Dolek Jock Kuany Kok, and Nyaboth Jock Kuany Kok her children and those that I have not mentioned. Remember in your resting graves that your death won’t go without being recalled.

By Action and Words, we will never forget.

The author is an activist and can be reached via: tutkuany7@gmail.com

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