The Current Crisis In South Sudan Is a Result Of Tribal Hegemony:

By Comrade Peter Kleto,


South Sudan President Kiir Mayardiit chats with Paul Malong, the former governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal, at Juba airport(Photo: via Radio Tamazuj)
South Sudan President Kiir Mayardiit chats with Paul Malong, the former governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal, at Juba airport(Photo: via Radio Tamazuj)

December 2, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — First things first, I would like to set the record clear that the ongoing crisis in South Sudan is not caused by anything other than tribal hegemony that seeks to dominate and subjugate other tribes and/or communities in the country. Political Science says that democratic means of resolution of the nation’s affairs is the best tools for the development of any country in the world. If you throw a stone to a distance of a decade back, you will find out that the government of South Sudan is ruled by one community and assisted by ceremonial civil servants or puppets from other minority tribes to make it seems like the 64 tribes or communities are represented.

The ruling community or tribe in South Sudan came from the school of thought that believes that “only they can rule others and others should only be followers” and this is what we have been observin since 2005 up-to-date. All top constitutional post holders from other tribes only follow what has been decided by the ruling tribe and even junior minister or Director from the ruling tribe will order his senior from other tribes to do what he or she want to be done without being question. This is the fact in South Sudan.

I want to now inform the public and all those who want change to come to South Sudan that unless you do something about this, South Sudan will continue to be rule by the same community or tribe forever and others will always remain as slaves like our brother, the minister of Cabinet affairs Mr. Martin Elia Lomuro and others that you all know. If you read the record of all those appointed from other tribes by the ruling tribe, you will see that they are hated by their own communities and they themselves knew about this fact. They are bribed and led to think about their families and not the constituency they came from.

Yes, we know that the current crisis is caused by division within the top SPLM leadership but if we are to be honest to ourselves, the true reason behind the crisis goes back to the thinking I mention above- tribal hegemony. Dictator Salva Kiir and his group believes that no one other than him or his people should be president of South Sudan and this is a redline to him and his community. I want South Sudanese to understand and store this information clearly in their minds because this is a serious matter when it comes to nation building and stability. It is better to die than to be a slave because life itself has no worth if you are a slave in your country.

South Sudan can only become stable if no community or tribe believes that it is superior to others. We are a people of one nation and the flag represent all of us. We the majority must not stand with our hands behind watching the country being destroyed by those with no agenda for the country. We must unite and change the system and prove to Dictator Salva Kiir and his current opportunists and corrupt cabinet what true leadership and democracy means through unity, peace and development.

Lastly, I want to call upon all South Sudanese who have not yet made their minds to immediately join SPLM/A In Opposition in order to rescue the country from the dying corrupt regime in the history of the world. In order for Dictator Salva Kiir to save some of his legacy, he should immediately step down for the visionary, charismatic and democratic leader his Excellency Comrade Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon to take over the lead so that the country can be rescued from complete failure. I would also like to appeal to all Soldiers who are still serving the dying government to think twice before agreeing to be sent to die for no reason under a constitution that only protect one group. I challenge you the soldiers in the government to question yourselves as to why you are fighting against your interest. You are fighting those who want to bring about federalism, equality, justice and respect for all. The ball now is in the court of Juba government to choose between stepping aside peacefully or be force to leave by our freedom fighters. Juba government is not only a liability to the people of South Sudan but a threat to regional Security.

Thank you and May God bless us in our Struggle.

Victory is certain.

SPLM IN Opposition Oyee!

SPLA Oyee!

Comrade Peter Kleto

Deputy Chairman

SPLM IN Opposition.

Greater Toronto, Chapter.

I could be reached at peterkleto8@hotmail.com

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