Pro-Demokirracy: If your final choice is war, then define your exit route

By Chuol Chot Puoch,


Government trucks destoyed at Jameza, on Bor-Juba road in January(Photo: file)
Government trucks destoyed at Jameza, on Bor-Juba road in January(Photo: file)

August 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — While the moment (SPLM/A-IO) is growing, developing and getting stronger on daily basis, it is very crucial to write this piece of words as a cordial and patriotic advice to the fellows serving under the dictatorial regime a.k.a demokirratic goverment.

SPLM/A – IO is succeeding beyond anyone’s expectation; many were thinking that it would end up submitting itself to the government of Salva Kirr at the end of the day while others were thinking that it’s merely an evil plan of Dr.Riek Machar to kill South Sudanese, probably because he always like to kill people as they claims. Others were lying that it’s a Nuer rebellion which would be destroyed in 4 days or 30 days. Then, if I can ask; does/will any of the above perceptions be holding the ground of reality? Absolutely NO!

What exactly is happening now within the government of Salva Kirr is that, no body cares about the whole system but their exclusive multiple segregated personal benefits out of the system – their financial continuity and stability. There is no true and realistic flow of information to and fro among their various leadership units. What exactly is happening among themselves (pro-government) should either be call “political seduction for financial gains” or “intentional state destruction and corruption with impunity”. There is no official communication even within the cabinets to the presidency. People like Michael Makuei Lueth the information minister, Barnaba Marial Benjamin the foreign affairs minister never gave the correct status of their government to the presidency as they are the people getting how their government is rated nationally and internationally.

The minister of interior, Aleu Ayieny Aleu has been doing illegal business by releasing the police personals for robbery in and outside Juba; they have been looting the properties of innocent civilians in Juba, killing innocent people, and destroying houses of people at night. They have set up hundredth checkpoints only between Nimule-Juba highway. The ministry of defense is divided into three: the ministry of Kuol Manyang Juuk, reporting to the president their nonsense, the ministry of Paul Malong Awan reporting as well to the president and the ministry of Buay Malek and other special persons among the army with their report going directly to the president who is also their C-in-C. All those people among others never reported the reality to their highest office.

It’s worth mentioning that their only objective is to remain where they are so long as they enjoy the state services through corruption with impunity. The illegitimates governors and commissioners of the three states of greater Upper Nile are badly running dirty deals with the resources of their various constituencies. They falsely believe that they are protected under the leadership of Salva kirr and they will remains safe for as long as Kirr is going to be there for them. Is that true? Will Kirr remain with them for long time from now? Absolutely NO! Kirr as a person who has been a president before his madness will be recognize and given a political asylum if at all ICC will forgive him. How about the other DEMOKIRRATES? Have you defined your exit route(s)?

If you were people with political maturity and plans, you would have, at this time, realize that you are going to hell; you have chosen to be war mongers instead of searching for peace and stability of the Country, your end is so dark to be seen clearly but you choose to remain the way you are. You should’ve changed your mind and join the SPLM/A – IO, and any of you will be accepted before it’s too late. If you were to be looking for peace, your darkening future would gradually be getting bright as you may be integrated into the moment. But, should the SPLM/A – IO succeed militarily as you want, many of you will not even be accepted to wash the plates and houses in diasporas, leave alone thinking for political asylum.

Your communities have already disowned all of you and they will not accept your settlement in their villages because you have almost ruined their future and deprived their prides and dignity, for your bad representation of their image. They can even curse you to death if you will try to settle in them.  I am happy that your end is not too far from now, get ready!

Chuol C. Puoch is a South Sudanese living in South Sudan; he can be added/follow on Facebook with his name mentioned above, on twitter @Chuolchot and via email: chuolchotson@gmail.com . You can also access his words on www.chuolchotson.wordpress.com

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