South Sudan government should not mismanage our fund to Ugandan army

By Yoal Manyang, Juba.


UPDF sweeping Juba hospital in February (Photo: Kennedy Oryema)
UPDF sweeping Juba hospital in February (Photo: Kennedy Oryema)

August 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudan government of Juba Should ‪‎tell the world whether they are interested to put the country under the trustee of Uganda government or UN like what happen around sixties in others African countries who was put under the trustee of UN, if they fail in the management and the affairs of the country, but before we go direct to the argument the simple question many people is asking is that “should South Sudan be footing the bill for the Ugandan army’s operational costs in the country?” This week on 20 of August UPDF has put the demand of the 13 billion shilling to continue the mission of UPDF in South Sudan, the demand which can threaten the deployment of the Ugandan troop to the country.

Some people in South Sudan are demanding the withdrawal of UPDF for peace to come in this country, but the authority are so rigid and want the present of the UPDF in South Sudan for peace to come and to make the security for the regime, but the reality is that South Sudanese need to solve their own problem without the present of others foreign forces.

On Thursday the Uganda Media Centre at the Office of the President of Uganda was released a statement It announces a meeting with the rebel group loyal to Riek Machar, the first such high-level meeting since Ugandan troops intervened in South Sudan’s civil war. Considering the current undesirable security and humanitarian situation in South Sudan, pursuant to the ongoing IGAD mediated peace process in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; aware that the solution of the conflict will not come from the military option but through a political settlement;

The SPLM/A-IO delegation led by its Vice-Chairman Gen Alfred Lado Gore met with a Uganda Government Peace Support Team led by the Senior Presidential Advisor on Security and Defence, Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho Salim Saleh in Kampala from 18th -21st Aug 2014. The talks were opened by Gen J J Odong, State Minister for Defence.

The two delegations discussed the security situation in South Sudan and how it can be resolved through peaceful means. The deliberations took place in cordial environment and agreed to explore all possible ways that can facilitate and quicken the ongoing peace process in Addis Ababa. It was also agreed that the two sides will continue to have regular interactions to fast track the peace process so that South Sudan can return to normalcy.

People still worried about the returning of normalcy in this country and whether the talk between Uganda and the SPLM/A-IO will produce any fruit that can help South Sudanese community, and that will make the SPLM in Juba feel unhappy about the development.

The statement said by the UPDF on the 13 billion shilling payment will make South Sudan government worried and think of what will happen if they fail to pay the requested fund, but in the other hand they are mismanage the country resources putting some fund and without proper planning in the budget, the question I always ask myself where are they getting this money which are not in the budget and are not approve by the country parliament? This is lack of accountability and if there is accountability some people can face corruption charges, because this is serious corruption crime committing by the regime in Juba now.

In conclusion proper way of handling country resources need to be captivated by the South Sudan leadership. But the government should agree on one thing, last time vice president was deny the support and in other hand the president and defense minister admit the billing of UPDF. The leaders of this country need to be very careful about the management of the resources and make the proper planning when dealing with public fund.

The writer is the South Sudan Journalist and can be reached at yoal@live.com

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