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State of Alaska SPLM/A Chapter in Opposition Announcing their support

By Tor Dojiok Gach

South Sudanese youth demands their comrades be released
South Sudanese showing national pride during independent day celebration(photo: file)

May 22, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — We feel this gov’t has no interest in the South Sudan public and does not care about people losing lives but to stay in power and keep oil flowing. We object to what they were doing as to massacre its own citizens in Juba, Malakal, Bor, and Bentiu. We all have a legal right to know how this gov’t is targeting innocent Nuer who has nothing to do with December 15, 2013 in juba.  Everyone in the country has lost hope everyone has tried to walk through new life in for last three (3) years. We don’t care what political party about what political party in juba he holds onto. The government of South Sudan is full of lair too much by creating dust by calling coup attempted. No to any human being to make a coup and go back to his/her house even a dumb person could not do it. No one in this country that could give kiir gov’t wishes for he did to the South Sudan people. We have no country left because it turns out to be part of Uganda country. Kiir you have also destroyed the SPLM/A vision. Mr. President you are mature enough to tell the great nation what behind your leadership but stop making nonsense of attempted coup. If this was really coup as you replaying every day, but the eleven (11) detainees would never be free today. The South Sudan nation grew up in difficulty time of decade of war and now you leading into battle field which no one would expect it should just happen like that in a second.

He will be known as the president who destroyed the young Nation of Africa. We believe that the President is acting like a child.  In fact all of Political Bureau and the Senate are acting like big babies. No mature person that could play something that could destroy his own image by massacres its people in front of his palaces. Our children could run this country better than Kiir’s boys . They don’t care about the people of the South Sudan, only about themselves. We urge all the citizens to stand behind the freedom fighters to remove of Kiir and friend of Museveni, and what a horrible situation these two brought to this lovely nation. Let us tells other countries about the cause of the conflict. In fact we are not alone in extreme frustration with the political situation that exists in our country today.

These are things nobody should ever believe were in vain, and  hope you will look around and see all the amazing things South Sudan people have achieved together especially in our struggling in bush as compared to other countries of the world. There are many people in the world who get only one meal per day, live in houses built of mud and straw or must heard animals for sixteen hours a day and sleep with them in a field in order to survive. The very fact you came to Government because of people which you had killed today. We feel there is always one more important argument to make for surviving, for continuing a life and for persisting as a voice among the masses who counts! Giving up and going home to be with God is not a choice he would be proud of, and not the choice he created you with the intention of being a “way out” in difficult. The legacy of Kiir’s administration will not be for us to decide, it will be for the political analysts and historians.

Confidence in Leaders

In this world today people will not follow a leader who does not have confidence in himself or herself. In fact, people are naturally attracted to people who convey confidence. An excellent example can be seen in an incident in Russia during an attempted coup. Army tanks had surrounded the government building housing President Boris Yeltsin and his pro-democracy supporters. High level military leaders had ordered the tank commander to open fire and kill Yeltsin. As the army rolled into position, Yeltsin strode from the building, climbed up on a tank, looked the commander in the eye, and thanked him for coming over to side of democracy. Later the commander admitted that they had not intended to go over to his side. Yeltsin had appeared so confident and commanding that the soldiers talked after he left and decided to join him. This is what a true leader should do if we were you as the country’s President. Trust is the single most important factor in building personal and professional relationships. Trust must be built day by day for consistency. Some of the ways a leader can betray trust include breaking promises, gossiping, withholding information, and being two-faced. These actions destroy the environment of trust necessary for growth of potential leaders, and when a leader breaks trust, he must work twice as hard to regain it. The only way for our country to become nation again is for Kiir to step down, and leave the peace talk in Ethiopia Capital because is not the end of it. Again, your regime become obsessed with fears will never grow and already become paralyzed.

Wrong desire built up in his heart, the dictator Kiir took action to deceive the general public by telling them lies about coup attempted. Until recently, when South Sudan citizens find out that there was no coup, but Kiir was trying to eliminate the SPLM/A leadership because he knew he would not make it in 2015 election. With each passing year, the Kiir regime is becoming more and more dangerous. It is overrun with warring armies, dishonest politicians, hypocritical leaders, and hardened criminals. The government of the South Sudan as whole is beyond reform. However, time is very near when we all will enjoy the new democracy government that cares for its own citizens. With that this war is not about Nuer or Dinka, but people were forced to fight because of civilians massacres in Juba, Malakal, Bentiu, and Bor by Salva Kiir regime.  If you were outside on a very cold night warming yourself by a fire, would you let the flames dwindle and then die out? No, you would keep adding fuel to keep the fire burning bright and hot. In fact, your very life might be at stake as wood fuels a fire. This means that Kiir felt lonely and became a mad man with only death on his mouth and now he misleads people who brought him in to power by telling them to kill them because they are grabbing my seat.  Today, the South Sudan people united under SPLM/A in Opposition to make regime in Juba go away in order to restore peace in the youngest nation in the Africa.

If we asking you the great people for this nation who fought alongside in 21 years struggle, that this is what we have been aiming to do like Kiir did? Kiir would only blame himself for what he dragged himself into. Yes, people learn from their mistake after things have happen. Salva Kiir, you and your allies have been fighting together to fight against Nuer for almost five months now, and you have had no progress while getting help from JEM, UPDF, SPLM/N, and Egypt. You still haven’t learned because it is not your sons or daughters who are being killed daily.

SPLA/M in Opposition in Alaska (North America/all over the World) Warn Kiir

Kiir, this is your last warning to wrap up immediately without delay exit the Juba without more death in the Capital.  We Chapter in opposition in Alaska all over in USA or North America have been watching your move very closely, and notice that you have no way to lead this nation because your vision is mastermind of killing you invited others Africa leaders fueling this war. What can you do as a leader to save the nation? Allow other leader like Museveni of Uganda killing your own people. Remember we liberate this country to have equal right for everyone. In fact the reason why we are breaking away from our brother Northern, is not because we don’t have our own freedom? Kiir, the people you have killed were the ones that brought you in power you misused, not Dinka Bahrel Ghazal, without our hands Nuer in voting. Mr. Notorious killer Kiir, Nuer community in general during the election all voted for you if you could remember.  Kiir, you only left for a few days to live with your regime together. Our last message is that let foreigners and all residents in Juba evacuate their personnel immediately with no delay to prevent many lives from being lost.

Finally, Kiir tell your right men Pual Maluong, Kuol Manyang, Makuei Lueth, Marial Chanuong and Marial Benjiman to leave the capital Juba, Otherwise, both of you will be capturing alive and you are only given time to leave to avoid many lives again. The South Sudan citizens have withdrawn support from you and now endorse the freedom fighter a full democracy for all citizens. The Names mentioned above have to step down with Kirr because they are the ones that killed Nuer people in state capital Juba, Malakal, Bor, and Bentiu still killing them daily, they don’t even deserve to be in the Country or participate in the new government, they need to step down and go somewhere and eat their corruption money they have.

State of Alaska Chapter strongly endorse SPLM/A in Opposition

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Albino Kosti May 24, 2014 at 8:26 pm

SPLM/A in Alaska State made a good choice to endorse the SPLM/A In opposition, and thank you for condemned the Nuer innocent civilians genocide in Juba.


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