Opinion: The politicized military and NSS are threats to national security, a case of 1st Lt. Bola Boyoi, a SSNYU presidential aspirant

By Kanybil Noon

Members of South Sudan’s National Security Service (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

November 2nd (Nyamilepedia) – In response to brother Gum Thany article allegation of 90% of South Sudanese being Soldiers has no probed as I know only one institution with known parade, the National Security Services and I must give due respect and appreciation to General Akol Koor, the Director General for internal security Bureau for his professionalism.

The National security is the only organized force that has an organized system in the whole South Sudan with known parade though there are numerous loopholes that need to be corrected.

Bother Gum Thany must behave like an academic and should stop false publication since he alleged a percentage that has no real probe anywhere and challenge him to produce the evidence.

On this matter, politicized military and National Security Services has failed our country politically, economically and socially as follows.

Political implications

The 1994 human development reports (HDR) set out the definition and parameters of political security. It defines the prevention of government repression, systematic violation of human rights and threats from militarization. This is intended to establish an agenda that would protect people against states that continued to practice political repression, systematic torture, ill treatment and disappearance.

The concept of human security is also defines as subcategory of political security and at the basic level, as follows.

  1. Prevention of government repression,

Government repression is defined as an act of state entity controlling a citizenry by force for political reasons, particularly for the purpose of restricting or preventing their ability to take part in the political life of a society thereby reducing their standing among their fellow citizens. Reference to National Security interference in the National Youth Union by recommending and supporting its personnel, the 1st Gola Boyoi in order to control youth for political reason intended to prevent their political participation.

What does repression mean to citizens?

  1. It keeps us under control, suppress or restrain to repress a desire; refers to NSS infiltration into the National Youth Union.
  2. It puts us into state of subjugation to repress a people; The NSS has intended to suppress the youth of South Sudan and wants to control their space of participations.


  1. Systematic violation of human rights and

Substitution of rule of the law in ruling party and the erosion of democracy and in terms of overall politicization and militarization of institutions and society, where political parties and military are representing the interests and implementation measures solely to protect the limit scope of powers players, the development of a good society is practically impossible. Like what National Security is doing in the National Youth Union is a clear systematic violation of citizens’ or youth rights by installing someone who shall be a potential threat to their freedom and life.

Independent Judges are continuously and systematically pressured or removed and replaced with obedient politicized circle of staff; measures and process that promote the field of justice are superficial and simple façade. The consequent of this is conducting a selective justice and using judiciary as a tool to intimidate people and fight with opponents. This is what is happening in the National Youth union where spy and none effective individual is imposed by an institution that should work for us all.

Strong control over the country’s security structures affect the general safety of the country and cause distrust in the institutions. This is supplemented with highly suspicious nature of electoral processes in the South Sudan National Youth Union second convention which don’t allow voters to freely express their will but intimidation.

Social Implication

  1. Threats from militarization

Militarization is refers to the process of becoming  ready for conflict or war is militarization and it is sometimes refers to as making civilian organization resemble the armed forces with uniforms or weapons. It is also refers to as the process by which a society organizes itself for military conflict and violence, it is related to militarism, which is an ideology that reflects the level of militarization of a state. Militarism was one of the main causes of the First World War. After 1907, there was an increased in military influence on policy making. Civil rights include the ensuring of peoples’ physical and mental integrity, life, safety, protection from discrimination on ground of race, religion, origin, age, political affiliation and ethnicity.

Economic Implication

Militarism denote a rise in military spending’s

The work of economic intelligence is collecting and processing of information of the foreign nations and their agents needed by a country and analyzed.

The purpose of these is to protect the country from economic sabotages like currency devaluation, money laundry and other related economic crimes.

The author is an Independent Youth Thinker. He can be reached via: kan1noon@gmail.com

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