South Sudan Politicians Must Give Peace A Chance.

By Nhial Aciek David,


DR Machar, Kiir and Riala Odinga in Addis-ababa (Nyamilepedia photo)
DR Machar, Kiir and Riala Odinga in Addis-ababa (Nyamilepedia photo)

Sept 04, 2014(Nyamilepedia) —  edible data shows that over US$ 20 Billion came to South Sudan (oil revenues) between the years 2005-2013, the time Dr. Riek Machar and his allies including Former Detainees were in office. If they continue to hamper peace thus causing death and suffering of innocent citizens, we the citizens (youth) have the option to charge all of them for economic crimes (misuse of resources/corruption).

( Life is a mystery, it’s hard to understand, but it has the beginning and the end. Life is a mystery full with tests and trails. It is God’s given, or God’s taken. So this is my life. i would like to inform our leaders that the political situation in the country is pull of desperate. (kingdavid )

They could assist the interest of entire population in state of their political will. My analysis towards the political change in my home country, the relieved of the Former  vice president of the Republic of South Sudan who became leading the Insurgent or Rebels and the dissolution for the entire government; were the result of class struggle or contradictions between the victor forces; those who want to maintain the statuesque and for those who are in need to change the existing political system.

Let us go to the next section of the dissolution and resolution of the entire government is the most appreciable based on the demands of the mass. I think why the president has done this, is to avoid the structural crisis across the country but it’s shock to our political elites. I give my due respect to such victory of the Republic of South Sudan president, will inaugurate the revolutionary epoch against internal unrest.

Therefore, the final abolition of the entire government and social state mutual struggle between the elements of political emancipation in the SPLM, which is the current ruling political party considers as a power struggle, rivals or class contradiction….

However, they contradict for their own satisfaction, political interest and acquisition of power. So, it’s not only because of my censorship but the reality also goes to our national army. The national army of the Republic of South Sudan, their kinds, neutrality and partiality towards political change in our country.

Let me comment on few thing regrading the peace accord which is facilitated the intergovernmental Authority and development will never yield bears fruit because the political cries in the Republic of South Sudan are their projects, those regional organization. Let to see the course of peace in our political enforcement.

Based on my own observations, the national army didn’t support either the president nor the rival groups!
Thank you very much in advance for your attention towards this crucial message. am post graduate in Political Science and International Relation

King David (Nhial Aciek David) can be reached at nhialakuak@gmail.com

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