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Almost thirty thousands (30,000) troops of SPLM/A-in Government plus police personnel VERSUS one thousand three and seventy (1,370) soldiers of SPLM/A-IO in Juba Fight

SPLA-IO soldiers burying their comrade who was murdered in Juba on July 2, 2016(Photo: supplied)
SPLA-IO soldiers burying their comrade who was murdered in Juba on July 2, 2016(Photo: supplied)

July 13, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Before laying a condemnation who will be held accountable for an extrajudicial killing which were carrying out by the president Salva Kiir’s forces against SPLM/A- IO under the democratic leader Dr. Riek Machar’s forces; However, it would not be surprising to anyone in the world that President Salva Kiir‘s forces and his commanders are solely reliable and responsible for this extrajudicial killing of SPLM/A-IO that were carried out by the government under president Salva Kiir. Also the IGAD and other Peace Guarantors, who are the peace brokers, they grossly made neglecting in this peace agreement. They were supposed to monitor the implementation and deploy natural forces that can monitor Salva Kiir aggressiveness toward the peace implementation. I quoted “President Salva Kiir saying in many interviews that he is uninterested to comply with this peace as it is imposed peace where he indicates there is lacking of commitment to implement the agreement in his sides, and also he wants to rule the country with iron fist. He doesn’t want to allow the democratic to prosper in the youngest nation.

Seemingly, the return of Dr. Riek Machar Teny with his small forces of 1,370 personnel to Juba is a kind of set-up and conspiracy that has been made by peace brokers whereas the two peace partners with unequal forces have deployed Juba. those forces have clashed and fought for five days in the rows where the SPLM/A-IG are nearly 25,000 plus their police personnel while the SPLM/A-IO forces are 1,370 personnel who got left by UN with the light machine guns. So do the misdeeds of those conspirators in high authority who played a role this in Juba war since Friday with the aim to eliminate Dr. Riek Machar that he could be unable to manage to escape like 2013 massacre that was happened and carried out by Salva KIIR’S thugs in JUBA 2013 Nuer tribe .

However, I salute the men and women who have been sacrificing their lives to protect their national leader Dr. Riek Machar. Comrades, you have done a magnificent work where all of you deserve a great resect in our generations and future generation to come. you have fought very intense fight where almost 25,000 forces were overwhelming you and you guys managed to repulse them, I salute your courage and dare that God almighty father give its to you although many live loss in this war , those who died at the front line of the duty , they dies as the heroes. So the history will be written down about ‘THE JUBA FIVE DAYS WAR BETWEEN THE TWO UNEQUAL FORCES’, but I am not crying although I loss more than 10 relatives   who were militants wearing the military uniforms , just wailing and I am absolutely happier that you made the history that you fought vigorously to protect our chairman Dr. RIEK Machar . He is the heroes and great leader in the history of south Sudan.

Importantly journalists and independents advocacies who have been reporting some irrelevant information to the world , they are recover-up an effort where the government waged war against small armies of SPLM/A-IO in their base at Jebel Kujur where the first vice present Dr. Riek Machar’s residence  since he was jetting in Juba with his forces . In the last two days, I was thinking that those Journalist are not telling the trues although they may be afraid for their lives ,but they neither to report any information nor they are lacking an evidence with the presumably, they made a done deal with Salva Kiir and who is the master of conspiracy. I was deeply disappointed with journalist across south Sudan who were telling white lie to the whole world about this war.

So I would like to advices those reporters who are on the ground in south Sudan that don’t feed the world with misleading information and biases news .please shut up ! If you have insufficient information, you neither explore the true nor leave it until you find the accuracy news after you do the good research about the accuse of this war.so I am very positive that the truth will reveal itself down the road, those journalists who have been reporting lie since last Friday will be absolutely shamed for reporting an irrelevant information that they are blindfolded the world about it. However the detail and genesis of this incident of Juba war which started in July 08-11, 2016, I ask myself why the Journalists and other advocates are not feeding the world with the accurate information. If they are frighten about their safe, it would be better for them not to report false information where they have not ideas or they cannot hide the true. Although they are hiding it, the truth will reveal itself.

Lastly, I condemned the IGAD, UN and Africa Union and other peace guarantors who are not serious on this peace process because they won’t deploy the natural forces where they can observe both forces. Also, the SPLM/A-IO forces are less armed and have no enough military hard wares likewise of SPLM/A-IG who have a lot of tanks, pick trucks that amount with artilleries and armaments. If both forces are equal in numbers and armaments, it would be absolutely the nicest and SPLM/A –IG could not have confronted the mighty SPLM/A-IO if it would happen that both forces have same armaments.

it’s obviously clear that Salva Kiir and his commanders have violated the   peace accord as they play   the dirty roll where they know the number of SPLM/A-IO are not the same with their army, but I saluted 1,370 SPLMA /A-IO forces who fought vigorously to defend themselves from aggressive attack from the SPLM/A under Salva Kiir who have almost 25 ,000 troops plus polices around Juba and its outskirt .

Salva Kiir’s dirty games of deception about ceasefires while they have been sent and conduction attack several attack against democracy forces of SPLM/A-IO under Dr. Riek Machar. Struggle continues, SALVA KIIR MUST GO TO HELL.

Daniel Buom Met Kujock is a concerned South Sudanese citizen living in Canada and he can be reached at danielbuommetkujock@gmail.com.

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Emmanuel Sunday July 13, 2016 at 10:59 pm

Your are right brother and i am very proud of these 1,370 soldiers fighting all the forces of kiir. i believe their numbers is around 50,000 SPLA IG because they redeployed JUSTICE AND EQUALITY MOVEMENT (JIM), they have Russia Antonov, Chinese tanks, Uganda gunships and attack helicopters.

i hope Kiir will understand that those he fought are not those he kiir in 2013

Albino Kosti July 14, 2016 at 9:34 pm

It remind me the six days war between Israel and the Arabia countries in 1967 but Israel beat them all.

Albino Kosti July 14, 2016 at 9:43 pm

It remind me the six days war between Israel and the Arabic countries in 1967, but Israel beat them.

warfive July 15, 2016 at 12:32 pm

yep better example u can’t believe and yet Jieng still call it and celebrate as victory. Its curz to fight for Dinka then rathen being Jieng.


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