James Wani Igga: You will always be the victim of SPLM politics, but not the right target

Chuol C. Puoch


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South Sudan vice president, James Wani Igga, warns Riek Machar to forget his position(Photo: ©sosanews)

Sept 04, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Voices are coming out that you (Igga) would quit your position again for the second time and to the same person (Dr. Riek). In your recent comment refusing the rumors and the proposal that you would actually step down, only wishful thinkers will ever try to wrong you. In fact, if at all you will succeed, I would strongly encourage you to never ever accept that proposal, what so ever the case may be. But you know what; you will still be the victim though you are not the target. I am coming back to this shortly.

It was just in 2005 when you patriotically accepted to vacate your position for Dr. Riek Machar, after a hostile refusal of Gen. Salva Kirr to led Dr. Riek occupy the second position of the moment after their agreement and reunification ahead of 2005 as it supposed to be. The situation was so malicious and the moment was almost shaking to fail. Was it not the response made by Dr. Riek Machar and Gen. George Athor Deng (May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace) to convince your current boss (Gen. Kirr), and more importantly, your gentle acceptance of letting Dr. Riek occupy your then position, we wouldn’t have had the CPA inked and not to talk of implementation. Politically you lost, but nationally you win at a greater average at that time. Not to forget to mention that you were not supposed to be the victim of that reshuffle and reintegration, but unfortunately, all landed on your head and your only choice was to accept quitting your position.

The intention of writing this short article is only about outlining the truth and giving the right to those it’s due to (especially you), and not about giving direction to those touched by this article. As an experienced politician (Igga) who, at the same time, had been a freedom fighter; you will cook your mind and the right solution will come not from any other human brain, but that of yours. I am advocating neither for your relieve/vacation nor your stays in that office – it’s only a wake up call.

Coming back to the point, you are absolutely and even badly going to be the victims of our Country’s upcoming political changes. So far, I am very sure that you know the political and personal status of your boss in spite your strong standing behind him. In whatever ending this crises will be, Salva Kirr will and has already been considered by South Sudanese as a murderer; a criminal and visionless person who actually massacred his own people and he doesn’t longer deserve to not only lead the Country, but also not to ever be seen in making and running of the affairs of our Country.

The current situation that we are in is likely allowing the possibility of ending this conflict in a military mean. In the recent hoodwinking gathering of the IGAD head of states where some bloody resolution were secretly made in undisclosed location to be signed by the two principle in the conflict, it’s clear that the region is not certainly in the position of solving and bringing a lasting peace to our Country. In lieu of that, they are exactly and indirectly telling us that your problem will not peacefully be resolved by us for some couple of reasons: one of which is the fact that we are much interested in positions more than achieving and allowing the citizens’ aspiration; the second is the hatred within among our political groups and individuals, which has gone beyond reconcilable stage. The third one, which is actually the most important factor, is that IGAD is also telling us that, They (IGAD) are dictators in their various countries and they can’t help bring up or give a right to a democrat of other Country if they are humiliating them at homes. Should the conflict end militarily with your defeat, I guess you may perhaps imagine how you are going to be victimized by the situation. You may argue that you are not going to lose militarily, but I want to tell you that, “rights” and “truths” are always as they are; you cannot and will never change them or permanently denied them to who deserve them; You may hold them away from owners only for sometime before they destroyed your integrity and favor their owner (s) to SUCCESS & VICTORY. SPLM/A-IO is going to win this war if it is going to be ended militarily, because it’s true that the war was imposed on them and as a matter of fact, they are fighting for their rights.

Or, should the conflict be ended peacefully, The Transitional Government of National Unity is going to be established; reintegration will take place where Salva Kirr will not be illegible to lead that government, and if he is imposed to, he will not be able to have more powers and chances to contest in future election for any political post. The decision to remove or abandon you in that position will never come from you or Salva Kirr or whoever you think in South Sudan, but in negotiation table. Should you refuse to step aside as may be proposed, sanctions are just at hands from US, UK and other regional and international community against those that are obstructing peace in South Sudan. Remember that, you have lost your political foundation in Equatoria region. No one in Equatoria, man or a woman sees you as a national and influential political figure from Equatoria. I remember the other day some people were calling you “the high ranking” political figure of Equatoria, but I would rather/had rather said that you are the “high risking” disgruntled politician of Equatoria region. No single son from Equatoria ready to follow your kinds in bushes of South Sudan, not to even mention the fact that you are finished and incapable to manage bush life. What next? You will absolutely be the badly affected victim.

As mentioned earlier on, I am not going to provide any suggestion/direction in which you can take. I am not, in any case, going to have a pity of you for staying out of South Sudan politics and state affairs and to say the least; you are among the liabilities in South Sudan Sir. That is the situation, stop shouting insolently, understand the situation before it’s too complicates for you to handle.

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness” ~ Martin Luther King

Chuol C. Puoch is a South Sudanese living in South Sudan; he can be added/follow on Facebook with his name mentioned above, on twitter @ChuolChot and via email: chuolchotson@gmail.com . You can also access and follow his words on www.chuolchotson.wordpress.com

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