Opinion: South Sudan leader violates the United Nations Universal Declaration on Servitude

By Kuet Toaloari

South Sudan leader Salva Kiir Mayardiit (File photo)

April 30th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – Since the dark night of 15 December 2013, the world newest country plunged back into the deadliest tribal war similar to the Rwandese Genocide of 1994.The night where approximately 2.5 millions South Sudanese ran into the Neighboring countries, over 20,000 people into the UNIMISS POCs and others ran into the bush and never look back for they fear persecution in their motherland.

Ever since that dark day, the regime in Juba had been working hard to ensure that the insurgency is brought to an end in the country. However, little do they know that their actions are portraying a negative image to the international community; the country continues to create second worst genocide after Rwanda in which over 400,000 lives were lost. The United States worked tirelessly to ensure that South Sudan attained its independent from the Republic of Sudan to bring an end to Africa Longest civil war. This eventually materialized on July 9 2011 after a referendum in which the entire population voted overwhelmingly for secession from United Sudan under recently ousted President Omar El-Bashir in April 2019.

The funny thing is that, the “yesterday victims and slaves of Sudan became today perpetrators of the republic of South Sudan. This has been witnessed on several actions of Government forces violating the human rights and committing war crimes against humanities in South Sudan following the outbreak of violence in 2013.On 10th April, 2019 the President of the republic of South Sudan alongside his vice president Taban Deng Gai and the First vice president designate of SPLM-IO Dr Riek Machar went to the Vatican city for prayers and quest for help from the man of God “Pope Francis”.

The entire region and the people of South Sudan in large were full of jubilation in Juba, across South Sudan and even in the refugee camps particularly the Kakuma refugee camp. This indeed convinced South Sudanese that their disparaging leaders have a reasons to make peace and unite the country after the mistrust between them in 2016 compromise peace agreement which led to Dr Riek Machar escaped death through Congo forest and prices of commodities rise up by SSP 350,000 for a $ 100.On the other hand, the president on his Easter speech to South Sudanese people shortly after his arrival from the Vatican retreat publicly announced that Dr Riek Machar should urgently come to Juba for implementation of the recent Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGONU) on the Agreement of Resolutions of conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS).This violates the security arrangement which must be in place before the formation of RTGONU in may 2019.

As a matter of facts, the RTGONU is at a crossroad. The Government and the SPLM-IO didn’t respect the provision of the Agreement on security arrangement signed on 27th June, 2018. In fact this security arrangement is the backbone of the agreement and can not be overlooked if peace is anything to go by in the Republic of South Sudan. This again undermines the agreement and the leadership should come out clearly and unveil the fundamental reasons why the security arrangement has never been done over the last 8 Months of pre-transitional periods. By the end of the transitional period the national army and the organized forces shall be redeployed throughout the republic of South Sudan pursuant to the plans laid down by the strategic defense and the security review board (Khartoum Declaration, 2018).

On 22nd April, 2019, the president of the republic of South Sudan left Juba for United Arab Emirates on diplomatic mission. And because South Sudan unlike other countries on earth, institutions are not in place and this enabled the Oligarchic organization to abruptly make any decisions without bureaucratic process. This makes it easier for president to decide when to travel, where to travel without critical analysis on cost-effectiveness of such trips. Remember this is the Republic of south Sudan where development is yet to be realized. For now women, luxuries mansion and expensive trips tops the budgetary policy of Junub Sudan.

The president of the Republic of South Sudan upon meeting the Sheikh Mohamed said, “South Sudan will exports housemaids to United Arabs Emirate “.Over the past years African girls get lured to Middle-east countries on the promise of jobs and end up being exploited sexually, underpayment and even subjected to killing. This has been the talk of regular African citizens and shouldn’t repeat itself in the Republic of South Sudan. Do South Sudanese works as maid in South Sudan? Probably not. I have never seen a South Sudanese housemaid in Juba and if there is any then Iam not aware. The fact is, I never came across such scenarios in South Sudan. The news circulated on social media and having learned about this on Nyamilepedia.com, the South Sudanese netizens reacted negatively and this caught public attention. “This is slavery we are being subjected to.” Mathew. This is an instance comment from the South Sudanese National on Twitter.

In 1948, the United Nation universal declaration on Human rights states that “The slavery or servitude should be prohibited in all their forms. The slaves’ trade and other related cases to slavery are therefore banned and will not be allowed again. And to my surprise, the president of Republic of South Sudan make a statement to allowed this human trafficking to take place in South Sudan. What does this means? Raiding girls from opposition control territory from Yei, Nasir, Wau and Malakal, trained them and export them to United Arab Emirates as slaves?.

This is the question every South Sudanese national must be asking now. South Sudanese hates slavery and this can be attributed to the first civil war of 21st century. According to John Garang De Mabior, ”Our blood will be shed because I hate oppression”. This statement of the former SPLM/A leader John Garang implies that the South Sudanese by definition hates oppression and the President Salva Kiir must be conversant with it.

The United Nations must act and condemn President Salva Kiir from this repression in the country. We fought for 21 years with resilience and our freedom and humanity cannot be taken away from us by a despotic leader to have his international relations invigorated. I call upon the United Nations to reaffirm its commitment and ensure that this Universal Declaration is respected by President Kiir and show his adherence since Republic of South Sudan is a member of United Nations (UN).

The writer is a South Sudanese citizen by Nationality, Ulang County by origin and Nairobian by Resident. He is currently a Student of Bachelor of Commerce-Majoring in Finance at ST. Paul’s University-Nairobi. He is a holder of Diploma in Finance, International computer Driving License (ICDL) and can be reached by kuettoaloari@gmail.com

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