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Opinion: People of Rubkona must understand nature of South Sudan politics

By Thiraan Chan Toup

Thiraan Chan (Photo courtesy of the author)

July 9, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s First Vice President and SPLM-IO chairman, Dr. Riek Machar, has betrayed the people of Rubkona County following the formation of the revitalized unity government, years after seeking political support from them. He refused that the people of Rubkona be represented at the level of the National government and in fact maybe at the state level as well.

According to Machar and his political allies, it doesn’t matter whether Leek should be represented or not. His core objectives and that of his party was initially to basically reform, but now has there been a reform achieved so far according to the nature of peace agreement we are implementing now?

What seems mostly been achieved in this agreement is the political accommodation, Dr. Machar is reinstated as first vice President so far there’s reform, ACCORDING TO CULTURE OF THIS AGREEMENT, I don’t know why it’s less important for people of RUBKONA to be accommodated too, for instant peace agreement is almost collapsing if GEN. OLONY is not going to be appointed governor of UPPER NILE STATE and this is generally to represent the SHILLUK why not LEEK NUER if positions are allocated according to communities contribution.

This is really a shame from GARMACHAR, utilizing the people of RUBKONA as tools during his movement then forgetting them during CAKE ALLOCATION,LEEK NYALTHIANG should wake up this time and know that,there should be no longer politics play before knowing what you are going to gains after political achievement, the savages allegiance like what Dr. Riek been expecting from my people is really a humiliation and must be taken seriously as an experience from supporting MACHAR by NYALTHIANG
I remembered the first day both delegates sent by worrying parties met in Addiss, the first demand surfaced by Opposition was power sharing then WHY other are expected to be volunteers while some other are treated deserved compensation, tell Dr. Machar to step aside and FVP position be given to any politician from IO and see how he would negatively reacts!!

LEEK NUER if according to their efforts they exerted to IO MOVEMENT deserves to be given Ministry of petroleum as well as the land of Rubkona is one of oil producing area in SOUTH SUDAN but instead politicians of the said community are confined in DINGDING and DHORBOR waiting for one or two of them whom will be appointed in state cabinet as compensation to their struggle
I know some of community puppets mentally marginalized will deem this with wrong perception and may jump to the question and ask what SKM gave to people of RUBKONA at the side of government, I would also expect someone rate the efforts people of RUBKONA contributed to Gen. Kiir and that one they imparted to Dr. Riek ‘s movement before throwing that question.

My last message to people of RUBKONA is to unite them selves irrespective of being IG,IO or any other political parties and study the nature of politics we have in SOUTH SUDAN,those whom failed to organize them selves at home are less likely to be represented and this is the NATURE of SOUTH SUDAN politics my people must understood, imagine the whole community at national level is never represented since 2005 while RUBKONA was used as hosting ground for SPLA/M DURING LIBERATION STRUGGLE but due to failure from above community to put their house into order that’s why the history is almost forgetting them
Happy independent day.

The author is a concerned citizen of South Sudan.

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