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African Peace Mediators in South Sudan Show Attitude of NO for Peace, Yes for Atrocity Regime and Yes For their Self-Interests.

By South Sudan Kyilaya

The Leaders of the compromised regional bloc, IGAD, IGAD summit heads of states and governments, deliberating on South Sudan conflict(Photo: IGAD)
The Leaders of the compromised regional bloc, IGAD, IGAD summit heads of states and governments, deliberating on South Sudan conflict(Photo: IGAD)

Dec 19, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– In the Communique of the 29th Extra-Ordinary Summit of IGAD on Dec 9, 2016 held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, IGAD shows its biasness against people of South Sudan in favour of their briber Salva Kiir regime who is the killer and the oppressor of South Sudan Non Dinka people. These activities of IGAD do not comply with its assignment as peace mediator in South Sudan Crisis.

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I am not going to comment a lot about the biasness of IGAD in their Communique of the 29th Extra-Ordinary Summit but I will just talk little and the rest will be for some of my fellow South Sudanese.

  • In Communiqué number 3 (with title 3 Expresses ARCSS has faced a serious setback since the July 2016 crisis in Juba); IGAD hide aggressions and brutalities of Salva Kiir regime so that it IGAD will look nice in the eyes of Salva Kiir Regime and its bribes will keep flowing and may go high. IGAD and JMEC are among supporters of Salva Kiir regime in killing dialogue, peace talk and ARCSS as a result they do not blame the brutal regime of Salva Kiir for failure of peace in South Sudan. Up-to-date they are working tirelessly looking for mistake of Riek Machar to speak it out loudly. (IGAD and JMEC are no longer qualified mediators for peace in South Sudan).
  • In Communiqué number 4 (with title 4 Condemns in the strongest terms); IGAD aviods to mention aggressions and brutalities of Salva Kiir regime. She makes the statement to look ambiguous but leaning against SPLA-IO and requesting SPLO-IO to renounce their right of self-protection to live. But you IGAD; why don’t you ask your briber Salva Kiir regime to stop genocide and ethnic cleansing in Equatoria and the rest of non-Dinka Land in South Sudan? Why don’t you be proud with the little money you have from your home countries? (MATTHEW 3:14: Be content with your wage). Why do you enjoy hiding atrocities, brutalities and destructions that SALVA Kiir regime causes in South Sudan? Why do you promote conflict of interest in UN mission in South Sudan? Are you still qualified as a peace mediator in south Sudan? If you say yes, I say Nooo, you are not.
  • In Communiqué number 5 (with title 5 Welcomes consent given by Salva Kiir regime for immediate deployment of the Regional Protection Force RPF); IGAD is praising false statement to make them look progressive and to hide all brutalities and negativities of Salva Kiir regime. All that we are seeing is that you IGAD and JMEC are working negatively for peace in South Sudan. You looks presentable in eyes of Salva Kiir regime, but not for the rest.
  • In Communiqué number 6 (with title 6 Reaffirms); IGAD is deceiving International Community that they are committee to achieve peace and stability in South Sudan, meanwhile IGAD and JMEC are competing in praising the Genocide Salva Kiir regime for private interest and also they are behaving so as not to get deported from South Sudan. From the time Museveni got involve in the peace talk, we know right away that there is no collective commitment of the region for peace in South Sudan.
  • In Communiqué number 7 (with title 7 Expresses appreciation for Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta); IGAD was fooling team member. IGAD should condemn Salva Kiir regime for shooting and killing UN Peace keepers in Juba and for attacking International aid workers in Juba. IGAD should point out the sources of Kenya grieve and IGAD weakness in the sad deadly conspiracy of July 8, 2016. Instead of expressing sadness, IGAD is proud cheating the world that peace is dominating South Sudan, meanwhile in capital city Juba where there is no opposition; there is no peace for non Dinka Citizens. Even IGAD members and JMEC members cannot walk freely in Juba. Just in this sense, how can IGAD and JMEC keep condemn opposition who are protecting themselves for right of living in freedom?
  • In Communiqué number 8 (with title 8 Calls upon the TGoNU); IGAD is pretending addressing TGoNU, while IGAD knows very well that there is no TGoNU in South Sudan and IGAD is hiding all the difficulties it is facing in Juba for its private interest, and all of their efforts are going according to the will of regime in JUBA. And the worst is that, Riek Machar is no longer in Juba to correct the situation.
  • In Communiqué number 9 (with title 9 Calls upon the political leadership of South Sudan); IGAD shows its crookedness to expose negativities of Salva Kiir regime, and IGAD is cheating UN about political leadership of South Sudan since IGAD adopted policies of Salva Kiir regime, Donald Booth and John Kerry. In that policy they consider that Riek Machar is no longer a politician of South Sudan, and they are the ones to choose the political leaderships of South Sudan to suite their interests. IGAD is retreating to be serious and specific to hold Salva Kiir regime responsibilities of all hostilities and faliures.
  • In Communiqué number 10 (with title 10 Reiterates); IGAD is acting as a bunching empty barrel.
  • In Communiqué number 11 (with title 11 Recognizes and commends); IGAD has no shame to lie. Only women in non-salva kiir control areas have freedom of thinking and participation.
  • In Communiqué number 12 (with title 12 Underlines); IGAD is lying about ensuring genuine representation of the national character in the implementation of the ARCSS.IGAD is behaving defensively of its aggression against peace deal and its compliance with Salva Kiir Authority. The truth cannot be hidden; IGAD exclude genuine peace makers in personality of Riek Macher and some others. IGAD cannot help UN or South Sudanese to achieve peace in South Sudan. Lam Akol disclosed already that, there is no political space in JUBA.

IGAD did not protect Riek Machar in Juba and is not going to protect any politician in Juba. IGAD is misinterpreting genuine peace process and keeps deviate objectives of UN to their personal interests. They are now forming entity that will have negative effects to freedoms in the whole of east Africa. Uganda is already infected. IGAD needs people to say; YES and LONG LIVE SALA KIIR and IGAD LEADERS

IGAD is dressing the murders in South Sudan in the uniform of church leaders. IGAD is polishing the barbaric regime of South Sudan against stability of South Sudan base on the design of the regime, IGAD, and Obama Administration, but this will not be accepted by people of South Sudan and I wish, it should not be accepted by UN administration.

IGAD and JECE cannot serve two masters; UN and Salva Kiir. This is mentioned in the Bible (MATTHEW 6:24) “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth”.

  • In Communiqué number 13 (with title 13 Commends the JMEC Chairperson and members of the Commission for the hard work they are performing under extremely difficult circumstances in monitoring the implementation of the Agreement); IGAD Made a big self-contradiction by mentioning “extremely difficult circumstances”. In a number of Communiqué IGAD was praising Salva Kiir regime. And the truth is that, there is no peace agreement in juba to be implemented or monitored. Is JMEC now monitoring the genocide and ethnic cleansing that happening in Equatoria and the rest of non-Dinka Land? Or JMEC is monitoring their residence and Republic Palace JI in Juba from any ghost? Even Taban Deng knows that there is no TGoNU in Juba and no peace agreement in Juba to be implemented or monitored. He Taban Deng knows very well that he is just a tool for any member of Salva Kiir regime. IGAD should not hide the fact that Riek Machar was the one making efforts of IGAD and JMEC easier, but without bribe.
  • In Communiqué number 14 (with title 14 Welcomes the announcement of Cheater Salva Kiir Mayardit to conduct an all-inclusive national dialogue); IGAD is welcoming lie announcement and boosting it for their interest, and IGAD contradicted it-self about parties of the agreement. I doubt if UN will appreciate IGAD for this respond of IGAD. Salva Kiir regime knows that what they say in media is just to let them-selves shine well and smell nice but not for implementation, and what they say in their congregation about interests of Dinka are the ones for their actions. Why IGAD and JMEC keep making money from blood of NON-Dinka in South Sudan? Why IGAD and JMEC keep using UN Umbrella for their private interests? Why UN does not relief IGAD and JMEC from UN Assignments? Aren’t UN, IGAD and JMEC know games of Salva Kiir regime up to now? Or what is going around?
  • In Communiqué number 15 (with title 15 Calls upon the SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO, as well as other South Sudanese political stakeholders to re-affirm their commitment); IGAD confessed indirectly that there is no commitment for peace in South Sudan and there is no time line for peace in South Sudan, and they need to work from scratch for vain. IGAD does not miss to praise and boost lies of Salva Kiir regime; (granting of amnesty to the SPLA-IO soldiers who crossed to the Democratic Republic of Congo). In actual fact in this Communiqué number 15, IGAD should ask for release of all detainees in cells of NSS and among the detainee is James Gatdet Dak. What are the logics of granting amnesty to unreachable people, while keeping innocent and political detainees in cells?
  • In Communiqué number 16 (with title 16 Expresses its grave concern over the humanitarian situation in South Sudan including acute scarcity of food); IGAD should show Negativities of Salva Kiir regime toward Humanitarian Agencies. Instead, IGAD is begging Salva Kiir rgime. How can IGAD be qualified to continue mediate in conflict of South Sudan? No, UN and rest of the international community should not keep silence.
  • In Communiqué number 17 (with title 17 Commends partners of IGAD and the international community); IGAD should elaborate all of the recent blockage carried out by Salva Kiir regime against humanitarian assistance, but it restrain for safety of pipe of their bribes.
  • In Communiqué number 18 (with title 18 Notes with concern); IGAD should show budget assigned for defence and then contradict it. Also IGAD should request Salva Kiir regime not to hold back wages of non-Dinka South Sudanese.
  • In Communiqué number 19 (with title 19 Calls upon the international community); IGAD knows there is no TGoNU in South Sudan, and no agreement in South Sudan to be implemented, but IGAD is trying to fool international communities to supply their pipe with free dollars. Does stopping killing non-Dinka South Sudanese need dollars?
  • In Communiqué number 20 (with title 20 Underscores); IGAD mentioned “what is required is dialogue, reconciliation and commitment by all South Sudanese parties to faithfully implement the ARCSS and for the region and the international community to support them”.

First, IGAD is no longer supporting peace in South Sudan.

2nd, IGAD isolate Riek Machar from dialogue for the sake of their bribe. Then: dialogue and reconciliation with whom? Is it dialogue and reconciliation with the parties that under gun threat inside Juba? Or, Is it dialogue and reconciliation with Taban Deng?

3rd, Regarding commitment by all South Sudanese parties to faithfully implement the ARCSS. Who are now there for the born dead ARCSS? Salva Kiir refused to sign the born dead ARCSS in Addis Ababa, and when the ARCSS was force into his throat in Juba, he mentioned reservations and later on he mentioned that this ARCSS is not designed for implementation. Then in Jul 8, 2016 in J1, he Salva Kiir show his ugliness and evil spirit. Besides all these, IGAD is fooling around hiding all evil of Salva Kiir and keeps presenting Salva Kiir to international community as a prince of peace.

4th If IGAD and JMEC pretend to be stupid of what is happening in South Sudan, I pretend to bring to attention of IGAD and JMEC that non-Dinka South Sudanese in Juba and in all parts South Sudan under control of Salva Kiir regime have no freedom of talk or dialogue, have no right to be alive, have no right for dignity, have no right for…….

My Request to UN:

UN team should work tirelessly for release of James Gadet as he was deported in contradiction to UN rules.

One or more elements in IGAD and JMEC make(s) IGAD and JMEC no more qualify for UN peace mission in South Sudan. As a result I am begging UN to relief IGAD and JMEC from UN assignment in South Sudan.


  • IGAD isolates the main peace maker Riek Macher from Peace Talk and now, IGAD put itself in a place of a big peace beggar in South Sudan so as to get more bribe from Salva Kiir regime. Indeed, since then, IGAD keeps come out with self-interest. Then, how can IGAD and JMEC achieve peace in South Sudan?
  • As IGAD isolates Riek Machar from peace talk for IGAD members’ personal interests, IGAD facilitates another worse tragedy to non-Dinka South Sudanese People.
  • The type of Democracy and government needed by Riek Machar in South Sudan is not accepted by some members of IGAD like Museveni, because how can he Museveni work for democracy in South Sudan and then refuses that kind of democracy in his home country Uganda?
  • IGAD misrepresentation is not going to affect South Sudan alone. It is going to affect the whole east Africa in specific and will grow to include the whole of Africa in general.
  • IGAD leaders are formulating rules and guide lines to protect them from their mismanagement. Everybody in South Sudan, east Africa and in Africa at large should do his/her best to make sure that UN and Trump do not swallow the poisonous candies prepared by those leaders.
  • To people of South Sudan: if you no longer Trust IGAD and/or JMEC, your pen is your gun. Shot it out to UN. Do not consider that you are not good in English, just write it. English people already know that you are not from them. They will understand the message, and they are not going to lough at your English. If you keep silent then it is hard to know if you are sick or no.

To God: we are in troubles. I need your help. With your power and according to my wish, visit elements of Salva Kiir’s Regime and its supporters on the ground, in the air or in water and let us know.

You can accept a bribe for your brother to be killed, but next the same enemy will kill you. So, let us keep being determined fighting our problems.

Victory is certain. No surrender and to the end we go.

Concerned South Sudanese Citizen.

The author can be reached at south_sudan1@yahoo.com


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