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Opinion: Mading Ngor Akec Kuai blackmailed Gen. Benjamin Bol Mel to pay a bribe of 1.75. million USD

By Nicolas Chan,

Former Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk(Photo credit: courtesy image)
Former Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk(Photo credit: courtesy image)

April 5, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — A pseudo journalist Mr. Mading Ngor scammed Bol Mel of ARC of 1.75. million USD as a bribe to Kuol Manyang. The spurious and sham media personality Mr. Mading went to see Bol Mel at his residence in the recent past over the Bor-Juba road construction delays. The discussions were centered on how to lobby the government to speedily release the money for the road construction work. The road work to Bor has stopped due to lack of sufficient funds as the leaked conversion report suggests. 

Get to know this: This road is being paid for by the government of South Sudan through direct payment. The money is obtained directly from the tax revenues and oil rent fees and injected into the road construction. Mading is not putting into consideration the dire economic crisis the nation is facing as civil servants and the army went for months without getting their salaries. He thinks there is more to loot from the company which is constructing a single commercial and political road to his home village. His greed for quick riches and weak analytical skills did not allow him to see these huge constraints the company, people of South Sudan and the government are facing. 

It is an open secret, if there is no money injected into the road construction, road works come to a halt. This is what Mading Ngor has exploited by self-appointing himself as the middle man between Kuol Manyang and Benjamin Bol Mel. He went into a negotiated deal on behalf of Kuol Manyang with Mel, thereby extorting him (Mel) of 1.75. million USD as a “pressure token”. He gave Kuol (1) million USD and went away with a whopping amount of 700,000USD after the deal was sealed. 

Kuol Manyang massively agreed after bagging his 1 million USD of the deal to mount and sustain pressure on President Kiir to order the ministry of Finance to keep releasing any money accruing from taxes and other income generating sources to the construction cost of Bor-Juba road. Why are the two men eating the community road at this rate? After all, the young Mading is impotent which was the reason why his wife left him and the aged Kuol is not productive any more.  So Kuol had to be paid in order to get to work? Is there anything SPLM is these dirty dealings? 

Mading Ngor role in reporting government secrets to the Sentry- American research institution

 The same Ngor uses his closeness to Bol Mel to acquire secret documents of the company transaction, compile and send them to the Sentry. He had done it successfully before when Mel was the CEO of ABMC. Ngor had hired Mel business associates who deal with paperwork involving cash. He did a great harm to the ABMC until the company was sanctioned regionally and internationally leading to its collapse and subsequent closure. He was overheard in one of the sittings with his home boys saying, “we are bringing down again this Bhar-el-Ghazal -owned looting scheme disguised as a development project”. Here, the double-edge scammer was referring to the ARC. He had occasionally exploited Bol Mel’s philanthropic gestures and good heart for people to his advantage. He considers Mel as a mere extravagant. A foolish member of the foolish majority! Mel should watch Mading Ngor’s steps carefully before he thrushes his feet into another inextricable muddy pond for the second time. “Being cheated twice by the same man shows your foolishness, as said!”

Mading Ngor role in the infamous Shirikat incident

This fake journalist played a dirty game before and in the aftermath of the Shirikat incident which claimed the lives of South Sudanese including the army officer related to the president. He had recently spotted holding a sizable number of meetings with people at Shirikat and Juba suburbs; where he had strongly ruled out that the senior army personnel who were due for interrogation for criminal activity that led to the incident should not be arrested, held accountable or interrogated for being liberators. He told his audience to go into areas inhabited by Bor communities and carry out a campaign against the local court order demanding for these officers to appear in court for a probe. You might have heard the repeated adjournment to the Shirikat court hearings due to absence of key suspects who were bailed out but chose to remain at large following Mading Ngor’s protracted and inciting campaigns. Mading Ngor knows that the arm of law is long, and there is no place the law cannot go for you as long as you are a fugitive. These senior army officers his negative campaigns have sent into permanent hiding shall avail themselves in the long run for the law to take it cause. Justice must be served to all!

Note: Mading Ngor, you wrote a response to my many articles which have been trending online across the globe. In your first article titled: ‘Kuol Manyang is the same nationalist from the bush’. Am not going to touch anything in that useless response but want to shed some light on one thing. The use of Ambassador Gordon Buay as a scapegoat. Kindly leave that innocent ambassador alone. You know for reality whom you are fighting and wanting to create some drama by finger-pointing at a wrong target, fetching nothing for conversation. It seems you guys are mad and paranoid at Gordon for no exact reason; it has reached to a point where a crocodile will one day grab someone at the shore in Bor, and surely people like you shall rush and point fingers at Gordon Buay. Gordon has nothing to do with the ongoing media war. Look elsewhere, within Bor and beyond, Kuol Manyang enemies have tripled. There is no joke in hard politics. Enjoy the read! 

The author, Nicholas Chan, is a concerned South Sudanese who can be reached through his email at nicolasmadingchan@gmail.com

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