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Opinion: How Khartoum-backed Cartels Are Plotting to Bankrupt  South Sudan 

By Andrew Wiew Puot ,

March 24, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — On 21st October 2019, the Minister of Finance and Planning  allocated 18 cargoes of crude oil estimated at USD 600 million to a  company called MINS General Trading LLC. This company is owned  by Kur Ajing Ater (who has been sanctioned by the United States  Government), Paulino Diing Madol and Majok Chol. This letter for  the allocation of 18 cargoes of crude oil was leaked online. This  caused outrage among South Sudan citizens forcing the Minister in  the Office of the President to issue another letter “cancelling” the  award of 18 cargoes of crude oil to Kur Ajing Ater and his  associates. Reliable sources within the Presidency have confirmed to  this author that indeed the so-called letter of cancellation was a  public relation stunt to deceive the people of South Sudan that the  18 cargoes allocated to Kur Ajing Ater and his associates was not  going to be paid. 

Hon. Tutkew Gatluak Manime doing his Islamic wedding in A-Bashir Palace in Khartoum in November 2018. The wedding was attended by President Bashir but missed by Salva Kiir(Photo credit: courtesy image)
Hon. Tutkew Gatluak Manime doing his Islamic wedding in A-Bashir Palace in Khartoum in November 2018. The wedding was attended by President Bashir but missed by Salva Kiir(Photo credit: courtesy image)

In the mix of all of this confusion, it emerged that one man by the  name of Tut Kew or Tut Gatluak with the support and the backing of  the new regime in Khartoum was the one pulling all the strings to  bankrupt the people of South Sudan. Tut Kew who is also the  Presidential Advisor on Security and the Chairperson of the National  Pre-Transitional Committee (NPTC) is a Khartoum insider. He grew  up under the guidance of former Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir. 

When the new regime took over leadership in Khartoum, Tut  Gatluak quickly positioned himself as the mediator between the  Sovereign Council and the Opposition groups. He took advantage of  the offer by the President of the Republic of South Sudan to  mediate peace talks between the warring parties in Sudan. 

However, in recent months South Sudanese have expressed  their dissatisfaction with how one man is being given so much  power with little capacity to even accomplish one task. Early this  month, a group of civil societies organizations called on the  President of the Republic of South Sudan to replace Tut Gatluak Manime with a competent prominent South Sudan politician as the  Chairperson of the National Pre-Transitional Committee. This is  because Tut Gatluak is not the right person to run sensitive affairs  of a key committee like NPTC tasked with the implementation of the  Revitalized Peace Agreement (R-ARCISS) for these obvious  reasons;

He is an outsider 

Tut Gatluak Manime is a member of the National Congress Party  (NCP). He grew up under former President Omar Al Bashir in  Khartoum. Tut has not gone to the bush nor did he participate  in the liberation struggle that gave birth to the Republic of South  Sudan. He doesn’t know the history of liberation struggle in South  Sudan and therefore cannot play any meaningful role in uniting  cadres of the SPLM – where the current crisis started in the first  place. 

Creating more enemies for President Salva Kiir Mayardit 

Due to his well-known background as a member of the National  Congress Party, SPLM cadres are increasingly finding it difficult to come to the term with the fact their adversaries during the  liberation struggle are now suddenly in position of power calling  shots and directing affairs of the SPLM party and the State of the  Republic of South Sudan. As such senior members of the SPLM  party are accusing the President of the Republic who is also the  Chairman of the SPLM party of undermining them by bringing an  outsider to handle very sensitive matters of both the SPLM party  and the Republic of South Sudan. Even Warrap leaders and freedom  fighters including the former SPLA Generals have come to the  conclusion that Tut Kew is the one running the country. 

Tut Kew has been bragging to his associates that he is actually the  one running the show. He has disrespected the President through  such reckless statements. 

He is illiterate and inexperience 

Tut Gatluak is illiterate and inexperienced to manage any public  office. He cannot write his own name leave alone reading and  understanding complex government correspondences. He only  communicates through translators when meeting with foreign  dignitaries supporting the implementation of the Revitalized Peace  Agreement. 

He is corrupt and a fraudster 

Tut Gatluak Manime is the man behind the many scandals related to  the sales of thousands of crude oil cargoes in the name of providing  food to the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF). It was  Tut Gatluak through Kur Ajing Ater, Paulino Diing Madol and Captain  Majok Chol who influenced the award of 18 cargoes of crude oil valued at $539 million to MINS General Trading LLC. Reliable  sources in the Presidency say Tut influenced the award of a contract  worth $539 million to supply food to the Army. According to  credible sources, this food alleged to have been supplied by Kur  Ajing and associates is only sorghum and it is rotten because it has  been stored in Sudan for more years hence making it unhealthy for  human consumption. According to experts, this could lead to food  poisoning and death of soldiers and their families. This contract with  the same amount of money has been paid over and over again for  more than three years. This particular figure is never deducted from  the IFMIS system of the Ministry of Finance and Planning. Under the  direction of Tut Kew, the Director General of Procurement and his  Deputy at the SSPDF went to Khartoum to sign the contract without  the knowledge of the Minister of Defense and leadership of SSPDF.  Kur Ajing and Paulino Diing are currently in Khartoum while Captain  Majok Chol is currently in Dubai awaiting the transfer of cash from  the sale of 18 cargoes of crude oil. He has squandered millions of  US Dollars allocated to NPTC for the implementation of key  provisions in the Revitalized Peace Agreement. 

Tut Gatluak owns high-end luxurious apartments and other  properties in Juba. Where did someone who came from Khartoum  with nothing own so much in assets and properties within such a  short period of time? He heads the cartel that is milking resources  of South Sudan. He is using Kur Ajing Ater, Paulino Diing Madol and  Captain Majok Chol as his proxies to gain access to the President. 

He is training and arming his own militias 

Tut Gatluak Manime is currently training and arming his own private  army both in Juba and his hometown of Bentiu. He is doing this as  an insurance against potential removal from his position as  Presidential Advisor to the President. 

Tut Kew is an agent of Sudan Government 

Credible and reliable sources within the Government in Khartoum  have told this author that Tut Kew is an agent of the Khartoum to  bring down the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit and  eventually unite Sudan and South Sudan. Tut’s office Manager is an  officer in the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in  Khartoum. His real identity is questionable. He is said to be a  Darfurian.  

It is also worth noting that Kur Ajing Ater is a Brigadier General  within the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) and  Paulino Diing Madol is an officer within the National Security Service (NSS). These two individuals through the support of the Tut Kew  have been interacting with the Deputy Chairman of the Sudan  Sovereign Council, Gen. Mohammed Hemedti Hamdan Dagalo. How  does Kur Ajing who is a Brigadier General in the Army and Paulino  Diing Madol who is an officer in the National Security Service be  allowed to interact with the Deputy Chairman of the ruling  Sovereign Council in Khartoum? These two individuals have been  dealing directly with the Deputy Leader of a foreign country. Direct  phones to the President are being coordinated by Captain Majok  Chol. Where are the security institutions that are supposed to be  protecting the President from such exposure? 

Exposing South Sudan to Sanctions 

The United States Government has already imposed sanctions on  Kur Ajing. As such, it is a big mistake for the Office of the President  and the Ministry of Defense to deal with an individual who has been  sanctioned by the US Government. This exposes the country to  serious risk of being sanctioned by the US Government. Kur Ajing  Ater and Paulino Diing Madol  


We call on President Salva Kiir Mayardit to get rid of Tut Kew and  bring on board former Generals and leaders of SPLM who have the  interest of South Sudan at heart. Tut and his associates have  proven beyond any doubts that they are determined to bring down  the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Credible sources  have confirmed to this author that Tut Kew is also providing  financial support to the opposition groups including the Chairman of  the SPLM-IO, Dr. Riek Machar. Tut has hired private jets many  times to ship millions of US dollars to Dr. Riek Machar in Khartoum. 

He is doing all this for his own political survival and interest. It is for  this reason that the National Pre-Transitional Committee headed by  Tut Kew is not able to implement key provisions of the R-ARCISS  including the security arrangements leading to further delay in the  formation of Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity. 

Sources within the NPTC have confirmed that the $40 million that  was transferred to the account of NPTC has been used by Tut Kew  to bribe his associates to secure his position as the Presidential  Advisor on Security Affairs and the Chairman of NPTC. The only  thing Tut has done is paying hotel accommodations; nothing more. 

Last but not least, it has been confirmed by highly-placed sources  that the sum of $539 million has been received by the  Government. Tut Kew used his position to influence the payment of  the sum of $440 million to his business associates Kur Ajing Ater and Paulino Diing Madol who are currently in Khartoum waiting for  the cash transfer of these monies from the United Arab Emirates  (UAE) to their accounts in Khartoum. Once these monies are transferred to their accounts, it will then be airlifted in private jets  to Juba. One can only imagine where this money will end up. 

  • This article will be continued in the next publication where  all relevant documents, vouchers and evidence from the  Ministry of Defense & Veterans Affairs, Ministry of Finance  and the Bank of South Sudan will be attached and released in  the next article.*

The author is a concerned South Sudan who can be reached through social media.

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