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OPINION: Equatoria, my beautiful land; The thorn in the flesh

The truth hurts but it is liberating

By Alma Ettore,

SPLA-IO officials training youth in undisclosed locations in Equatoria to wage rebellion against the Juba regime(Photo: file)
SPLA-IO officials training youth in undisclosed locations in Equatoria to wage rebellion against the Juba regime(Photo: file)

Sept 8, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — This is written in reply to an article by Riak Gok Majok “Permanent Shedding of Crocodile Tears”. As you can see, I have taken off the Dr and PhD titles because it is meaningless as far as the majority of our suffering and fed up South Sudanese are concerned. A person is measured by his/her maturity, self-respect and honesty rather than a dubious title which is questionable, especially when every thieving members of the SPLA/M is either a phony doctor or an illiterate general or even a satanic pastor. 

Riak stated in his article and I quote:

“In the Juba Conference, which was held from June 12 to 1,319 47….” Titled ‘Permanent Shedding of Crocodile Tears’. Was the 1,319 47 a serial number Doctor? I laughed with real (crocodile) tears at the glaring, funny and unforgivable mistake. This is why I have removed from him his sham doctorate title and I can only shed crocodile tears over the loss. Of the title. How can we believe that he is a PhD holder when he cannot even write the date correctly?

Riak, it seems that for all your projected (untrue) vast research and education, you are lacking a very simple insight as to why the conference was held. I hope you are not autistic, or God forbid, a psychopath who, has no empathy with the sufferings of the Equatorians . From its title “Healing and reconciliation” the conference name should have given you a simple clue that it was held for the citizens of South Sudan in order to air out their grievances, their pain and suffering in order for them to heal and move on. The atrocities directed at innocent, unarmed men, women and children by an out of order rag tag militia that the likes of you have unleashed is a testimony of your criminality and lack of respect for human life.  Your tribe has devastated the homeland of the Equatorians and stolen their peace. A homeland given to them by God. The least the Equatorians can do is to come out in a small space and small frame of time to talk about their experiences, grievances and aspirations. You, Mr Doctor have seen with your own eyes the unbelievably vicious and satanic assault on innocent civilians ranging from unlawful and wanton killing, raping, burning of their homes and farmlands, vandalising and looting their properties which happened since 2013 and is still going on everywhere in South Sudan. So why are you so incensed that the Equatorians are venting their feelings and letting people know about their grievances in Juba which if you like it or not is an Equatorian city? Why should a bully like you have to intimidate them after they were encouraged to air their feelings in their own land by the government? Was it a satanic trap so that you monitor what people are saying so that you can lynch and kill them afterwards? What type of nasty people are you? You are from the JCE which will rot in hell for the evil way they have kindled the fire of intertribal wars and hatred. Have the Equatorians travelled anywhere in South Sudan to cause suffering to your people or others in their land? Why do you want to muzzle suffering people who have spoken their minds in their fatherland after they were asked to do so? 

Mr Doctor, you are trying to rewrite history in your own way by disputing the fact that it was the Equatorians who first called for the Federal System in Sudan. If you have the minutes of that conference meeting, then please publish it otherwise I will call you a liar to your face.  Produce them and convince us otherwise shut your big mouth. You said that in the Juba conference the delegates of Equatoria were fewer than those of Bahr El Ghazal and Upper Nile. Are you telling me that the majority of people were Dinka? Please produce the proof not by empty words but by references. I want numbers and references Mr Doctor, Sir !!!!!You are a PhD holder, therefore a researcher: You know very well that anything you claim without a reference is considered heresy and lies. Proof to us that you are not a barefaced liar.  

Riak Gok Majok, do not belittle yourself and proof beyond doubt that you are a mere buffoon and pathetic by denying that the Torit Mutiny of 1955 is an Equatorian Affair. If it was not, was it a Dinka affair? Even when a child lies, he or she will try and make it believable. Where is Torit Mr Doctor? Is it in your land? By the way, we the Equatorians liberated you starting from 1955 up to date. If the Equatorians did not resurrect you from the rotten ashes you were covered in, you would still be wallowing in slavery and nakedness up to date. The SPLA was formed using the footprints of the Torit mutiny. The SPLA Guerrilla war is the continuation of Anyanya war, using the same tactics but falling short from the high morals of the Equatorian Mighty and courageous Anyanya Freedom Fighters.  You should thank us for showing you the way and putting the name of South Sudan on the map. Trying to dispute this fact will make you a laughingstock and a joker, so please try and not shame yourself and expose your ignorance. Doctor, please go to any respectable library or even primary school in Sudan and READ the history books. You will find it all in black and white, Arabic and English.

You went on to say that the SPLA tribes ( Dinka and Nuer) should reap the benefits of South Sudan regardless of their suitability for the job because they fought with bravery etc. but you forgot to mention that the SPLA is the most dysfunctional  and disorganised group to ever walk on the soils of South Sudan. How they kill, torture, loot and rape innocent civilians compared to the Anyanya freedom fighters who protected civilians, never killed, raped or looted. All the world knows this fact and actually it is people from other countries who are making this comparison. The other factor is that when Garang and Riak fought each other and the SPLA was split in 1992, it was the Equatorians who came to the rescue in the eleventh hour, after Garang begged them to help; and the Equatorians did. This is why the SPLA/M has survived. You should thank us for saving your arses from your own brethren. Everything is in the history records Mr Doctor. Perhaps this is why you hate the Equatorians so much, because you will never be at their level.

You said that the SPLA must be reformed which is the only truth you stated in the whole of your shambolic article, maybe because your rag tag army is not fit for purpose and is an eye sore: Dinka and Nuer Generals who can’t even write their names. It can only happen with the likes of you as leaders.

You are annoyed that the Equatorians are saying they are being marginalised. What is that to do with you if this is their feelings.? Were they not invited by Salva Kiir to say what they want? You are nothing but a bully with a PhD which is worth less than the paper it was endorsed on. You sated that the wealth of the nation was invested in Equatoria. What wealth? Is it the houses and seedy hotels you and your cronies have built with, filthy stolen, blood -soiled money?  Why don’t you and your government invest in your Fatherland? Why are you loathing and hating your own land and encroaching on ours like buzzing irritating flies? You have no respect for people’s land because you have no culture and decency. You come with you horrible, ailing cattle full of diseases, flies and filth and encroach on our liberty and freedom, carrying guns that have been distributed by your criminal relatives in the government. Before you came to Equatoria, it was clean, beautiful, sacred, safe and a land of the living. You came and the whole satanic spirits of evil and wickedness came with you. This is why if you relocate the capital from Juba, we want you to take everything with you including the houses and hotels that you built with stolen, filthy money. May the spirits of our ancestors chase you all the way to the places you came from. 

You Mr Doctor Shambles are nothing but an envious wicked and black- hearted devil. You want to live in Equatoria, you want to talk like Equatorians, you want to look like Equatorians, you want to marry Equatorians but you CAN’T be an Equatorian. Why are you angry with us? You should be angry with God who created you a Jenge and put you in a marshy, useless land and created us smart and good looking and placed us in Equatoria, the land that you so want but which does NOT belong to you. The nice green environment of Equatoria does not match your tall, thin and lanky looks. You are better off in open marshy land. So, stay in a place where God created you. He did it for a reason.

Riak, if you look at the history of every nation on this Earth, you will discover that the land will always go back to its rightful owner, one way or another.  So, you can either go to your fatherland now gracefully or one day soon you will do so forcefully. Take your pick.

Equatoria Guwa!

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