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Opinion: A fallen salient

By Changkuoth Gem Panyuan,

Sept 8, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — As a farewell after your frightful obnoxious death, I am writing my peace of memories for you brother. Since the day you have gone, I could not explain how and what to write about your death and how I could endure it. Turning around seeing your colleagues, family members, brothers and sisters in struggle changing their profiles, posting your photos, explaining how you are needed and your contribution, I am overwhelmed with sadness knowing that I will not again see you unless we meet in the second life. However, I am happy that you leave this world with legacy and your legacy will remain. And after I laid you to rest at our home, this piece of writing will be marked my Farwell statement after our parents and your government statement on your death and the final day of your burial process where we sometime seeks a little endurance which pave a way for going forward. I know your name will be mentions as an example among the every good leaders who work and stand for their people. You left behind your profession working with foreign dignitaries and come to ground to serve your people. 

SPLM-IO deputy governor of Sobat state Duol Tut Gor (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Dr. Duol Tut a Medical Doctor and Surgeon by profession, and a Colonel in army, has served in various position in South Sudan since 2006 one year after the signing of CPA including SPLA and in Malakal Hospital as a Health Professional. During the Juba massacre in 2013, he joined his people protesting the ethnic cleansing introduced by the government of Salva Kiir Mayardit and become one of the SPLM/A IO cadres and a leading former Health Secretary in Sobat State. Dr. Duol who led Medical Corps during 2016 advance team in Juba, a member of SPLM/IO National Liberation Council and a Sobat State Deputy Governor until his last breath, is a young rising leading star from his community and within his own political group. I can also remember when he could still prescribe the medicine since he is already in Deputy Governor Position, a politically appointed position.

When Colonel. Dr. Duol Tut come to his position as a Deputy Governor of Sobat State, he have the below steps:

  1. He left behind his professional work (Medical Doctor) in Aga Khan Hospital-Kenya to serve his country and community at capacity of Deputy Governor in Sobat State.
  2. Dr. Duol left behind his family in Uganda to serve his community at ground, which he successfully did. The good example was when he spend two to three months in Ulang County and two weeks in Kier/Roam Payam of Malou County to help handle the security situation in the areas.

Still I can remember his campaign agendas merrily known as five points for prosperous Sobat State and SPLM/A IO movement. This is where all his people and movement of IO came into understanding that Dr. Duol still a rising leading star. In a serious of presentation to IO leadership and the people, Col. Dr. Duol have these five points to maintain the strong leadership in Sobat State.

  1. Establishments of military training centers for the transformation of local White Army into SPLA regular forces in consultation with leadership. His administration shall be responsible for mobilization and recruitment of trainees, feeding and purchase of military uniform.
  2. Recall of all deserted SPLA soldiers and others organized forces into designed barracks/military posts. His administration in this manner shall provide food logistics.
  3. Mobilization of resources (Human, Materials and Finance) for greater good of the movement
  4. Establishment of SPLM structures from State to Boma levels
  5. Establishment of Commissioners, Chiefs and White Army forum

These five points are to unite the community to the common goal for SPLM liberation for reforms, democratic and prosperous South Sudan.

With zero expectation, none of us (family members, colleagues in struggles and South Sudan at large) expected your life to have gone so soon like this by liver cancer. I personally condemns the work this cancer is doing at our home. Within a less than of year, cancer killed our brother and former MP. John Chuol Char, our father 1st former Upper-Nile governor DK Daniel Koat Duoth and You Col. Dr. Duol Tut Guor Waat. It is with shock and great dismay I mentions this disease is triplicate with this satanic measure in our home killing elders and young leaders together in no time of more than one year. 

Dr. Duol; you are a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. A person who in the opinion of others has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and we regarded you as a model or ideal. You are a hero. Your legacy will remain like your other comrades.

Our Country and family God will Rise Your Life in Eternal Peace!

The author, Changkuoth Gem Panyuan, can be reached through his email at cheagem@gmail.com.

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