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Opinion: Digging out the Truth on our J1 Man Response to Peter Biar

By Zechariah Makuach Maror,

Activist Peter Biar Ajak (Photo credit: Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Activist Peter Biar Ajak (Photo credit: Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

August 09, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — As I have been keenly following the War of words between our man in J1 and asylum pleader, I have come to my own observation on how the truth could be sighted. The truth that I’m going to flares here doesn’t stand scientific observation but based on the blunder of our man in J1 nonconstructive argument driven by self-love for talks. The whole argument had started with well-designed allegations that some President’s security personnel were assigned to hunt down the former detainees who had cooked storm in a teacup inside Blue-House on October 7, 2018. With the death of ring leader after declaring his intention to overthrow the government, the man who views himself as second targets plea for protection in West in a gimmick he claimed to had been under the surveillance of death squads since he got pardoned by President last year. Something our man in J1 later on stumbled on it for almost two weeks calling it a paranoid, or fear and ploy of escape does not stand what he claimed to be an intelligence tradition.

Literally, it’s commonly believed that we can stifle some aspects of ourselves in our self-presentation to others, so one can do the same to himself in acknowledging or not acknowledging what he/she desires. Most of the time, we spare ourselves from the torture of recognizing our baser yearnings. But when does this necessary private self-deception become harmful? It’s when it’s become a common personal dogma. In other words: when it becomes denialism. When one speculates to the extent of which public view him as a lies shrine, his public appearances on TV is received with prejudices of not expecting his tongue to twists the truth.

For the sake of truth digging, the Bible says that those who suppress the truth are unbelievers. It is only by God’s grace that one acknowledges the truth and sees the light and then repents. Our man in J1 refused to see the truth and willingly adopting stubborn-ness in his response and hardheartedly confined himself to Island of ‘no truth’. For the sake of truth digging Jesus once said that “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,” implying that our man in the island of denial has no substance than being driven by slavery of “darkness.” some will question the applicability of the above-quoted Biblical argument giving the fact that our man is a believer of his family deity, what I don’t know is that, is his godhead build its righteousness around the truth or else, if so, something fishy must be exhumed out of that about the lights of what makes him so.

There’s a common phenomenon that our J1’s man has already agreed with some of the allegations and only what he told us was grudgingly perceived not because of its convenience but because of the political philosophy of South Sudan whereby social individuality is more favorable reasoning behind everyone’s political IQ. We are all confirmed according to our bias here no one is totally objective and without it and if we are to stop this prejudice and think logical, we would acknowledge the truth from the respond of the presidency, we would know that Biar was actually in trouble but the wrong approach of intelligence surveillance that does not stand intelligence tradition gave him a window of exit. Our man in J1 has only impossibles the SSD plate number of mobility in Kenya forgetting that Kenya security has had a past record of corporation with South Sudan security in term of an absconding South Sudanese activist Anchorage in Kenya. 

Our man in J1 gives birth to being a good forfeiture simply by “being a denier”, he has been castigated by the own words of his tongue. The main objection is that our man denial theory is founded on the premise that no one is after the alleged asylum seeker lending the justification of the president pardon last year as his own basis of argument. What my J1’s words affairs ignored here is that he doesn’t know that many activists did perish without the knowledge of his man who grants Amnesty. it’s very difficult to deny that government security is not after political dissidents at the moment where more than Kanybil Noon and other activists are under the patronage of arbitrary detention in the security detention facility you are washing up on the media today.

It is important to note what makes denial approves just refusal to admit to or accept a truth, this proves to me that fact rests upon the degree of individual’s awareness of the existence of the truth. In denial, an individual does not see or is mostly unconscious of the existence of the fact differal to the admission to or accept a truth or fact which doesn’t form the logic of ignorance in that the individual recognizes or is conscious of the existence of the truth or fact but consciously refuses to accept it.

As such, our J1’s man is well known for withholding tangibility. He’s always been known for his stamina of excusing visible truth for granted or renouncing validity of something despite the evidence, with such innings attitudes one will one day refuted that he is not human; a denier of human rights abuses is a denier of oneself. We all know truth is always imparted through wonderful family divine and taught of trustworthy that could enable one to analyze that knowledge in all angles through powerful logic and analysis, with possessing that only one truth will establish the truth in oneself. The learned one shall catch hold of what I have jotted here and learn divine knowledge from it. I was expecting our J1’s man to express himself in many balance angles of admitting some fact to convince the reader not with emotion, but with excellent logical analysis and sharp analysis. As such, the lies custodians of J1 will one day denied him-self.

Though attention hunting fabrication of blue House’s sodomization of inmates remains an allegation from Peter Biar, Our J1’s words custodian openly admitted it on his assumption that he  would only believe it on the day a sodomized one gave birth to a sibling or speak up. our man has misconceived the whole story of asylum seekers, Peter Biar was not talking of sodomization  on the ground of sexual flavor but as part of torture to intimidate dissidents, and to refutes such need some logical analysis beforehand. Our man in J1 should be told that it is unjustifiable to refute sodomization of inmates in a country where Ambassadors urinate in the public live shows. If other inhuman harassment are there in your clean house then, why do you want to wait for the man to give birth in order to concede this simple insanity? I am pessimistic on the alleged sodomization as a mere lie from the asylum seeker but optimistic that some undesirable human rights abuses are ensuing in your clean House. A day God will thunder-stormed our clean house with sulfur would be the days J1 liar’s tongues will mistakenly twist the truth.

The first thing our man in J1 should had done before going lives was to check his facts and reasoned well to make sure he could not be glimpsed by public as the one not accepting the truth. You are not special. Neither is the other person with an assumption of how public will perceive his intended lie, at least one of you is wrong either you or asylum seekers but the challenge is to find a test that you both can agree on that will determine which of you is wrong. It could be you. Can you admit it if you are wrong by allowing the neutral body to access the niche to satisfy the public? if no then our J1’s man is chasing the win.

Unusual behaviour in a relative is often the hardest part of mental illness in J1’s words affairs for people to understand, accept and cope with his endless fault, When Gen. Paul Malong Awan left the country under the safe haven of Jieng Council of Elders for his safety, our J1’s man came out sincerely that the corrupt of all time who solely grant himself monetary powers to possess transaction of the cash in unauthorized time in Central bank has finally left, and as such, the government will never be the same again. That one was a great injury to the government that would have cost him more than his seat but who can acknowledge.

Our man in J1 must be told that all situations and relationships are different. What works for you might not work for someone else. You may have to change your approach including your relative’s moods modification. It can help to keep trying and to be positive. You might find it helpful to keep a record of the things you have tried, and whether you thought they were helpful or unhelpful, you need make use of, otherwise rejecting learning from past mistakes would cost you, or you will one day commit unforgivable mistake should this pardonable behaviour ended in J1, you will get us in the street of Hai Thoura or forge your own ploy for seeking the same asylum you are rubbishing today.

The writer is an activist and he could be reached via zeemakuach@gmail.com,

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