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Opinion: The pointless lawsuit isn’t about Hon Mary Ayen Mijok vs. the Vice President Taban

By Santino Aniek,

South Sudan's First Vice President Taban Deng Gai (photo credit: file)
South Sudan’s First Vice President Taban Deng Gai (photo credit: file)

August 08, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The picture this lawsuit paint however is darker and cynical. It confirms some of the greatest fears of why the Vice President Taban Deng Gai is using his office of Vice President and its many powers in service to his narrow intimidation against Ruweng people.

The pointless lawsuit isn’t about Hon Mary Ayen Mijok vs. the Vice President Taban. It is simply about anger and outrage Vice President Taban vs. the Ruweng people. This is whether we as a society tolerate the divisions and injustices rooted in history and stoked by the Vice President Taban all these years about the existence of Ruweng people on the face of the earth. What’s remarkable about the circumstances in which Ruweng people find themselves with this counterrevolution going on with the Vice President Taban, it’s not a mystery what he is to Ruweng people. What striking all the Ruweng people is the relative ignorance and foolishness of the Vice President running trying to destroy Hon Mary Ayen’s political career. As people who have been dealing with Taban and his community Jekany ever since, the people of Ruweng understand that can make it even the stupidest by making it as Hon Mary Ayen vs. him instead of Ruweng people vs. him. What the Vice President Taban didn’t know prior of filing lawsuit against Hon Mary Ayen is that, an attack on one individual is an attack on all Ruweng people. Nevertheless, the thing about this, is even if the Vice President Taban get everything he wants in Ruweng, whatever it is, including a brand-new piece of land in the middle of Ruweng, if he succeed in transforming Ruweng the way he wants, if he succeed in erasing and eliminating all Ruweng people, and replacing them with his Jekany people, still he will not going to be happy because the Nhialic of Ruweng will continue to keep them safe, and Taban will never ever going to be satisfied.

In fact, whatever the Vice President Taban and his attorney Kiir Chol think about this lawsuit against Hon Mary Ayen, the result will be, it is going to cause them happiness, contentment, and that realization is going to shock them to their core even more. Beside, this is their status even now if they proceed with lawsuit because they will not be dealing with Hon. Mary Ayen alone, but they will be dealing with the entire Ruweng people. More importantly, the Vice President Taban and his Jekany gotten a lot of what they’ve been demanding since they inhabited Panakuach and Wanh Danluel, and none of it makes them happy. The Vice President Taban continually come up with all of these reasons to explain his depression, his sadness, his anger why Ruweng still exist on the face of the earth, and nothing solves his problem. In the meantime, he is on the verge of destroying the greatest peace loving State that’s ever been envisioned and created and founded, all because Vice President Taban is afraid of the existing of Ruweng people in one of the richest oil State in the world. You want to know how ridiculous this is, let me repeat it again, yes; Vice President Taban had filed a lawsuit against one of the powerful Ruweng representative last week.

We the Ruweng people are always portrayed by the Vice President Taban and his Jekany as the problems, we’re portrayed as people who want to kill Jekany people, and we’re portrayed as people who occupy Jekany land by a bunch of bigmouth nobodies not doing anything, they always pointing how superior they are, but the Vice President Taban and his Jekany never defeated Ruweng people in any bottle! In other words, if he can articulate conventional wisdom, and if he can go along with traditionalism war, if he eloquently files a lawsuit against the people of Ruweng, then everything will be fine with these peace loving people because Ruweng always come out as a victorious all these years and every time Taban tried them. The Vice President Taban thinks that he is permanently good by using cunning and he can do anything he wish to do to others. Well, it doesn’t matter in the slightest what his ideas actually would accomplish this time with this pointless lawsuit, because it doesn’t matter anymore since he disclosures himself to the entire South Sudanese people.

Why, the people of Ruweng permanently judged the Vice President Taban swiftly, he is assessed as cold and cruel and mean-spirited, and he doesn’t care if people of Ruweng die all. But on the other hand, what Ruweng people care about is peace with her neighbor communities and when in truth, it has nothing to do with the defamation the Vice President is obsessed with in which he claims to be the reason to filed a lawsuit against Ruweng people, but his Jekany has been attacking people in Biemnom, Kuet, Bui, and everywhere all these years. With the occupant in Panakuach and Wanh Danluel, with all these attack, killing every year, and the lawsuit against the people of Ruweng, the Vice President Taban seem to have his dream that much closer to coming true, and if you question him, you are bad person, you’re mean, and you be subject to lawsuit or death threat!

Well, Hon Mary Ayen is the representative of Ruweng people and she is single-handedly fighting the forces arrayed against the Ruweng people and to make this the worst it can be, is to turn around and filed a lawsuit against her. And therefore, the people who she is advocating for will not continue to sit down quietly and let the Vice President Taban harm her both mentally, psychologically, and politically, she is a good person that happens to defend her constituency from these dark forces. As we watch this display, as we watch the Vice President Taban melting down over the statement Hon Mary Ayen has made due to the death of innocent people in the hand of Taban’s Jekany people and side with the enemy of Ruweng people, I wonder how many South Sudanese people, what have you, who are on the fence see this and are shocked and surprised by it. I do because you never know the depth because it seems there are number of people who are still believe that the Vice President Taban represent the interest of the entire South Sudanese people.

In other words, every South Sudanese need to know who the Vice President Taban is and what kind of person Ruweng people are dealing with. Well, one of the missions of this article has been the attempt and the objective to inform every South Sudanese ideologically who the Vice President Taban is, why he always after Ruweng and, how he becomes indistinguishable from our original enemy. And now, I mean, it is unmistakable who the Vice President Taban is, and he is the ones making it well known that Ruweng should not be a State for the reason that is known to him. However, let me pause to emphasize that I believe not all the supporters of the Vice President Taban agree with what he has done to Ruweng people all these years, especially when he is at his inflammable worst like this lawsuit against Hon Mary Ayen or the statement he has made some months ag that Ruweng should not being made as State because Biemnom and Panrieng has no boarder. I continue to believe that many of his Jekany are driven to support the Vice President Taban through his misleading statements that Ruweng land is belong to Jekany and will hopefully, after attacking people of Ruweng day and night they will one day move away from that land. But what the Vice President didn’t know is that, encouraging violence against the peace loving community and seeking to undermine the livelihood of someone’s life is a declaration of war against that community. I used to refuse to believe that this is the destiny of the Vice President Taban. For the Jekany who believe this and for the Vice President Taban himself kept misleading the people of this great nation that his father was buried in Ruweng land, is deceitfulness at its best, and I respectfully suggest that Taban and his Jekany think it through and think again.

With this in mind, it may be instructive in making sense of today for the Vice President Taban to reflect on these instances where these most attacks and killing of Ruweng people were cause by his Jekany all these years. I worry that we are staring into such a depth today, the frequent attacks and killing of Ruweng people by the Vice President Taban’s Jekany are far too numerous to list here, but they must not be forgotten. And the swell of anger and specter of violence coming from his Jekany will not frighten the people of Ruweng. It is a rich irony that the Vice President Taban always paints Ruweng people as almost the aggression, even though South Sudanese can attest that they attack in Biemnom, Kuet, Bui, and everywhere in Ruweng in every year are by Jekany.

Yet the Ruweng people are in a fight literally for their lives, and as people, we have many putting themselves in harm’s way like Hon Mary Ayen and sacrificing greatly for our collective wellbeing. We fight against an enemy that used to eat with us and we do so not in some far off jungle or on a punishing beachhead, but in Ruweng land. The struggle is first and foremost in Ruweng villages, in our grazing land and many places in Ruweng that in normal times don’t carry the shadow of mortal danger. We are a people in active grief in what happen in Biemnom, Kuet, Bui, and everywhere is very painful to us. And the struggle is far from over with many more lives surely to be lost and the Vice President has the gut to filed lawsuit against Ruweng people is really pathetic. 

In fact, anyone that still believes in Vice President Taban is purely ignorance. Why, because there are those who seem to believe that the Vice President Taban might change his heart one day, but what Ruweng people experience day and night is the true concept of betray by the Vice President who doesn’t care whatsoever and we have been witnesses his action in Biemnom, Kuet, Bui, and everywhere in Ruweng in every year. Now, the most crucial element, Ruweng people must adapt to the same tactic to affect the change in this grief situation, and there is a need to reeducate themselves about who the Vice President Taban is for those who have missed his true color. It is not going to be a simple prescription for our entire community to pull themselves out of this insanity circumstance against the Vice President who has been using the nation’s resources to kill innocent people. 

Finally, this business of Vice President Taban need to be done with during our generation time because it will be enormous mistake if it is left to the next generation. It is time for the Vice President Taban and his Jekany to respect this peace that was signed couple of months ago or else and refusing to comply with this enquiry will result into serious consequences between the two communities. Furthermore, with all the threats, and intimidations against the people of Ruweng, there is a need for a broad spectrum of social change in Ruweng, because swallowing our pride always is becoming an exclusively disease that need an immediate cure. While fundamentally change is a good word for getting to the root case of this lawsuit, things have been a heavy load on the entire community of Ruweng since Taban became the Governor of Unity State and the same rotten treatment still exist when he became the Vice President, but the question is, does President Kiir Mayardit knows what Taban is doing to the people of Ruweng. Now, there is a need for the Vice President Taban to drop the lawsuit against Ruweng people or resign now because there is no way in hell he could be allow to use the Vice President’s powers against any community and this falsely lawsuit is offensive, it must be elucidate in full detail, so that the uninform can be aware of the wider condition between Ruweng people and and the Vice President. 

Santino Aniek s a concern South Sudanese lived in Upstate New York, U.S.A. He can be reached at santino.aniek5@gmail.com or santino.aniek@snhu.edu Find me on Facebook and on twitter@saniek,

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