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Lest We Forget: the Past, Mindless Feast of the First Republic

By Deng Vanang,


Oct 4, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — As the new CPA‘s implementation call grows louder and increasingly fast approaches, known and unknown oglers may be sharpening insatiable appetite with tight belts and neck ties loosened. This, as it seems, is the replica of the old and forgotten CPA that went terribly wrong.

At the time, starved in the plenty was South Sudan’s economically deprived population lulled into a mirage called hope that hardly comes by.

Those deemed to be positioning themselves to interrupt the great feast about to start off in earnest were studiously reined in. The bad boys railroaded into retirement as Garang was prepared to take up the challenge were reinstated soon following his unexpected demise.

The ragtag Southern armed groups then flapping on the cozy laps of the smitten North were generously bought in with both stick and carrot to take up their strategic positions at the feast’s high table.

The northerners threateningly overflying the banquette were scarred off right at the common borders as stood on January first, 1956 during the old Sudan independence which Southerners believed was only meant for the north as it not yet ‘’Uhuru’’ for them.

The colony of indispensable spousal unions conspicuously took charge, outwitting the lowly and nondescript. The lucky few to intrude into the exclusive club were none other than home wreckers, plucked from the extended relations of private affairs in which the girl child dominates.

With the venue most assuredly secured then began the remarkably mindless feast a midst characteristic jabs, elbows and sidekicks. Those having relations at the vintage points and comrades who took a stroll in excitement were left to their own delusion. Martyrs condemned to the silence of their own mass graves as unburied others were fed on by roaming birds of the air and traversing animals of the earth.

Their surviving male children took to streets with begging bowls that hardly perched coins from unsympathetic Uncles who got lost in themselves in the stampede of the feast and equally as well dragged mothers and sisters into nocturnal entertainment in exchange for a living in order to see yet another sunny day and its dreaded nightmarish night.

Closely in tow were a bunch of foreign green horns masquerading as experts to help the self – claimed power barons plunder an otherwise virgin economy. All in their no-holds barred personalization, commercialization and criminalization of both state and its nascent institutions against the bewildering populace.

AK – 47s bolstered with forged secondary schools’certificates rode rough shots over world’s renowned Universities academic degrees in the backdrop of ignorance and cronyism which were hysterically celebrated to kill health competition as meritocracy with its corresponding etiquette and decorum relegated into irreversible oblivion.

Traditional democracy of popular buy ventolin online consensus plunged into monocracy with its supply and demand chain of kleptocracy as driven by unsurpassed greed and usury. Unrelenting sadists behind this monumental anarchy were the anti-forces of rule of law and order from which they immensely benefit.

Moved on to silence the voice of reason against bad mouthing their excesses while questionable freedom of colluding associations to loot and movement to siphon off loots were safely guaranteed.

Resources meant for construction of infrastructure thrown into breweries and future less eating spree while minding less about health care to take care of resulting complications from booze and over eating respectively.

With country built on space minus the base in the name of education having been grossly ignored as armed robbers took over the unmanned high ways and urban centers in a bid to reclaim their swindled shares of millions Pounds by self-aggrandizing rich and mighty.

Rural folks left to alleviate their own poverty through merry-go rounds in cattle rustling and child abduction while local humanitarian do-gooders made their kill through Western borrowed fancy aid relief theories which only deplete local markets, corrupt government and reinforce both dependency and redundancy.

Rudderless economic policies consigned mass of youth and fresh graduates into joblessness and despair in what is potentially a sea of abundance.

Darkness constantly hovers over towns in the twilight of deafening sounds of Chinese made portable generators as already polluted Nile water continues to rebelliously rumble in the sickly tummies. With foot treks that pass for roads meander through dense forests and quagmire of muddy waters a midst untold mechanical incidences.

While the highest infant and child birth mortality rates remain as always the all-time nuisance pricking the conscience of the watchful world.

Not before long, there at the banquet arose the quarrels out of the endless blame games. Reasons range from petty fights over the limited vintage points surrounding the feast to the more serious issue of some biting more than they could chew.

And so was the national facade behind which the feast was elaborately hidden peeled off. Factions were formed behind the thick walls of ethnic cocoons in a flash of lightning, some of which graduated into independent annexes while the rest chose to stay put to cause internal digestion.

In between, then lies the iron curtain that proves too hard to break by soft power of peaceful dialogue. In a twinkling of an eye, the merry-making turned into deadly brawl drawing in again the previously dejected orphans and widows but now more than needed to do the dirty work for the thankless death’s merchants of South Sudan’s never ending wars, partly over status and fat cheques.

Deng Vanang is Journalist and author to be reached at:dvanang@gmail.com

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Goweng Torbaar October 4, 2015 at 10:54 pm

Why only Mr. Kiir and Dr. Machar in military uniform while every body including Dr.John laid down their guns. This is the cause of 2013 war


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