Opinion: An open letter to the new minister of interior

By Emmanuel Malual


Photo: South Sudan’s Interior Minister Hon. Paul Mayom Akec | Credit | Gurtong Trust

March 31, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – Your appointment   as the minister of interior has come at a significant juncture   in the history of the South Sudan hence the decisions and actions you in your portfolio   hence forth will determine not only a political post but peace and stability of our dear Motherland South Sudan.

The mandate of the new minister of interior is to create an effective community-oriented police service to fight all inter-communal violence in South Sudan and in this regard I wish to therefore urge you to ensure that your ministry and all its agencies place themselves   on the of the constitution to up hold   the rule of law and protect fundamental rights and freedoms in the Country like South Sudan.

Lakes state perennial  inter-communal violent between Gony, Dhiei, Kuei, Pakama and Rup with their recent clashes has left 40 people killed and 60 people injured   and  also Warrap houses  burning  of houses at night is also a challenge to you as new minister of Interior.

Murle, Twic East and Luo Nuer also are the biggest problems that need all of you to work hard to start for benefits of the citizens of South Sudan. Greater lakes state communities have expressed concerns over the increasing cases of insecurity in the volatile region of lakes as conflict is continued since independence of South Sudan from North Sudan.

The counties of lakes state over perennial   conflicts as well continues of banditry attacks had drastically affected businesses along the borders in the counties with lakes state.

Community leaders and youths, women raised concern over inability of businesses to operate freely at the border points, saying it has also affected transportation of supplies to the region, as the traders avoid the area due to insecurity. They said the region is endowed with untapped resources saying business communities are unable to tap them after re-emergence of banditry activities in the lakes state areas.

Counties are unable to cultivate their own food which also state government should have gets revenues but due to banditry nothing is being collected from the citizens. As a newly appointed   Minister of interior you must beef up security in the regions as a demand from citizens.

Few individuals on social media are talking about new minister of interior Paul Mayom Akech that he is the right man for right place in lakes states because one time he said that if he is given the post to solve the problems of Lakes state and other states that facing the same problems since independence of South Sudan from north Sudan. The minister of interior must apply conflict resolutions among pastoral communities are not new phenomena, among the pastoral communities living in some parts of South Sudan.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese citizen. He can be reached via: malualmakkuach77@gmail.com

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