In Loving Memory of my Late Dad, Chief Keah Tut Ngoal A. K. A Dol Nyaang and the Victims of Payinjiar County Massacre

By Lony  Keah Tut


With 1000s killed in South Sudan conflict many were buried in mass graves around the country(Photo credits: Hannah McNeish/IRIN)
With 1000s killed in South Sudan conflict many were buried in mass graves around the country(Photo credits: Hannah McNeish/IRIN)

Feb 7, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Dear Dad, It had been a year today since you left us unexpectedly as a result of your sudden death which you met in the hands of Salva Kiir trained militia men Gelweng or Dut ku Beny who launched a bloody attach on innocent civil population at Payinjiar County of Uinty State on February 7th, 2014. This happened in succession after December 2013 Nuer massacre in Juba South Sudan.

Nuer Community loves you, Unity State loves you,  Payinjiar Community loves you, Kol Constituents love you and we your beloved family loves you Dad as we continue to be singing praises for the richest legacy you left behind together with brother Head Chief of Kol Payam Kerubino Nyuon Yar Bol A. K. A Nyachokchuok and the rest of the victims of  Payinjiar  County Massacre

Dad, you participated actively  for decades in the librations war of South Sudan by recruiting young men to join the army (SPLA) in a voluntary services in which people like South Sudan President Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar and the rest of the renounce Country Politicians and most of the Generals in the army emerged from. You used to travel long distances deep in the jungles to fetch and delivered foods to what you nurtured to be called National Army(SPLA) in future and later turned to tribal armies that in turn slaughtered you in cool blooded like a lamb just because you were hailed from Dr. Riek Machar Nuer ethnicity who was accused falsely of attempting coup.
You wished you knew Dad, you wouldn’t have wasted your time and energy to serve those murderers for the whole of your dear life.

Dad, I felt you would have lived longer to see us (children) through in life with the blessings before you die a natural death. All in all it didn’t happen as I thought but I assured you ‘guadiin’ (dad), you didn’t die in vain. You are a national hero and a martyr like many others. Those perpetrators of your death together with others will be brought in to book and meet their own death either by law or the same bullets you were shot(s) with for the justice to be served.

I loved you Dad! I loved you Dol Nyaang! May we (your children) grow up successfully for our enemies to see our strength in future. Amen!

You can reach the author at lonyakeah@gmail.com

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Malish Festo Badi February 7, 2015 at 3:25 am

The Book Of Isaiah Said that To All The Victim Of South Sudan and Especailly To May Brother Lony Keah Tut, That Woe To You,O destroyer, You who have not been destroyed: Woe to You: O traitor, You who have not been betrayed, when You stop destroying, You will be destroyed, When You stop betraying you will be betrayed,O Lord, Be gracious to us, we long for you: Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress: At the thunder of your voice: The People Flee; when You Rise up, The Nations Scatter . ( ISAIAH 33;1-3). Amen

رسالة ءاشعياء النبي يقول لكل أحباء اللذين رقدوا بسبب الحرب في جنوبنا الحبيب ، خاصة الأخ العزيز لوني كايا توت ،ويل لك أيها المدمر الذي لم تدمر بعد، و الناهب الذي لم ينهبوك ، فعندما تكف عن التدمير تدمر ، و حين تمتنع عن النهب ينهبوك، يارب أرحمنا، ءاياك أنتظرنا ، كن عضدنا في الصباح ، و خلأصنا في في أثناء المحنة من صوت ضجيجك هربت الشعوب، و من أرتفاعك تبددت الأمم، وكما يلتهم الجراد كل ما هو أخضر ، هكذا يجمع سلبكم ، و يتواثب الناس علية كتواثب الجادب ، الرب متعظم لأنه ساكن في العلأء . يملأصهيون عدلأ و حقا . هو ضمان ازماتك ووفرة خلأص و حكمة و معرفة. و تكون مخافة الرب كنز. ( أشعياء : 33 : 1 -6 ) أمين .

Gatmai machar yap February 7, 2015 at 3:57 am

Thank bro l.k.t so we r gatdol nyaangdol

Biculkuon Thony February 8, 2015 at 10:26 am

Let every Nuer take note of this massacre that had happened without forgetting.


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