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Opinion: A letter to politics: African and South Sudanese context

By Paul Ruot

Dear Politics,

Paul Ruot (Photo courtesy of the author)
Paul Ruot (Photo courtesy of the author)

July 25, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) –  I hope you’re doing great. I believe you are the art of running government policies that influence every sphere of our lives. I know you’re capable of doing rights or wrongs depending on people who mess up with you. I know you’re mean to be studied thoroughly before anyone mess up with you. I know if anyone did not master your principles, you can be so furious and cause destruction and havoc.

But I have some questions for you sir.  Why do you allow every non-political scientist to mess up with you?    How long will you continue to prostitute our potential and qualified medical doctors, military officers, engineers, Geologists, Nurses, Economists, Lawyers, Judges, Religious leaders, traditional leaders, and cattle camp youth leaders; all claiming to be politicians. All of them gave up their roles in nation building because you charmed them to be your slaves.

Dear Politics,

I thought you’re married to political scientists— those who had taken intensive training on political science in accredited institutions. However, because of your prostitutions’ attitude, you allow every non-political scientist to mess up with you, causing mass destruction in the expense of innocent civilians. Those who partook of your prostitution are now perpetuating violence thinking that they’re doing right politics.

Dear Politics,

Is it what you’re all about?  Now, look at us. You put us back to square one. We became cheap in the eyes of others. Our country is disintegrated, our money becomes useless, our properties were destroyed, our children and elders drowned in rivers because of violent conflict, and we’re starving to death.

Dear Politics,

what is your rules of the game? Look at us!

Ya Jinubins,

Politics is not for everyone.  Let’s mind our businesses and put our country first. Our country needs development, not political prostitutions. Politics is not synonymous with violence. South Sudan politics is politics of violence, African politics is politics of violence. South Sudanese politicians practice political prostitutions

Dear Jinubins,

Conflict is not equal to violence. Politics is not for everyone. Let’s mind our businesses and put our people first.  Our country needs development, not political prostitutions

Dear politics

Have you divorced your husband? Why do you destroy other people’s homes? How shall we hold you accountable for all the sufferings we had.

Dear South Sudanese politicians,

Stop political prostitutions

Stop politics of betrayal

Stop politics of violence

Stop denying us our right to life and liberty

Stop corrupting our economy

Stop displacing our citizens

Stop divide and rule politics

Dear Politics,

stop prostituting our potential military officers, medical doctors, lawyers, farmers, engineers, judges, cattle camp youth, religious leaders, and laymen.. Stop political prostitution which is tearing us apart.

Dear Jinubins,

Our country is greater than all. And it will still remain there even if we all perish. Let’s stop political prostitution which is tearing us apart

I look forwarding to your positive feedbacks.

The author can be reached at paulruotbayoch@gmail.com

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