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On the Unfortunate Beginning and Tragic Ending – Part two.

By Gatweach Naath.

Dr. John Garang the Mabior, the founder of SPLM/SPLA, the first president of GOSS and the first vice president of Sudan with his Salva Kiir the deputy Chairman of SPLM/SPLA who felt out with him in 2004(Photo: Thomas Mukoya/Nyamilepedia)
Dr. John Garang the Mabior, the founder of SPLM/SPLA, the first president of GOSS and the first vice president of Sudan with his Salva Kiir the deputy Chairman of SPLM/SPLA who felt out with him in 2004(Photo: Thomas Mukoya/Nyamilepedia)

Dec 1, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- With reference to my last article with the same title, Iam going to illustrate and explain some facts in that article to enable the reader to understand more facts about my intention to write this article.

The unfortunate beginning administering the country by our rulers began when by chance and undeservingly, inherited the seat, powers and responsibilities of the big man, the late hero Dr. John Grang De Mabior. There was no question about the seat because according to the situation at that time any nearby from the so called SPLM/A disgraceful party member can sit in it. The problem up to now is about the responsibilities of the big man. These responsibilities were too big for the current politicians under the SPLM/A lead government and the chairmanship of the current commander in chief Lt. General, Salvator Mayardiit and his Generals of what is called SPLA even after the independent of the country. You can also refer to the AU report about what took place in 15, 16, 17, and 18 December 2013. It where our General from the disgraceful SPLA, did a big job by killing southerners. Many names of the killers among the useless tribal SPLA, are there.

Lack of shouldering the national responsibilities is one reason for what happened in our country. You can also add the following destructive factors which let to the failure and collapse of the new nation:-

2- Tribalism.

Tribalism is the main factor and direct result for what took place in south Sudan. For instance, in 2006 there were tribal ministries in Juba and fortunately, not in the States because in the states there were a tribal representation which gives every tribe its ratio of representation according to its size in the in the state’s population.

In Juba tribalism were clear from the presidency up to the ministries. Even the formation of the national government was tribal (Bahar El Gazal with lion share in everything). If the ministrs are 32, only 6 ministers can be from other southern regions with their deputies from Bahar El Gazal as monitors.

3- Corruption:-

It is one and the most destructive factor which let to failure of the new nation. It is obvious to everybody in the south and anywhere on earth. This reached the higher of office of the big boss, and it has nested there according to the officially reported cases of theft there.

In addition to that nepotism is the part of this behavior in the whole country, in the centre, states and the counties.

In fact Iam not revealing a secret, it is something known to everybody, even to the so called leaders of today. Iam mentioning these bad factors of Dinka failure, because these weaknesses led to the collapse of the nation. I want to let the accused know this because they did it with intention as if somebody else is going to correct their mistakes.

The good example for corruption is the 75 thieves who stolen the resources of the new nation which were donated to our country by donors. The (75) seventy five thieves or more gone away with money without being questioned by their boss Salvator Mayardiit, sixty five (65) out of the seventy five are Dinkas, and only (10) ten are none Dinka, but Dinkas friends and loyalists. In addition to that, there were Dura saga and thousands if not millions of Dollars transfer abroad for the important families of thieves. The reason for this massive corruption, is tribalism.

In fact Iam not a traitor who is revealing national a secret, it is something known to everybody, even to the so called leaders of today.

The good example for corruption is the 75 thieves who stolen the resources of the new nation which came from donors and gone away with it without questioning. Dura saga and Dollars transfer abroad for the important families of thieves. The worse thing is that a thief can be a minister of finance on the central or state government (the first two Dinka ministers Arthur Akuin and Kuol Athian ) or a state governor like the case in the Upper Nile State (from 2011 to 2014) and the rest of states. This is in order to avoid ambiguity in the name of those participated in this economic destruction of south Sudan.

The other element of the unfortunate beginning is the so called disgraceful tribal Jieng council of elders. This so called Dinka elder’s council with a childish thinking formed their council failures which became the council of the ministers and national legislative assembly for the dominated Jieng government in the south.

For the benefit of the readers one can ask, who the members of this tribal council?

The answer is that, these people without following the protocol are:

+ Ambrose Riny – he is an old man who wants to gain something by leading this tribal council – we cannot blame him. Also he is one of that tribe elders, he cannot be excluded by dinka if they unanimously want to do something for the benefit of their community.

+Buna Malual – he tasked himself to agitate the dinka youth abroad in Canada to back the dinka government even if it is inhuman and bad. He urged them to fight Nuer tribe who is the enemy of dinka and their president, according to his frightened thinking. If he is a true elder and not a commercial elder, he should work for peace. But dinka do not advice themselves when doing wrong thing. This is there bigger differences with others.

Joshua Dau- initially he pretended to be a priest and educationist who is concerned with educating children even in the north during the SPLA HISTORICAL struggle of liberation. As member of Jieng family, he joined the disgraceful council of Jieng elders. He is right to do that because the members of this savage council want to get rid of all Jieng enemies in the south. Their goal is common because they want to be the supper class in the country by stealing the country’s wealth as if they are the only hungry people in the country.

+Aldo Aju Deng– he was a dinka chief in the United States of America who booked his seat in this disgraceful council in order to get monthly incentives. Together with Paul Malong they are dinka protectors, they promoted dinka to become No. one hateful tribe in the country. These two are rescuers of dinka name in vain.

+Daniel Awet Akot

+Mosses Machar Kaschul- a humble gentleman with a good educational background which is equivalent to PHD or more. He is a member of this council according to his capabilities and his weight in the Jieng community. At last we came to the fact that, Jieng thinking is irreversible when decided something even if it is wrong. So our PHD holder became a member of that council. To him, the tribe is favorable then nation when compared to the welfare of the nation. This is according to a dinka elders thinking. 

+Joseph Malual

+Marial Benjamin – Dinka man who pretended to be something else in order to hit two with one stone politically.

+Marial shinweng – a tragic hero general who will one day pay back the heavy load of crimes against the innocent people he murdered. He may not be able to through it away easily.

+Martin Majut Yak – a former office manager for Salvator. He is a senior administrative officer. In presidential offices he was having a government house for his first wife and a hotel room for his second one.

+Garweach Ngok – a professional market broker who came from El Renk and to join this dinka festival in order to represent his area in this tricky tribal council. He deserves to join this council, because since there are no required qualifications, nobody is better than him in this tribal council. He is currently looting, a great dinka businessman after leaving the local government where he was always arrested for financial corruptions in many counties of the Upper Nile State.

+Dhiu Dau Ayiik – he is a minister of mining and petroleum. He is a brave influential man in the Dinka government and succeeded in arming his relatives’ dinka Padang to temporarily to protect their villages and counties through dinka government weapons. But the man has forgotten the strong social links between Padang and other communities in the state. Don’t worry. This strong powerful minister unknowingly endangered the life of his people by joining the Jieng Unity which unites all Jieng people in southern Sudan against their feared enemies.

+Ateny Wek Ateny- a tricky Salvator spokesperson who was a columnist of the Citizen newspaper.

+Amos Agok de Juach. – He is a council member from Padang Baliet County of the upper Nile state. a man of humor and a good listener.

+Salvakiir Mayardiit. He is the luckiest and the most unlucky southerner. He is the Luckiest because he is the first president for the long awaited independent south Sudan. Unlucky because he destroys and burnt the harvest of the southern heroes – you know the harvest from the beginning the southerners armed struggle upto referendum. He is official head of the snake- the Dinka council of elders. He is also the mastermind for Juba genocide – refer to his speech on 15/12/2013, ”what happened in 1991, will not repeat itself again”. This was a threat and early warning to those who may concern. He was preparing for war to compensate an old event which happened in 1991. His mistake is that, he started the tribal war against those he hates more before the elections time in 2015. He is now trying his best to plant other tribal wars in the country by dividing ethnically the country in to 28 tribal states. This will destroy the social harmony between Salvator Dinka brothers and other big communities in the known ten southern states. You can easily refer to Abimnom incident between Bul and their Dinka of Abimnom. Some of the victims Dinka who will eventually be minorities in their home lands, may later seek refuge in Warrab. So, our so called president is interested in destroying south since he is still in this abusive and weak leadership. In spite of being a president, he is nothing when compared to the powerful Jieng chief of staff Paul Malong who refused the current peace deal.

Salva Mathok Gendit: socially, he is from the mischievous royal family of corruption, and father in-law of the south Sudan president. His brother’s daughter is married to the big boss that is an enough license for him to join Dinka corruption club in Juba. This man started killing Nuer before the crisis of Dec. 2013. Cases were opened agonist him for murdering a young Nuer traffic police in his house. On 15-12-2013, and according to an eye witness that day, 800 Nuer were taken to his house and murdered there. That became a daily occurrence for the whole genocide period in Juba. We cannot blame the cowards who did this, because they think it is their chance to kill Nuer with that big Numbrs for four reasons: 1- they think, this killing will reduce the population of Nuer in Juba and in the country in general. 2. They want to avenge themselves from Nuer tribe because they think they were killed by Nuer in 1991. 3- They want to tell other tribe that they are strong people and can defeat Nuer in fighting. 4. They did this because they think that it is an unrepeatable chance. They know they will not get a chance to do that again in the south through direct confrontation. So, it was a good idea that time, but did it ended easily like that? What about the future relationship between them and the powerful tribe plus the Dinka new enemies? Do not give him a chance to deceive you by going to a farm saying that, he is a famer in Juba; no, it is only a cover up, he is a Billionaire who thinks that he secured financially, the dark future of his family with stolen money of south Sudan police.

Makuey Lueth: Mr. Foxy whose false cigarettes burned and exploded two warships which were heading to Malakal and a western equatorial fuel tank. According to his name (Lueth in dinka-Lai ) which is related to lai, he thinks, he is always right and others do not know anything. He and others from his tribe are thinking and behaving like Palestinians who do not like Israelis who live with them in one county, he and them do not like others to share the ancestors land with them. So in the future they will be like those who are not tolerating Israelis.

Paul Malong Awan,( a corrupt general since the liberation era. If Dr. Grang is alive, this man cannot get a seat in the government. According to his colleagues, this man married 70 wives. Even by taking Chinese rule of two children for a couple, he can easily, have 140 children. Mortify this number for his in-laws, mother and father of each wife. It is a big responsibility for an ordinary man.

Nobody can shoulder this load except General Paul Malong, because he is the one who can do that by using the blood money in spite of country’s collapse. He also participated in recruiting the Salvator Mayardiit private army, governor. This army was tasked to clean Juba and south Sudan from Nuer tribe. He is an important element in the dinka fight against Nuer. He is a brave and not like other dinka in frankness. He is not a liar, he used to tell the truth to dinka and Nuer soldiers and officers by telling them all: this war is not a government or political war it is a tribal war between dinka and Nuer, let as not cover it , let us be frank to ourselves. He said to his soldiers and officers in Al Renk and quoted to say: this is a tribal war, go to your people and we will get you there with them. Even the Nuer soldiers are called Nuer Wieu which means, Nuer of money, who who are with them because of money.this is also applied in Juba for those who remained under the mercy of Dinka.)

Kuol Manyang, Brutal and base general who killed the Nuer since liberation era. To achieves his goal of eliminating Murle and Nuer by distributing to both sides weapons and ammunitions during their cattle raiding fight. The main purpose is to leave Jungle for dinka Bor only. These two dinka according to their ranks and ethnicity did committed many crimes in this tribal war against Nuer tribe.

The Ugandan president Mussevni : without any argument between any intellectuals, this man is the real president of south Sudan. Salvator Mayadiit is only a Ugandan governor in south Sudan. This Ugandan criminal was misled by dinka that dinka is a big and strong tribe in southern Sudan. This foolish foreigner came to our country to depend the government of the strong and big tribe to enable it rule the south alone. He was also searching for resources of the new nation as second agenda for sending his coward troops to Juba. This criminal does not know that south Sudan is not like his Uganda. Even the tribes here are not the same with Ugandans.

In defense of dinka government, this criminal committed unforgettable mistakes in this Salvator Mayardiit war which devastated south Sudan. We also thank him for arming the white army in various places of Nuer land unknowingly, by sending Ugandans there to distribute the black gun (Kalashnikov) to the young boys. This was needed mostly by the white army and they got it in big quantities from Ugandan soldiers who went to the battle field without knowing the land and its warriors people.

1-This Wicked Ugandan president, came to our country by an invitation from his friend (a long time before the tribal war in Feb. 2012), to depend a weaker tribe against a stronger tribe in a tribal war.

2-The weaker tribe were the one who planned and started the war against Nuer or the bigger and stronger (who are inhabitants and heavily found in  three states of Jungle, Upper Nile and Unity states , while the members of the so called bigger tribe are found mostly in Bahar El Gazal with some pockets in the greater Upper Nile State) in order to threaten other tribe in the south. Mistakenly the gang’s main plan is to have a presidency for life and to make south Sudan, Dinka kingdom. Nuer tribe was seen to be the only obstacle for the achievement of this tribal goal.

3-If he Mussiveni is a man who can depend his neighbors and relatives, why not depending Equatorians who are under attack now by the same brutal and savage government? What relation of neighborhood is there between Bahar El Gazal Region and Uganda which can force Uganda to depend its weak neighbors?

For everybody knowledge, let us assume that one day the honorable guest (Mussevini), will fight Salvator regime in future if the war does not stop in western Equtoria. Musivenni will fight the next  battle for annexation of western Equatoria region if mercifully without central Equatoria.

For anybody’s information, I Gatweach Naath is not interested in Tribal media what so ever. I don’t hate monjang (Panarda-Uncles – from the both sides of real grandmother and father) or Dinka as tribe. I frankly hate the behavior of some elements in this humble true southern tribe which known to all of us.

The problem came with shift of leadership from Upper Nile to wrong elements and thieves of Bahar El Gazal who failed south Sudan nation by their weak tribal leadership. Again some Nuer elements contributed a lot in misleading Salvator Mayardiit. Some of them are politicians who were with national congress who went to Juba in 2012, to destroy the SPLM/A from within. Many examples are there even in Dinka Council. Among them Military elements from Nuer tribe they made unbelievable mistakes in this war in Bentiu and turned this war to be a sectional war there. The native Dinka war lords in Bentiu are the ones who will fight salvator regime in future if their slavery demands are not met by the corrupt regime in Juba. . This is the tragic part of Salvator Mayardiit rule in the country. It is a tragic ending because the regime was fighting Nuer without asking who belong to the Salvator Mayardiit (Dinka) and who is not. Secondly the tribal government, turned to Shilluk tribe and now with Equtorians in western Equatoria. This is a tragic ending because of all will participate in the coming government of national unity, except the opposition defectors who wasted their chance of remaining with the opposition or go to Juba. The Blame will be putted upon the president alone by many. The problem is because the fatal event happened during his leadership. But the participants in the failure of the state are many and you know them all. The problem was since liberation time, but it was a matter of time that took to the war to Salvator period of presidency. Let the big boss blame his fate is he could. What brought him historically to this pathetic event, is his personal participation in this ugly and shameful war between the two elder sons of the southern Sudan.

In conclusion, one can say that let us all work for peace and nothing but peace because no one will have an interest to illuminate other or others in this country. We have tried war and cold blood killing and failed to get rid of one another, some even defeated and rescued by foreign elements. South is for all of us. We need one another as brothers and sisters in one nation as one people. To me those who are killed in this time consuming fatal war died in vain, because nobody or tribe can live and rule this south Sudan alone without others. Hatred will not give you a chance to take this country and register its ownership by your name, children or tribe. So you the war mongers leave the war mentality and give south Sudanese a chance to live in their land peacefully again. To me, the only way out is peace in south Sudan.

The author of this article is a concern South Sudan who can be reached at stehpenpuoch@gmail.com

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Beek December 1, 2015 at 11:33 am

John Garang i the last became so evil and danger with out reason. May be God rest his soul in peace. Why hatred and why?

Gatdarwich December 1, 2015 at 1:35 pm

Great and very informative article Gatweach Naath,

Total dismantlement of the Jiengs’ Kingmdom of terror is imminent.

Terrorists have short life-historically proven fact !

Beek December 2, 2015 at 2:58 am

Why North still holding our border town call Panthou and name it Arab Bottom.

Beek December 2, 2015 at 3:04 am

My fingers and foods and i love foods,but i talk very good.He was our late leader,but i can’t control my negativism toward him.

Beek December 2, 2015 at 3:43 am

Our people peace with each other. My late half sister husband was in Kiir’s division near Damazin,he was a successful,but that was his decision to join the struggle by then and now we are.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 2, 2015 at 5:13 am

G. Naath,

thank you for this article for it is full of truth. To sandwitch the jenge is not dream, it is going to be tangible. We just want to make sure that this country must be ruled by all its tribes not jenge only. I know they weep like donkeys but never listen to them. We know many of them suffer but let us sure that they suffer more and for so long time.


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