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BREAKING: Juba University student robbed by criminals

Juba, South Sudan, June 03, 2021 – A student from the University of Juba has been robbed in a broad daylight by motor-crazed criminals commonly known as ‘Toronto’ infamous for snatching pedestrians’ belongings.

BREAKING: Juba University student robbed by criminals
Students walk in front of the Juba University’Main Campus (photo credit: courtesy)

A student identified as Dominic Charles Patrick was robbed in Hai Malakal at 3:30 pm South Sudan after an over-speeding motorbike slowed down proximal to him and grabbed a wallet which had money estimated to be 3000 USD and local currency in undisclosed amount.

As the criminals made their way to main road from the route cutting through Save the Children, they threw the wallet at him, inside it were only national and student IDs; the money was taken.

Frustrated, Dominic surrendered the wallet to a local vendor as sought assistance from nearby law enforcement agents.

Bystanders without proper understanding of the incidence turned heat the local vendor, an old woman with nascent Juba Arabic. The scene turned dramatic.

Minutes later, the police arrived to the spot and took the wallet together with Dominic’s student and national IDs.

Criminals of the same caliber have terrorized the capital Juba since the second round of conflict in 2016.

In one of their attacks on public figures, the so-called Toronto snatched the bag of the Minister of Education in the defunct Amadi State in 2020. He lost all important documents, including insurance cards.

The police have done very little in curbing the actions of these criminals. The most unexciting aspect of it is that when they rob a person, they are cheered on by bystanders.

People familiar with the welfare of Toronto say the group is based in Hai Kator in the capital Juba. The Central Intelligence Department has waged clampdown on them last year. However, it bore very little impact to scare them away from their “survival tactic”.

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Gol Bol June 3, 2021 at 10:10 am

“BREAKING: Juba University student robbed by criminals”

I am telling you fellows lies, you? That headline is a pure fake news. That university of Juba would alllegedlyrobbed him/her He/she go to authorities and he/she will sorted out..

Many criminals here in ‘East Africa’ or the so-called IGAD, countries; some west African countries, their UN & UNMISS; their Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Bangladeshis or Sri Lankans and some of their creeps in between who thought, they would always make a living over our country

Listen lowly informed South Sudanese fools, THE INTERNET THAT WAS TAKEN TO KENYA and SOUTHERN AFRICAN COUNTRIES of BANTUSTANS are considered have been given INTERNET BY THEIR MASTERS.


But ‘the dirty game is: COLD WAR 2.0 has always been used by our enemies who covet our country and our people death.

WW3 is going to start here in South Sudan and we are going to be bombed these parasites or parasites, out of these planet earth, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM.


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